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Thread: Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

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    Default Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

    Following is a list of companies that are either a)owned in part by Monsanto or b) carry seeds sourced from Seminis, which was bought by Monsanto in 2005. This list is as complete as I can make it at this time. (Updated January 2016)

    Below this initial list are three more lists: heirloom seed companies... companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge... and companies that may sell only safe seed but have not signed the safe seed pledge.

    Cautionary note: Some companies, like Johnny’s and FEDCO, may carry Seminis seeds or have done so in the past, but claim to sell no genetically modified seed. I leave it up to you to do your own research. I know the owners of both personally (well, FEDCO is a co-op so has no “owners” per se, but C.R. Lawn is top honcho and I have known him for years. If C.R. says they sell no GM seeds, I trust him). Rob Johnston, on the other hand, may not be able to personally overlook his sources and based on what I know, I have some reservations about Johnny’s. the research.


    American Seeds
    Audubon Workshop
    Breck’s Bulbs
    Cook’s Garden
    Dege Garden Center
    De Ruiter
    Diener Seeds
    Earl May Seed
    E & R Seed Co
    Ferry Morse
    Fielder’s Choice
    Flower of the Month Club
    Gardens Alive
    Germania Seed Co
    Garden Trends
    Gold Country Seed
    Heritage Seeds
    Hubner Seed
    Kruger Seeds
    Lewis Hybrids
    Lindenberg Seeds
    McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers
    Mountain Valley Seed
    Park Bulbs
    Park’s Countryside Garden
    Rea Hybrids
    Roots and Rhizomes
    R.H. Shumway
    Seeds for the World
    Seymour’s Selected Seeds
    Spring Hill Nurseries
    Stone Seed
    T&T Seeds
    Tomato Growers Supply
    Totally Tomato
    Vermont Bean Seed Co.
    Wayside Gardens
    Western Seeds
    Willhite Seed Co.

    Alphabetical by state, then UK/Irreland, Europe, Canada, Australia/New Zealand

    The Safe Seed Resource List
    Your Resource for GM-free Seeds

    The companies listed below have signed the Safe Seed Pledge for 2012. We encourage you
    to support them in their efforts to preserve the integrity of our seed supply.

    The following may be companies that sell only safe seed but have not signed the safe seed pledge (see link above).

    Abundant Life Seeds
Amishland Seeds
Annapolis Valley
    Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Diane’s Flower Seeds

    Garden City Seeds

    Heirlooms Evermore Seeds
Heirloom Seeds

    Heritage Seed Company (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Horizon Herbs

    Lake Valley Seeds
Livingston Seeds

    Local Harvest

    Mountain Rose Herbs
Organica Seed


    Sand Hill Preservation Center

    Seeds of Change

    Southern Exposure

    Sustainable Seed Co (added on request of the company)

    Tiny Seeds

    Uprising Seeds

    Virtual Farm Seed Co (added on the request of the company)

    Wildseed Farms

    Further background info:
    As of 2005, Monsanto owns Seminis. It is estimated that Seminis controls 40 percent of the U.S. vegetable seed market and 20 percent of the world market—supplying the genetics for 55 percent of the lettuce on U.S. supermarket shelves, 75 percent of the tomatoes, and 85 percent of the peppers, with strong holdings in beans, cucumbers, squash, melons, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and peas. The company’s biggest revenue source comes from tomato and peppers seeds, followed by cucumbers and beans.
    In large part, these numbers reflect usage of Seminis varieties within large industrial production geared towards supermarkets, but Seminis seeds are also widely used by regional conventional and organic farmers as well as market and home gardeners. Johnny’s, Territorial, Fedco, Nichol’s, Rupp, Osborne, Snow, and Stokes are among the dozens of commercial and garden seed catalogs that carry the more than 3,500 varieties that comprise Seminis’ offerings. This includes dozens of All-American Selections and an increasing number of varieties licensed to third parties for certified organic seed production.

    Read the rest of the article:

    Before it was acquired by Monsanto, Seminis eliminated 2,000 varieties of seed from its inventory. The first things to go were the older open-pollinated varieties; vining petunias, butterfly weed, butter beans, German green tomatoes, and other heirlooms grown by gardeners for generations, replaced by genetically engineered varieties.
    High-tech patented hybrid varieties are far more profitable for transnational seed companies to produce and sell. These new frankenseeds are bred to perform adequately over a wide geographical area, giving the patent holder a much larger market.
    As consumers are losing the freedom to choose what they will buy and grow, thousands of varieties of garden seed are walking the plank, straight into the abyss of extinction. Consider this, in 1981 there were approximately 5,000 vegetable seed varieties available in U.S. catalogs. Today there are less than 500, a 90 percent reduction.

    Read more here:
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    Default Re: Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

    I order seeds and plants from Gurney's. I contacted their customer support; and they assured me that they do not use GMO seeds or plants. I use a lot of heritage type seeds. That way I can keep my own seed bank. Also have a sealed can of non-hybrid seeds in the downstair's fridge. I cycle them every four years. We may all need to build greenhouses someday.

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    Default Re: Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

    You saw my disclaimer. I spent a lot of time pulling from various sources, but there is no claim of accuracy. Things change. One company claimed they were "a family business, not owned by Monsanto" but that does not assure me that they sell no biotech seeds.
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    Default Re: Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

    Seems like I read something derogatory about Seeds of Change this year. I'll try to recall the information.

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    Default Re: Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

    Hi There! Great resource, I came across your page when I was looking up seed companies that sell Monsanto or Seminis. I realize this is an older page and I know that you have a disclaimer, but I just wanted to point out that High Mowing Seeds is listed incorrectly on your list of companies that haven't signed the Safe Seed pledge. High Mowing Organic Seeds is on the Safe Seed Resource List and actually were the instigators of the Safe Seed Pledge and guided the process of creating the pledge. You can find out more about High Mowing Seed's involvement with the Safe Seed pledge on their website here:

    Thanks for creating this place for information and dialogue! It's great to find someone who is passionate about sharing informative resources and encourages folks to do their own research, and make their own conclusions!

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    Default Re: Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

    Thanks, Jess, I'll make that adjustment. Meanwhile, check in at the New Members forum and start a thread to introduce yourself!
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