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  1. H.R. 193 would force farmers to pay a fee on saved seeds and register them
  2. Glyphosate: Pathway to Modern Diseases
  3. Frankenapple: Bad News No Matter How You Slice It
  4. Why Do G.M.O.’s Need Protection?
  5. New kinds of GM plants and pesticides are not being assessed for safety
  6. Poland Becomes The 8th EU Nation To Ban Monsanto Maize
  7. Stunning Corn Comparison: GMO versus NON GMO
  8. Study Links Roundup To Obesity, Cancer And More
  9. Genetically Modified Organisms and the deterioration of health in the United States
  10. Busting Monsanto's 'better' broccoli
  11. US GMO Industry Has Biotech Industry Biting Back
  12. Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story
  13. Idaho Company Seeks To Introduce Genetically-Engineered Potato
  14. Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food
  15. Why We Must Fight To Label GMOs
  16. Peru bans GMOs: Will America take the hint and follow suit before it's too late?
  17. New GM Nightmares with RNA
  18. New Study Proves Bt Toxins in GMOs Toxic to Mammalian Blood
  19. New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia
  20. Sickly mosquitoes stymie malaria’s spread
  21. Pull GMOs Out of Similac? Shareholders Vote No
  22. Revealed: How US State Department 'Twists Arms' on Monsanto's Behalf
  23. Baby Formula Manufacturers Seek To Avoid GMO Labeling With Last-Minute Amendment
  24. Monsanto and Other GM Firms are Winning in the US – and Globally
  25. USDA Sticks It to Monsanto and Dow—at Least Temporarily
  26. Breaking News: China Destroys 3 US Shipments of GM Corn
  27. CT Senate Backs Bill To Label Genetically Modified Foods
  28. CA (Phillippines): Bt eggplant field trials unsafe for humans, environment
  29. Senate GOP quashes attempt to overturn ‘Monsanto Protection Act’
  30. Monsanto Claims to Ditch Herbicide While Selling More of It
  31. New Review Points to Glyphosate’s Dangerous Health Effects
  32. Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; Kills remaining Queen
  33. March Against Monsanto: Full Coverage
  34. GE corn & sick honey bees - what's the link?
  35. Ban GMOs Now
  36. Illegal GMO Wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese
  37. US genetically modified wheat stokes fears, Japan cancels tender
  38. EU to test U.S. wheat shipments, will block any with GMO strain
  40. David Suzuki Speaks Out Against GMOs.
  41. More About Glyphosate (RoundUp)
  42. Del Monte Gets Approval to Import GMO Pineapple
  43. Monsanto gives up fight for GM plants in Europe
  44. U.S. faces wheat export crisis as Europe and Japan lead the way in rejecting GM crops
  45. [CT] Senate Amends and Passes a Strong GMO Labeling Bill
  46. Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto
  47. South Korea Joins U.S. Wheat Ban
  48. Illegal GM cotton spreads across India
  49. Monsanto: Contamination By All Means Necessary
  50. More pests 'resistant to GM crops': study
  51. Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops
  52. Maine Legislature easily passes GMO food labeling bill, a blow to Monsanto
  53. Major Loss to Organic Farmers as Court Rules in Favor of Monsanto
  54. Evidence Of GMO Harm In Pig Study
  55. Scientists Discover Correlation Between GMOs And Leukemia
  56. GM Salmon Breed with Trout, Create Superfish: Study
  57. Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors.
