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Thread: Use Vitamin C to Reverse Disease

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    Default Use Vitamin C to Reverse Disease

    I'm so thrilled to find this information here that I'm posting it simultaneously in the Heart Disease category. It's a strong point of Linus Pauling's original research but I have never before seen it in the popular press. Get on the C bandwagon!
    - Islander

    By Dr. Al Sears on 09/10/2009

    Today, most doctors insist that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease as they dole out dangerous cholesterol-lowering drugs.
    But few ever realize that vitamin C deficiency plays a major role in heart attack and stroke.
    And, vitamin C therapy can reverse years of accumulated damage to help you:
    * Avoid heart disease
    * Break-open clogged arteries
    * Repair life-long damage to arteries and blood vessels
    * Drastically reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke
    Vitamin C - You know it’s good for you. But did you know that vitamin C could safely and effectively clear your arteries of dangerous plaque that leads to heart attack and stroke?
    * Dr. James Enstrom from the University of California studied the vitamin intake of over 11,000 people for 10 years. He found that 300mg of vitamin C a day reduced risk of heart disease by 50 percent in men and 40 percent in women. The test also revealed that a higher intake of vitamin C boosted life expectancy by 6 years [1].
    * Dr. Willis found that people taking 1,500mg of vitamin C a day for 12 months reversed plaque while those who didn’t take vitamin C had worsening plaque.

    * Dr. Tetsuji Yokoyama showed high levels of vitamin C are the most important factor in determining whether people age 40 and over would suffer a stroke later in life [2].
    So how does vitamin C protect you from heart disease and stroke? Vitamin C increases the production of collagen, elastin and other “reinforcement molecules” which support your blood vessels in the same way that iron rods support tall buildings. More collagen means more stability for your 60,000-mile-long system of arteries, veins and capillaries.
    When you lack vitamin C, cracks and lesions form in the walls of your blood vessels. When blood vessels break down, arterial plaques fortify the weakness and “repair” the damage.
    But when these arterial plaques become too thick, they block the flow of blood. A lack of blood to the heart triggers a heart attack – and a lack of blood to the brain causes a stroke.
    Vitamin C is essential for the prevention of dangerous plaque buildup. Dr. Matthias Rath divided a group of guinea pigs into two groups. Guinea pigs are one of the few animals that can’t make vitamin C. One group received the human equivalent of 60-mg of vitamin C a day (this is the recommended daily allowance or RDA). The other group got 5,000-mg of vitamin C per day. Otherwise, their diets were identical.
    In just 5 weeks, the guinea pigs who received 60mg of vitamin C per day developed significant plaque deposits – especially in areas around the heart. The arteries of those who received 5,000mg of vitamin C per day were strong and clear without plaque.
    The above study shows that the daily intake of 60mg recommended by mainstream medicine is clearly not enough. Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who pioneered the theory of vitamin C and heart disease took 18,000mg a day [3].
    Based on my own experience, I recommend 3,000-mg per day if you’re currently in good health. This will give you enough to produce the collagen required for strong blood vessels and heart disease prevention.
    Pregnant women should get at least 6,000-mg per day – and in times of stress or sickness, you can take up to 20,000-mg. A powdered form may be more convenient for larger doses.

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    Default Re: Use Vitamin C to Reverse Disease

    And we should not forget to take the L-Lysine, along with the ascorbate.

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