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Thread: LIVING PROOF - Vitamin C Saves Man's Life

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    Default LIVING PROOF - Vitamin C Saves Man's Life

    This was amazing - and there weren't any scientists to poo-poo the idea that Vitamin C saved this guy's life, no 'other side', nothing. Because the story spoke for itself (essentially: man is on death's door, 3 weeks in a coma on life support with severe pneumonia AND leukaemia, doctors want life support off, family say Vitamin C... when it works, it couldn't have been the Vitamin C - he got better because they rolled him onto his stomach!! You couldn't make this stuff up!!)

    Absolutely brilliant of this (MAJOR) TV station to have broadcast such a piece on such a popular show.

    I'm not sure if you guys overseas can watch it, but give it a go - hopefully it'll end up on youtube eventually anyway.

    Source: Email and PR from Health Freedom New Zealand -

    Last night TV3’s 60 Minutes aired a program called Living Proof. A King Country Farmer defied death because his family insisted on administering intravenous Vitamin C. The medical fraternity refused saying "he’s going to die, it won’t work". This is a breach of both human and health freedom rights.

    The family insisted on the treatment and reluctantly the Doctors agreed to administer the treatment. As a result, the man survived and is living, happy, strong and healthy.

    The Doctors put his miraculous recovery down to the fact that they had turned the man on his stomach and refuse to admit that the Vitamin C has cured him, because there is no proof.

    It seems strange that they would think that turning him on his stomach would have cured him of cancer, since there is no proof that lying on one’s stomach cures cancer.

    You can watch the program on TV on Demand at:

    Health Freedom NZ - Media Release
    Attn: <me>

    Common Sense of Dairy Farmers Saves Life of Family Member
    Health Freedom New Zealand would like to congratulate the Dairy Farming family featured on TV3’s 60 minutes last night for insisting that their family member, Allan Smith, be treated with intravenous Vitamin C therapy - rather than accepting the medical fraternities decision to turn off his life support and let him die.

    "Having been cured from Leukemia using natural products and high dose Vitamin C myself", says spokeswoman Nicola Grace, "I am excited that finally the truth is coming out about natural cures for infectious diseases and cancer. Now that this simple, cheap and effective treatment is implicated in the spontaneous remission of what a team of specialists were convinced was a terminally fatal case of swine flu, as well as hairy cell leukaemia, it would be negligent to ignore and criminal to deny high dose intravenous Vitamin C for future swine flu and/or hairy cell leukaemia admissions" she states.

    When the hospital interfered with the treatment, both by under-dosing and by withholding it altogether, they were unwittingly providing scientific evidence of the effectiveness of high dose intravenous Vitamin C therapy.
    "The time has come for the medical profession to recognise that the rights of the patient are more important that their collective egos" says Ms Grace.

    "This case is a graphic example of why we have an unsustainable medical system. If Mr Smith had been administered with $30 worth of high dose intravenous Vitamin C upon arrival, the health budget would have been about $300,000 less in the red than it is today" she continues.

    "The science behind therapeutic dose supplement therapy, namely Orthomolecular Medicine, does indeed exist", Ms Grace continues. "Linus Pauling, the only man and scientist in history to have won two Nobel prizes in separate categories, has conducted studies on the efficacy of Vitamin C in the treatment of many diseases".

    The Journal Of Orthomolecular Medicine ( has published studies on the efficacy of Vitamin Therapy. Because it is not indexed by the US National Library of Medicine, the public’s annual 700 million MEDLINE searches fail to find any of this valuable information. "This is perhaps why our Doctors remain so naive about it, relying instead on pseudo scientific studies that use ineffective low doses of Vitamin C so they can publish studies that say Vitamin C doesn't work", asserts Ms Grace.

    HFNZ would also like to congratulate TV3 for bringing this case to our attention. "The refusal of the specialists to front up and justify their position speaks volumes. Their attitude of 'don’t question us, if we say it's time for you to die, just do as we say', may have worked in the 1960's - but not today” states Ms Grace.

    The Smith family's refusal to back down on the unreasonable demands of the hospital is reminiscent of Rosa Park’s refusal to vacate her seat on the bus for a white man, which sparked an awakening to the unacceptable practice of segregation. "Perhaps now we’ll see an awakening to the unacceptable practice of sentencing someone to death because of discrimination against natural therapies, when there is indeed a viable natural cure being requested" Ms Grace concludes.

    HFNZ demand the rights the Smith family had to fight for so fiercely will become available 'as of right' to all future patients in the public health system.

    Nicola is available for comment on 021 258 7654.

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    Default Re: LIVING PROOF - Vitamin C Saves Man's Life

    AWESOME!! Thanks Dizz!

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    Default Re: LIVING PROOF - Vitamin C Saves Man's Life

    This is absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks Dizzy

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    Default Re: LIVING PROOF - Vitamin C Saves Man's Life

    It was great to see this side of the story presented on mainstream TV in NZ however I was disapointed that they didn't point out that the fact that he was so badly affected by the swine flu was probably due to his lowered immune defenses as a result of the Leukaemia. It did help to give the impression that swine flu is a very serious illness something to be feared. Most of the deaths from swine flu in NZ appear to be in people whose health is compromised by another disorder.

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