  58. Are Your Gastro-Intestinal Issues Connected to GM Food?
  59. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto
  60. GMO Papayas (Papaw) Approved In US and Canada But Not Europe
  61. Monsanto Wins The World Food Prize
  62. BREAKING: FBI Calls Destruction of GMO Sugar Beets in Oregon 'Economic Sabotage'
  63. EPA Raises Allowable Concentrations of Monsanto’s Glyphosate On Food Crops
  64. Target to Remove GMOs from Major Food Brand
  65. Human Genes Engineered Into Experimental GMO Rice Being Grown in Kansas
  66. Weed killer found in human urine across Europe
  67. Americans Torch 40 TONS of GMO Crops – News Blackout
  68. US Approves A Label For Meat From Animals Fed A Diet Free Of Gene-Modified Products
  69. Monsanto BT Pesticide Damages Red Blood Cells, Organs
  70. Unapproved genetically-modified rice trials in U.S. have contaminated the world's ric
  71. GM Cabbage With Scorpion Poison Coming Soon
  72. How the U.S. State Department Promotes the Seed Industry’s Global Agenda
  73. Genetic damage found in soybean workers in Brazil
  74. Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops
  75. Tensions between Jackson County growers, GMO co. peaked days before beet destruction
  76. Groundbreaking New Study Links GMO to Leukemia: When Will Monsanto Stop Lying to Us?
  77. GMOs in Italian Artisan Foods: Traditions Impacted by Biotech?
  78. Italy moves to ban growing of genetically modified maize type
  79. Saying No To Monsanto
  80. As Biotech Seed Falters, Insecticide Use Surges In Corn Belt
  81. US Military, Monsanto Targeting GMO Activists and Independent Scientists
  82. Major GM food company Monsanto 'pulls out of Europe'
  83. Why GMOs Can Never be Safe
  84. Human-Animal Hybrids: Sick And Twisted Chimeras Are Being Created In Labs
  85. Monsanto’s Roundup to Blame for Worldwide Male Infertility Crisis?
  86. Indian Supreme Court Panel Recommends Halt To All GM Field Trials
  87. Huge Victory: Non-GMO Label for Meat, Eggs Approved for U.S. Use
  89. Analysis Finds Monsant's GMO Corn Nutritionally Dead
  90. Anthony Samsel: Widespread Glyphosate Contamination
  91. Anthony Samsel: Glyphosate and Autism, Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and more
  92. Turns Out Nearly Everyone Wants GMO Labeling
  93. Breakdown of GMO Labeling Laws in Each Country (Global Map)
  94. Jeffrey M Smith on GMOs
  95. 'GMO Answers' Website Launched By Monsanto, DuPont, More
  96. Orange juice may soon contain pig genes
  97. Monsanto Stock in Danger, Investor Warns
  98. Part 2 of the Samsel Interviews on the Effects of Glyphosate
  99. Bicolano (Phillipines) farmers uproot golden rice
  100. Kosher Certification Program Bans All GMO Ingredients
  101. BREAKING: Illegal StarLinkâ„¢ GM Corn Resurfaces in Saudi Arabian Food Supply
  102. Genetically modified crops pass benefits to weeds
  103. GM crop use makes minor pests major problem
  104. Oregon Governor Signs Ban on GM Canola in Willamette Valley
  105. Torturing Animals with Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Feed
  106. Karnataka farmer develops non-Bt cotton seed bank
  107. Hedge funds, insider traders begin dumping Monsanto stock as reality of GMOs sinks in
  108. Kellogg, Pepsi, Kraft & Coke Drop GMOs in Europe, but Keep Feeding it to US
  109. Golden Rice myths
  110. Philippine Farmers Trash Genetically Modified ‘Golden Rice’ Fields
  111. Just Because Science Can Genetically Engineer Foods, Doesn't Mean We Should
  112. Beware the Changing Face of Genetic Modification
  113. Ten things the mainstream media didn't tell you about the Seralini GM corn study
  114. Is Monsanto Ready To Enter The Medical Marijuana War?
  115. Farmers Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court to Seek Protection from Genetic Contamination
  116. Washington Testing Alfalfa for GMO Contamination
  117. Consumers Are Smart Enough To Handle GMO Labeling
