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02-08-12, 10:40 PM
Hi Everyone- does anyone have any information on Greg Marsh (http://www.bettereyesightnow.com/index.php) or the Bates Method for improving eyesight? His programs are pretty prohibitively expensive for me, but I wondered if anybody had any experience or knowledge about whether this actually works or not.

02-08-12, 11:13 PM
I have no experience with the Bates Method but you could check out this website and see if it is any help to you - The Bates Method in a Nutshell.

02-08-12, 11:41 PM
This is a screenshot of my library catalog — they have the book by William Bates:

Item Information A Look Inside Catalog Record
Bibligraphic Information

Title The Bates method for better eyesight without glasses Author Bates, W. H. Publisher:ISIS Large Print,Pub date:1987.Pages:186 p. Item info: 1 copy available at Cabell County Public Library.

Cabell County Public Library Copies Material Location
617.7 B 1 Book Large print materials