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  1. Plastic chemical may stay in body longer: study
  2. FDA Regulations Permit Toxins in Cosmetics
  3. Birth Defects Surge in a Toxic World
  4. Improvements In 1,4 Dioxane In Companines Caught in 2008
  5. Guide for Avoiding 1,4 Dioxane in products
  6. Hormone-mimics In Plastic Water Bottles Act As Functional Estrogens
  7. Toxic Body Burden
  8. High blood lead levels linked to heart deaths
  9. Chinese Drywall Poses Potential Risks
  10. Toxic Americans—Chemicals Used in Everyday Consumer Products Show Up in Blood and Uri
  11. Sweeteners Linger in Groundwater
  12. Environmental pollution increases the risk of liver disease
  13. Hormone experts worried about plastics, chemicals
  14. Flame retardant in Your Produce?
  15. Mercury, PCB Pollution Rise Dramatically
  16. Toxins found in bottled water
  17. There are a Hundred Plus Poisons in Your Blood
  18. Chinese Drywall;Toxic After Removal
  19. Eating Game Raises Lead Risk
  20. Skip the non-stick
  21. Case of The Toxic Gingerbread Man
  22. Is Your Home's Air Unhealthy? Try Plants
  23. New frontiers – and limitations – in testing people's bodies for chemicals
  24. EPA says greenhouse gases endanger human health
  25. Millions in US Drinking Dirty Water
  26. Toxic Air In Your Car
  27. EWG Tap Water Guide
  28. Law To Ban BPA In Children's Products Announced By US Senators
  29. Tap Water May Be Legal But Not Healthy
  30. NY Scientists to Study Everyday Toxins
  31. Popular air fresheners may have deadly scents
  32. Dust: Tiny Particles With Big Impact
  33. Cow manure: Down on the Farm, an Endless Cycle of Waste
  34. Secret Chemicals Allowed By Law
  35. EU To Tackle "Chemical Cocktails"
  36. Woman Develops Toxin Free Paints
  37. Toxins in School Cleaning Supplies
  38. China Substitutes Toxic Cadmium For Lead
  39. China to Look Into Cadmium In Kid's Jewelry
  40. Toxic Parking Lot Dust In Your Home
  41. Children of Cleaners most likely to have birth defects
  42. Chemicals coat apples decades after Alar scare
  43. Prenatal Exposure To Flame Retardants Affects Neurological Development
  44. Copper Pipes Copper Cause Heart Disease and Alzheimer's
  45. Chemicals in Carpets, Non-Stick Pans Tied to Thyroid Disease
  46. US Wants to Send Formaldehyde Filled Trailers To Haiti
  47. FTC May Crackdown On "Greenwashing"
  48. 3,163 Ingredients Hide Behind The Word "Fragrance"