  118. World Exclusive: New Study Reveals Roundup is Toxic to Dairy Cows
  119. BREAKING: Study Links Roundup 'Weedkiller' To Overgrowth of Deadly Fungal Toxins
  120. Why farmer-led research could create a quiet revolution in GM
  121. Genetically engineered oilseed rape (Canola) out of control
  122. Hidden GMO Exposures: Is It Possible To Avoid Them?
  123. Can feed produced using glyphosates kill cattle?
  124. USDA Approves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide
  125. Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to GM foods in Canada
  126. Alfalfa crop contaminated with GMOs, Monsanto suspected
  127. Opponents score a victory in Senate against ‘Monsanto Protection Act’
  128. USDA Now Considers GMO Contamination ‘Normal’
  129. The Daily Show on Monsanto and Seed Patent Laws
  130. El Salvador Government Bans Roundup over Deadly Kidney Disease
  131. USDA Refuses To Investigate Illegal GMO Contamination
  132. ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Killed; Controversial Provision Removed From Spending Bill
  133. New Study Proves BT Toxins in GMO’s Toxic to Mammalian Blood
  134. Monsanto’s Losses Widen as Seed Sales Decline
  135. GE seed monopoly: FEWER CHOICES, HIGHER PRICES
  136. Next Generation GMOs: Questionable Nanoparticles are in Your Clothes, Organic Food
  137. Mexico bans transgenic corn
  138. Russia considers total ban on all GMO products
  139. Washington state sues lobbyists over campaign against GMO labeling
  140. Monsanto Hires Former Sen. Blanche Lincoln As Lobbyist
  141. Success! The Monsanto Protection Act Has Been Repealed—This Time for Good!
  142. No Scientific Consensus On GMO Safety
  143. Dangerous Glyphosate Residue Levels Found in Argentina Soy
  144. Monsanto Buys Weather Big Data Company Climate Corporation For Around $1.1B
  145. The Real Reason France Allows GMO Foods From Monsanto
  146. Scientists Who Say GMOs Not Safe Climbs To 231
  147. Washington state voters reject labeling of GMO foods
  148. What Really Hapened To GMO Labelling In Washington
  149. A Disease Cuts Corn Yields
  150. Industry’s Secret Plan to Get the Feds to Kill GMO Labeling in Every State
  151. The Most Hard-Hitting GMO Report Ever Aired By The Mainstream Media
  152. GMO Apples Rejected By McDonald's, Gerber As Washington Labeling Defeat Neared
  153. NY Times Rejects Monsanto Science
  154. Failed Monsanto GMO Corn Pushed on African Countries with Help of Bill Gates
  155. GMOs in Baby Formula
  156. New German coalition would seek stricter labeling of GMO-fed meat
  157. Del Monte testing genetically modified pineapple
  158. Missing Permits Raise Stakes for Escape of AquaBounty's Genetically Engineered Salmon
  159. EU Commission allows SmartStax for food and feed
  160. Monsanto's failed SA GM Maize pushed into rest of Africa
  161. Canada Approves World's First GM Salmon Destined For Consumption In the U.S.
  162. Monsanto misled farmers on glyphosate resistance
  163. GMOs Linked to Exploding Gluten Sensitivity Epidemic
  164. Hawaii Council Passes Bill to Ban GMO Cultivation
  165. Who Smells a Rat? (Séralini paper)
  166. Hawaii Big Island Mayor Signs Biotech, GMO Ban Into Law
  167. Open Letter to Canadian consumers
  168. Transgene Escape: GMOs Spreading Uncontrollably Around the World
  169. BREAKING NEWS: GMO 'Suicide Seeds' On Edge of Approval in Brazil
  170. GMO Study Retracted - Censorship or Caution? [Excellent summary of the issue]
  171. Why The Russians Know These Potatoes Cause Cancer, But You Don't
  172. China rejects fifth US corn cargo in a month, citing GMO strain
  173. Connecticut becomes first state to require labeling of GMOs
  174. The Rise of Superweeds—and What to Do About It
  175. Corporate Espionage: The Séralini Affair and Beyond (evidence of harm to humans)
  176. ‘Stop GMOs’: Russian scientists urge 10-year ban on genetically modified products
