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  1. Using Genetic Engineering to Accomplish What Nature Already Does
  2. Genetically Modified Beets Coming NOW
  3. Brussels plan to help 'speed up' the introduction of GM crops
  4. EU faces deadline on GM food ban
  5. FDA Issues Final Guidance on Regulation of Genetically Engineered Animals
  6. GMO vs Organic
  7. Companies Sign NON-GMO Beet Registry
  8. Time to Rein in Genetically Engineered Food
  9. Monsanto's Dream Bill, HR875
  10. Summation of GMO Foods
  11. Human health risk from certain GM fish - Study
  12. GM seeds threaten food supply, claim researchers
  13. Judge Overturns Approval of GMO Sugar Beets
  14. Court rejects genetically modified sugar beets
  15. Ireland to Ban Genetically Modified Crops
  16. Potential Health Dangers from GM Foods: Q&A
  17. Ban on GE Corn
  18. Organic Farmers Fighting GMO Sugar Beets
  19. RoundUP Use Increased Not Decreased
  20. Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage
  21. Organic Section
  22. Supreme Court to Hear First GMO Case
  23. No Consumer Protection against GMO Contamination
  24. New Plan To Destroy SE US Pine Trees
  25. 10 Reasons Why No One Needs GM Foods
  26. Monsanto Pulls GM Corn Rather Than Provide Info Europe Wanted
  27. Indian Government Moots Jail for Opponents of GM Food
  28. Just say “No” to GMOs!
  29. GMO shopping guide
  30. GMO Health Risks
  31. Bayer Must Pay Farmers for Contaminated Rice Crop
  32. tell me—what is meant by GMO?
