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Thread: Is iodine causing memory loss?

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    Default Is iodine causing memory loss?

    Robert J. Rowen, MD

    You probably already know that iodine is an essential nutrient. And you may know that there's a high incidence of deficiency in the population. But did you know that an iodine deficiency may contribute to memory loss? It's true. And a new study shows that simply taking iodine could solve the problem.

    In this study, the researchers gave iodine to mildly iodine-deficient children. They found that the supplement improved their cognitive function. So a deficiency might prevent them from attaining their full intellectual potential.

    I realize you're not child anymore. However, this report is important for us older folks. It means that if children are iodine deficient, imagine how deficient people over 50 are? By the time you start to reach that age, your iodine deficiency could be so bad it causes significant memory loss.

    Are you deficient? It's highly likely. Iodine is scarce in nature. It blows in from the oceans. So inland soils are nearly devoid of it. Most salt manufacturers add iodine, but I don't recommend iodine that way. You'll likely be dealing with industrial salt that is energetically dead. I do like sea salt (Celtic) and Himalayan pink salt and use both liberally. However, even these might not have enough iodine.

    Iodine is easy enough to measure. But, so many people are deficient, that I generally recommend supplemental iodine even without measuring. This is especially important if you have any memory loss. You'll find iodine in most high-quality, high-potency multiple vitamin/mineral formulations. But these contain only about the paltry RDA. Iodine is so important for your thyroid, breasts, prostate, and immune system, among all organs that I like larger amounts than the RDA. You'll find out why on my website.

    I like Iodoral as a source of both iodide and iodine. One capsule of Iodoral contains a potent 12.5 mg of iodine/iodide. I also like Lugol's solution. Take two to four drops per day. French physician Lugol was curing many, many maladies with his iodine/iodide preparation in the 1800s. Iodine may help protect your hormone-sensitive organs from estrogen, while iodide supports your thyroid. Any insufficiency of your thyroid can lead to cognitive impairment. Look for Lugol's solution or Iodoral on the Internet.
    Yours for better health and medical freedom,

    Robert J. Rowen, MD
    Ref: Am J Clin Nutr, 2009; 90(5): 1264-71.
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    Default Re: Is iodine causing memory loss?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaltrude
    I do like sea salt (Celtic) and Himalayan pink salt and use both liberally. However, even these might not have enough iodine.
    Indeed, Himalayan pink salt contains NO iodine. Unrefined Celtic sea salt (which I use) contains 150 mcgs per daily serving size of
    2,400 milligrams. ( and my multivite contains another 150 mcg., which it claims is 100% of the RDA.

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