  177. Golden corn in Hunan may be tainted with GM strain
  178. China Rejects U.S. Corn Imports After Finding GMO Strain in Cargoes
  179. Main Stream Media (FOX News) Admits GMOs Are A Real 'Safety Issue'
  180. Young farmers see opportunities growing non-GMO
  181. Monsanto calls [Irish] crop sabotage ‘cowardly’
  182. Original Cheerios Are Now GMO-Free
  183. Beware the Changing Face of Genetic Modification
  184. New Hazards in GMOs from Synonymous Mutations
  185. Farmers’ suit against Monsanto reaches Supreme Court
  186. Are there alien genes in your food?
  187. USDA gives green light to Dow Chemical’s GE corn resistant to toxic 2,4-D
  188. Mexican Judge Throws out Monsanto Appeal to Confirm GM Maize Ban
  189. UK Enters GMO Free 2014 Despite Paterson’s Support for Biotech
  190. Environmentalists, Farmers Challenge USDA's Call For The Deregulation Of Crops
  191. Industry Proposal Would Bar GE Food Labels
  192. GMO Myths and Truths
  193. Fakethrough! GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism
  194. Drought tolerant maize varieties ready, outperform GM
  195. China Rejecting U.S. Corn as First Shipment From Ukraine Arrives
  196. GMO Arctic Apples Antibiotic Gene Set to Destroy US Apple Exports
  197. Supreme Court Denies Family Farmers the Right to Self-Defense from Monsanto Abuse
  198. Another rat feeding study shows GM Bt corn toxic to mammals
  199. Compositional differences in soybeans: Glyphosate accumulates in Roundup Ready GM Soy
  200. Scientists Create Test to Detect GMOs in Food
  201. New Study Renews Roundup 'Weedkiller' Toxicity Concern
  202. New study reveals molecular differences between transgenic and conventional maize
  203. Is Butter Secretly Ruining Your Health?
  204. DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them
  205. WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Sought to Retaliate Against Europe over Monsanto GM Crop
  206. EU court annuls approval of BASF's Amflora GMO potato
  207. Genetically-modified purple tomatoes heading for shops
  208. Post unveils non-GMO verified Grape Nuts
  209. Monsanto’s Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells
  210. "Purple tomato can beat cancer"
  211. Scientists condemn retraction of Séralini study
  212. Washington State University Develops Non-GMO, Non- Browning Apple
  213. Monarch butterfly numbers drop to lowest level since records started
  214. Roundup Accumulates in GMO Food, Proving Its Lack of Safety
  215. A VALUABLE REPUTATION (Syngenta and Atrizine)
  216. Total ban on GM food production mulled in Russia
  217. Pesticide approvals misleading - and Roundup most toxic of 9 pesticides tested
  218. France plans law to restore GMO crop ban
  219. Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds And The Reason Will Surprise You
  220. GM Grass Goes Yard
  221. What I learned from six months of GMO research: None of it matters
  222. GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed
  223. EU to approve new GM crop, ignoring majority members’ opposition
  224. 4-H youth club partners with Monsanto: World's youths in danger of pro-GMO indoctrina
  225. 10 Years of Failure, Farmers Deceived by GM Corn (Philippines)
  226. Smithsonian reports GMO soybean pollen threatens Mexican honey sales
  227. Public money wasted on GM potato trial
  228. New Samsel & Seneff study links glyphosate with celiac disease and gluten intolerance
  229. How Genetically Modified Food Is Finding Its Way Onto Your Dinner Plate
  230. California takes up bill to label genetically engineered foods
  231. Genetically Modified Babies
  232. Letter to EU Chief of Science Says Biotech is Lying About GMOs
  233. "Enough GMO-free soy available"
  234. Is Wheat the Next Big GMO for Monsanto Company?
  235. Roundup Weedkiller Linked To Global Epidemic of Fatal Kidney Disease
  236. A Conventional Farmer’s Transition to Non-GMO
  237. GMO: It May Not Be What You Think
  238. Corrected edition of the latest Samsel/Seneff publication
  239. China rejects U.S. GM corn shipments
  240. Smart Balance dumps GMO oils from its line of 15 buttery spreads
  241. Four Roses and Wild Turkey Bourbons Only Non-GMO Corn Users
  242. Kroger, Safeway Announce Refusal of GMO Salmon, Despite FDA Ruling it ‘Safe’
  243. Renowned NYU Professor: GMOs Could Literally Destroy the Planet
  244. A GMO Scientist Becomes a GMO Skeptic
  245. U.S. Farmers Report Widespread GMO-Organic Crop Contamination
  246. Can Non-GMO Supply Keep Up With Demand?
  247. Center for Food Safety sues USDA over GM alfalfa approval
  248. How One Farmer Is Making A MOnsanto HYbrid His Own
  249. Historic Court Ruling Bans Bayer’s GM Maize in Brazil
  250. Agent Orange from farm to table