  33. More Reasons to Avoid GMOs
  34. CFS Fighting Monsanto in Supreme Court
  35. New Haitian "Earthquake": Monsanto
  36. Monsanto Blockade in Europe
  37. Monsanto & the Supreme Court: Withdraw Elena Kagan's Supreme Court Nomination
  38. Mutant Food Fight
  39. Banned GM maize sown in Germany
  40. Monsanto, Opponents Both Claim Victory in Historic Genetically Modified Crop Case
  41. Monsanto Says, "Buy Organic to Avoid GMOs"
  42. Monsanto Faces West Virginia Probe Over Roundup Ready 2 Soybean Seed Claims
  43. Dupont Dame Follows Monsanto Men Into Obama Administration
  44. FDA Moving Closer to Precedent Setting Approval of Salmon 'Frankenfish'
  45. Judge Revokes Approval of Modified Sugar Beets
  46. Kellogg's Loves Genetically Engineered Foods
  47. GMO Crop Sabotage on the Rise: French citizens destroy trial vineyard
  48. Action Alert: Genetically Modified Frankenfish!
  49. Biotech salmon leaves many questions
  50. FDA insists on more research; no GM salmon approval yet
  51. The World According to Monsanto
  52. Public opinion stopped GM, says campaigner
  53. Judge Rules Lack of Hormones May be Mentioned on Organic Dairy Labels
  54. EU's 'Dangerous' Move to Nationalise GM Decision-making
  55. Monsanto’s Income Fell by Nearly Half for Year
  56. Obama administration upholds GM sugarbeet deregulation
  57. GMO Pork Meat; It's What’s for Dinner
  58. Top 10 Ways to Avoid GMOs
  59. U.S. Says Genes Should Not Be Eligible for Patents
  60. Genetically Engineered Foods — New Action Alert!
  61. Update on GM salmon
  62. Jeffrey Smith: Thank You for a Great Year!
  63. GM Soy Linked To Cancer, Birth Defects
  64. Roundup-resistant giant ragweed populations confirmed in southwestern Ontario
  65. GM Crops Pollute Our Streams Threatening the Entire Food Chain
  66. Compelling Stories About our National Non-GMO Movement
  67. The Arctic Apple: Genetically sliced and diced
  68. Action Alert-Tell the FTC that GMOs are not "Natural" or "Green"
  69. 4 days to say NO to Monsano Sugar Beets
  70. Special Report: A day without genetically altered orange juice
  71. Judge orders GM beet crop destroyed
  72. Disease on the Dinner Plate? How GMOs are Affecting our Health
  73. US Ambassador Planned "Retaliation" Against France Over Ban on Monsanto Corn
  74. USDA Announces Final Environmental Impact Statement for Genetically Engineered Alfalf
  75. Stop GMO Contamination of Organics
  76. Ex Monsanto Lawyer Clarence Thomas to Hear Major Monsanto Case
  77. US to Vatican: Genetically Modified Food Is a "Moral Imperative"
  78. Throwing Biotech Lies at Tomatoes – Part 1: Killer Tomatoes
  79. GM canola trial go ahead in Australia
  80. More from Wikileaks on US retaliation
  81. 5 of the Newest GM Food Proposals (3 Are Animals)