  49. Cadmium Found In Adult Jewelry
  50. Top brands of tuna found high in mercury
  51. EPA Won't Restrict Toxic Herbicide Atrazine, Despite Health Threat
  52. Procedural issues lead to ban of Bayer pesticide
  53. Even if you're careful, drugs can end up in water
  54. Cancer Warning For Fruit Juice in Plastic Bottles
  55. Study: Weedkiller in waterways can change frogs' sex traits
  56. Phthalates predispose mice to allergies
  57. Is There Toxic Waste in Your Body?
  58. Study Explores Sources Of Mercury To Ocean Fish
  59. BPA, Pthalates and Other Hormone Disruptors
  60. Drinking from plastic bottles 'increases exposure to gender-bending chemical'
  61. Ozone Depletion! It's time to think
  62. Minimize Exposure To Environmental Toxins
  63. 60 Minutes: Toxic Spray Poisons Australian Livestock
  64. Men...could your drinking water be turning you into a woman?
  65. How to Avoid the Top 10 Most Common Toxins
  66. Americans "bombarded" with cancer sources: report
  67. Caveat eater: Strawberries are about to get more Toxic.
  68. BPA Pervasive in Canned Foods
  69. Weed killer 'castrates' male frogs, study says
  70. Brokovich says "Tell BP I'm not going to take your **** anymore!"
  71. Toxic cities mock 'healthy' cycle riding
  72. The Story of Stuff
  73. Slow Death by Rubber Duck
  74. Sen. Schumer asks FDA to share data on possible sunscreen chemical-cancer link
  75. Prenatal PAHs linked to lower cognition at age five.
  76. More dioxins found in Taiwan free-range eggs: study
  77. Health risks for those living within 500m of main roads
  78. 85% of Kid's Drinks Exceed Fed Lead Limits
  79. Uncharted waters: The spill and human health
  80. The Chemical Threat: 9 Alarming Facts You Must Know
  81. House plants remove VOCs from indoor air
  82. Corn is the Biggest Culprit in Gulf Dead Zone
  83. EPA mulls dioxin safety — for 30 years?
  84. Are you living in a chemical home?
  85. The Story of Cosmetics (safety, toxins)
  86. House Members, Witnesses Clash Over Chemicals Regulation
  87. The War on Spores
  88. U.S. regulators lack data on health risks of most chemicals
  89. Crops Absorb Pharmaceuticals From Treated Sewage
  90. 'Safe' products contain nano-dangers
  91. Teens carry 30 per cent more BPA than rest of population
  92. BPA On Store Receipts In Extremely High Amounts
  93. Silver nanoparticles stop sperm stem cell growth.
  94. Cereal laced with known carcinogens (& legalities of toxins)
  95. Is Your Furniture Hazardous to Your Health? 4 Lessons to Learn About Formaldehyde
  96. Chlorinated Pools May Increase Cancer Risk
  97. University Group Raises Concerns About BP Oil Spill Contaminants in Livestock Feed
  98. Study: Human Exposure to BPA 'Grossly Underestimated'
  99. Cities With the Best & Worst Tap Water
  100. Trying to understand our chemical exposure
  101. Plane Exhaust Kills More People Than Plane Crashes
  102. Warning of threat to children posed by artificial grass
  103. Special Report: The problem with phthalates
  104. Cleaning at School may Dirty your Child’s Classroom Air
  105. ADA Study Confirms Fluoride Toxicity
  106. Removing Toxic Metals From Our Bodies
  107. New Tomato Warning: BPA
  108. NOSB Recommends that Nanotechnology Be Banned from Organic
  109. Perfume Leads To Store Evacuation
  110. Is triclosan in your bathroom?
  111. How to Spot a BPA-Free Store Receipt
  112. Antimicrobial products 'toxic for environment, dangerous to human health'
  113. Reusable Shopping Bags Carry Environmental Risk
  114. Air pollution: Silent killer in the city
  115. Toxic Seafood
  116. How Terahertz Waves Tear DNA Apart
  117. Pregnant Mariah Carey Can’t Take Perfume.
  118. Pesticides Have Long-Term Cognitive Effects
  119. Consumer Reports Warns Pregnant Women Against Canned Tuna
  120. Air pollution tied to babies' ear infection risk
  121. Controversial chemical BPA found on paper money
  122. The EPA Knowingly Allowed Pesticides that Killed Bees
  123. American-Made Drywall Emerges as Potential Danger
  124. Do you know what's in your coffee?
  125. Kids Who Live in Incense Burning Households Face Higher Asthma Risk
  126. Ski wax chemicals build up in people's blood, pose risks
  127. Ten Ways to Avoid Christmas Tree and Holiday Allergies
  128. Chromium-6 pollution in tap water
  129. Is Exposure Making You Sick?
  130. Salinas, California: The Salad Bowl of Pesticides
  131. EMS workers in a fog over disinfectant’s feared danger
  132. Aging mobile homes: Mold is a life-and-death issue
  133. Cleaning Up a Broken Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
  134. A Chemical Conundrum: How Dangerous Is Dioxin?
  135. Flushing Out Lead, Metals With Chelation Therapy
  136. Rules regulating pesticide spraying vary widely by state
  137. Diet May Mitigate Toxicity of Arsenic
  138. For town made famous by 'Erin Brockovich,' a toxic sequel?
  139. Government recommends lowering fluoride levels in US drinking water.
  140. Colgate-Palmolive Pulls Triclosan From Most Products
  141. The Fluoride Hoax
  142. Strawberry Fields (Poisoned) Forever
  143. Lead found in Disney-licensed shopping bags
  144. Fluoride-gate - U.S. Paves Way for Legal Action
  145. Does Fluoride Really Fight Cavities by 'the Skin of the Teeth?'
  146. Heavy Metal Seafood: California Fish Is Rich in Mercury
  147. The Hidden Source of Lead in Your Life
  148. EPA Regulates Rocket Fuel (Perchlorate) in Tap Water