  82. Dennis Kucinich (D - Ohio) reintroduces GMO legislation
  83. What's Wrong with Genetically Engineered Foods?
  84. AMA Report 10 of the Council on Scientific Affairs (I-00) on GM technology
  85. Genetically Modified Fruit
  86. Scientists make chickens that don't spread bird flu
  87. Update: Don't let Monsanto's GMO alfalfa destroy organic dairy
  88. Whole Foods etc Caves in to Monsanto
  89. Urgent: Take Action on Monsanto's GE Alfalfa Approval
  90. Genetifically Modified Alfalfa Officially On The Way
  91. The trouble with Monsanto and GMO – Dr David Suzuki spells it out
  92. Genetically Modified Salmon: 5 Reasons to Say Not on My Plate
  93. Tell President Obama not to cave to Monsanto!
  94. USDA Says Yes to Genetically Engineered Sugarbeets
  95. The Planet Versus Monsanto
  96. GM: No seeds, no independent research
  97. USDA Has Deregulated Genetically Engineered Bio-Fuel Corn
  98. Extending Tomato Shelf Life Could Lead To Better Tast, More Nutrition
  99. Scientists warn of link between dangerous new pathogen and Monsanto’s Roundup
  100. More of world's crops are genetically engineered
  101. Kraft Admits It Uses Genetically Engineered Bovine Growth Hormone
  102. Organic Valley speaks out
  103. Watchdog red-flags GM food
  104. Cracks widen in biotech industry myths
  105. Petition: Stop Monsanto & Dow's Plot to Sell More Toxic GMOs
  106. Boycott Kellogg's
  107. Farmers Sue USDA Over Monsanto Alfalfa - Again
  108. Organic farmers sue, seek protection from Monsanto
  109. More details on patent protection lawsuit
  110. The problem with Roundup Ready food
  111. Lawuit filed against Monsanto GMO's
  112. Genetically modified cows produce 'human' milk
  113. Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals
  114. Alfalfa Plan B
  115. New study confirms organ damage in GMO-fed animals
  116. Plant disease raises questions on modified crops
  117. Monsanto’s new gambit: fruits and veggies
  118. Colorado's fight against GMO's
  119. Latter-Day Luther Nails Troubling Thesis to GM Farm & Food Citadels
  120. Monsanto Will Soon Be Allowed To Police Itself
  121. Monsanto and the big fat lie of food safety
  122. Do You Know How Many Genetically Modified Foods You're Eating? 8 to Pay Attention To
  123. Evidence of harm in Roundup herbicide
  124. BREAKING! Codex to Consider Labeling for Genetically Engineered Foods
  125. Why Is Damning New Evidence About Monsanto's Most Widely Used Herbicide Being Silence
  126. Monsanto’s man quits key USDA post
  127. USDA Moving to Deregulate Genetically Modified Plums
  128. Don't Let Monsanto Buy Out Public Radio!
  129. Demand Labels on GMO Salmon!
  130. Genetically modified food.... Are they safe?
  131. Court of Appeals Dismisses Monsanto’s Appeal of Biotech Beets Case
  132. Tell USDA: Don't approve drought-resistant corn failure!
  133. What we know—and don’t know—about the safety of eating GMOs
  134. Bt toxin found in blood of pregnant women and fetuses
  135. Consumer activists seek labeling of genetically modified foods
  136. Monsanto addresses food dumping campaign
  137. GM wheat trial in Australia begins amid secrecy
  138. Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems
  139. FTCLDF in Suit over Monsanto GMO Seed
  140. Please take action to stop GM potatoes in Sweden
  141. 10 Reasons to Label GMOs: Tell Your Friends, Food Companies, & Politicians!
  142. Tip: Here's Your GMO-Free Shopping List
  143. India cheers while monsanto burns
  144. Roundup Causes Birth Defects: Regulators Kept Information from Public
  145. Pro-Biotech Officers Appointed by Obama Administration
  146. Congress to Ban GMO Salmon?
  147. Why Monsanto Always Wins
  148. The History and Future of GM Potatoes
  149. GMO Foods: What They Are and How You Can Avoid Them
  150. Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?