  149. Newly identified chemicals leach into food packages, pose regulatory challenge.
  150. Mothballs warning sounded by experts
  151. Living with 100 yards of petrol stations 'damages your health', study claims
  152. Eco-Friendly LED Products Contain Toxic Metals
  153. Hospitals Shift Smoking Bans to Smoker Ban
  154. NIH study finds two pesticides associated with Parkinson’s disease
  155. What's Inside: Clorox Shares a Little
  156. Fragrance and parfum
  157. Common Household Insecticides Linked to Delayed Neurodevelopment
  158. Antibacterial Soap Suspected of Making Patients Sick
  159. Some in area find levels of arsenic exceed standards
  160. Most Plastics Leach Hormone-like Chemicals
  161. Food sold in recycled cardboard packaging 'poses risk'
  162. Is That a Banana in Your Water?
  163. Made in China: Our Toxic, Imported Air Pollution
  164. Shocking toll of poisoned air crew
  165. Tell the E.P.A.: No more methyl iodide
  166. "What's on my food?" Pesticides searchable database
  167. USDA scientist dances around subject of pesticides
  168. CA schools trying to do better
  169. Meat contaminated with resistant bacteria
  170. Pediatricians call for stricter laws for chemicals
  171. States Want to Join Feds in Rolling Back Environmental Regulation
  172. Flame-resistant Kids
  173. Mystery hotel deaths linked to bed bug pesticide
  174. More on flame retardants
  175. Nail Salon Workers Face Chemical Warfare
  176. Your tax dollars shouldn't fund disinformation about pesticides in food!
  177. Toxic flame retardants found in 80% of baby products
  178. Toxic Benzene in Parked Cars?
  179. Cilantro Contaminated With Unapproved Pesticides
  180. Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation
  181. Produce Growers and Pesticide Makers Deepen their Bond
  182. German E-Coli Outbreak: Accident or Planned “Genocide” for Organics?
  183. Jon Barron on the E. Coli Outbreak: a reasoned approach
  184. When Food Kills (antibiotics in CAFOs)
  185. What will fracking do to our food supply?
  186. Apples top most pesticide-contaminated list
  187. Sunscreens to avoid
  188. BPA: It’s Time for the Federal Government to Catch Up
  189. The European E. Coli Outbreak: The Real Story
  190. 5 Ways to Reduce Child Exposure To Toxic Chemicals At Home
  191. Perchlorate and the post-organic era
  192. Mercury and Dental Amalgam, FDA
  193. Use This Fabric Softener and Get Driven Out Of Your House
  194. Formaldehyde and styrene finally added to carcinogens list
  195. PCBEs in your environment
  196. Tea and Aluminum
  197. Could scented candles kill you?
  198. Pediatricians Urge Tougher Chemical Laws
  199. What is meant by "body burden"?
  200. The Toxic Chemicals Most Linked to Depression
  201. Perchlorate Contamination Overview
  202. Perchlorate as component of the body burden
  203. Arsenic – chief suspect, kidney syndrome
  204. Use of chemicals 'threaten grain output'
  205. Are Chemicals Making Us Fat?
  206. Agrichemicals in surface water and birth defects in the United States: atrazine
  207. Weed killer atrazine may be linked to birth defect
  208. Tell EPA to stick to the science on atrazine
  209. Weedkiller has surprise toll on trees
  210. Tiny nanoparticles could be a big problem
  211. Common Problem May Dull Your Mental Edge
  212. BP Disaster a Year Later, Healthcare Crisis Worsens
  213. Common Pesticides More Toxic When Mixed
  214. Five Most Common Toxins
  215. Banned chemical levels high in pregnant women
  216. CA Water District Sued For Misleading Fluoride Statements
  217. Bill Could Let Researchers Ban Chemicals
  218. Scented Products Carry a Whiff of Danger
  219. EPA Stops The Sale Of DuPont's Tree-killing Herbicide.
  220. 'Toxic chemical link' to Thailand hotel deaths
  221. California approved dangerous methyl iodide on strawberries
  222. Is Your Dryer Giving You Cancer?
  223. Sucralose (SPLENDA) in Your Drinking Water
  224. Pesticides and Bee Deaths
  225. Baking soda is an amazing and versatile little helper
  226. Ozone in smog damages health even at current level
  227. How can we believe you Shell?
  228. Diet May Mitigate Toxic Effects of Arsenic
  229. 4-Nutrient Combination Removes Poison That Causes Fatigue And Brain Fog
  230. Bed Bug Treatment Causing Illness
  231. Toxins All Around Us
  232. The cost of fireworks - higher than you would think
  233. How Lobbyists Are Spinning Weak Science to Defend BPA
  234. New NRDC report, The Delay Game, documents chemical industry efforts to delay health
  235. Deadly Flu-Like Salmon Farm Disease Jumps to Wild
  236. Pesticides bring a silent spring
  237. Paint fumes and Air Purifiers
  238. Message From The Food Industry: Pesticides Are Good For You
  239. BPA tied to behavior problems in girls: study
  240. Huge Victory For Fish And Human Health
  241. Reusing Plastic Bottles Increases Leaching of Toxic Chemicals
  242. Keep Your Home Pest Free Naturally
  243. World's 10 Worst Toxic Pollution Problems [Slide Show]
  244. 8 Fish and Seafood Varieties You Should Never Consider Eating
  245. Widely Used Weedkiller Causes Reproductive Harm To Animals And People
  246. Bisphenol a exposure causes meiotic aneuploidy in the female mouse.
  247. BPA is Undetectable in the Blood
  248. New Model Predicts Human Health Risks From Over 80,000 Chemicals
  249. EPA Delays Dioxin Hazard Report Once Again Due to Industry Pressure
  250. Urge Gov. Brown & Director Leahy to take action on methyl iodide (please sign)