  151. Scientists Learn How Horseweed Shrugs Off Herbicide
  152. Congress Close to Stopping GMO Salmon, Write Your Representatives Today!
  153. Boycott Dean Foods to Protest GMO Alfalfa!
  154. Should We Label GMO Foods?
  155. Study Finds Pregnant Women and Fetuses Contaminated with Pesticides Linked to GE Food
  156. Peru approves 10 year ban on GM crops
  157. Whole Foods Includes GMOs In “All Natural” Foods
  158. GM Crops Farmer to Farmer (video)
  159. Codex approves labeling of GM foods
  160. Hungary destroys all GMO maize fields
  161. Resistant weeds leave farmers desperate
  162. Kentucky bluegrass: Rogue USDA Hands It All to Monsanto
  163. USDA Looks to Approve First GE, Drought Tolerant Corn with no EIS
  164. 'Organic ready corn aims to prevent GMO contamination
  165. The Wheels Come Off the Bus on Genetically Engineered Crops!
  166. NON-GMO T-shirt Design Challenge
  167. Wafting poison makes fertile ground for suit in Stearns County
  168. USDA abdicates GMO oversight and welcomes Roundup Ready lawns
  169. Roundup-ready crops killing habitat of monarch butterflies
  170. White House pact with industry to push GM crops
  171. Greenpeace destroys GM wheat trial
  172. Bayer to pay $750M in genetic rice settlement
  173. Two Mexican states ban GM corn
  174. Sweet? GMO Corn on the Cob, Courtesy of Monsanto
  175. Roundup Causing Soil/Root Problems
  176. India Sues Monsanto Over Genetically-Modified Eggplant
  177. Genetically Modified Showdown: Monsanto Sued by Organic Farmers
  178. Monsanto's New Sweet Corn, Another Unregulated, Unlabeled Frankenfood
  179. Great 2 Minute GMO video!
  180. Obama Appoints Monsanto's Vice President
  181. Why GMOs Won’t Feed the World (Despite What You Read in the New York Times)
  182. New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops Worldwide
  183. Monsanto GM Corn Falls Prey to Bug It Was Suppose to Thwart, Threatening Organic
  184. Organic Versus Genetically Engineered Crops: Some Rays of Light
  185. Failure to Yield
  186. GM Feed Toxic, New Meta-Analysis Confirms
  187. 10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs
  188. Dow takes on Monsanto with new biotech soybean
  189. Wikileaks Reveals Monsanto's Close Relationship With US Government
  190. Run for Cover, Monsanto’s Roundup Found in Raindrops
  191. USDA May Compensate Farmers for GMO Contamination
  192. Mexico: Traditional Maize Can Cope With Climate Change
  193. Skin Disease Linked to GMOs – Don’t let this happen to you!
  194. ConAgra Sued Over GMO '100% Natural' Cooking Oils
  195. EU Regulators and Monsanto Exposed for Hiding Glyphosate Toxicity
  196. Glyphosate and Monarch Butterfly Decline
  197. Whose Side is the USDA Really On?
  198. Monsanto or Organic: Who Do You Trust?
  199. Keep Pesticide-Ridden Corn Off Your Dinner Plate
  200. Join the GMO Right2Know March Oct 1-16, 2011
  201. India files biopiracy lawsuit against Monsanto, says biotech giant is stealing nature
  202. Monsanto, Blackwater and GM crop saboteurs
  203. What's Big Ag Keeping From You? Shedding light on GM foods
  204. New GMO T-shirt contest winner!
  205. Bt Toxins in Genetically Modified Crops: Regulation by Deceit
  206. What's The Difference Between GE and GMO?
  207. Millions March across the USA against GMOs on World Food Day
  208. State Department: Biotech Labelling Would Scare Consumers
  209. Seedy Business: Monsanto’s All Up in Your Salad?
  210. Bt Resistant Rootworm Spreads
  211. The Return of Agent Orange? 2,4-D Steps in Where Monsanto’s Roundup Fails
  212. Pharm Crops Ignoring Health & Environment
  213. Another Fishy Bailout and GMO Produce in Our Future—New Action Alert!
  214. Monsanto partners with USAID to push GM corn in Nepal
  215. Monsanto Defeated by Roundup Resistant Weeds
  216. Court demands Health Canada re-examine pesticide
  217. How Food Affects Genes
  218. France Takes Stand Against GMOs, Monsanto Despite End of Ban
  219. Monsanto GMO Sugarbeets to be Destroyed | Court Concludes USDA Illegally Approved Bio
  220. How the Bill Gates Foundation is Genetically Manipulating Nature and Devastating Our
  221. Under Industry Pressure, USDA Works to Speed Approval of Monsanto's Genetically Engin
  222. Genetically Modified Medicinal Plants On The Horizon To Create More Dangerous Drugs
  223. GMOs and why you should never use Canola oil.
  224. Monsanto’s Herbicide May Be Contaminating The World’s Drinking Water
  225. Congress Begins to Wake Up about Genetically Engineered Food
  226. Adverse effects of GM corn
  227. U.S. approves Monsanto drought-tolerant GM corn
  228. Dow's Deadly Harvest: The Return of Agent Orange
  229. Stop Mutant Mosquitoes!
  230. Monsanto corn failing in four states - maybe more
  231. Under Industry Pressure, USDA Speeds Approval of Monsanto's GM Crops
  232. Kucinich: Protect Our Food Supply from Manufactured Crises
  233. Kucinich: Allow Consumers to Make Informed Choices
  234. Approved Genetically Modified Corn By Monsanto Now Linked To Organ Damage
  235. Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops
  236. USDA Approves Another Genetically Modified Soybean Courtesy of Monsanto
  237. Class action suit against Monsanto for Agent Orange; Dow seeks dereg for Agent Orange
  238. HUngary and Peru ban GMO crops and take serious actions
  239. Class action lawsuit against Frito-Lay for marketing GM snacks as 'all natural'
  240. Bt Crops Failures & Hazards
  241. Glyphosate Hazards to Crops, Soils, Animals, and Consumers
  242. The Very Real Danger of Genetically Modified Foods
  243. Scientists Under Attack DVD Explores GMOs, Crop Failures
  244. Whole Foods Market Caves to Monsanto
  245. Breaking News: Monsanto To Face Biopiracy Charges In India
  246. PLU Codes Do Not Indicate Genetically Modified Produce
  247. Watchdog slams Monsanto ads
  248. Monsanto slammed for false "GM is safe" advertising
  249. Senator pushes for GMO labeling in Washington State
  250. Pesticide Illnesses and GM Soybeans