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  1. Autism: To Vaccinate Or Not to Vaccinate
  2. Fever can unlock autism's grip: study
  3. Missing protein may underlie autism: U.S. study
  4. Mercury-vaccine link to autism disproven: study
  5. Study "Disproving" Mercury-Autism Link Published in Journal with Financial Ties to Va
  6. Three studies suggest gene raises autism risk
  7. Court: Vaccines Contribute to Autism
  8. Still no autism-vaccine link, say health officials
  9. Analysis: Vaccine-autism link unproven
  10. Autism: Now you see it, now you don't
  11. U.S. study clears measles vaccine of autism link
  12. U.S. vaccine court denies autism cases
  13. More kids have autism than thought: U.S. study
  14. Autism Is on the Rise (Or Is it?)
  15. Study: Autism Prevalence Still Up After Thimerosal Removed From Vaccines
  16. One percent of U.S. children have autism: study
  17. Autism now 1 in 110!
  18. Toxic Metals May Worsen Autism
  19. Autism rate on the rise, vitamin D may help
  20. Another study finds no MMR-autism link
  21. Study turns up 10 autism clusters in California
  22. Is the Environment to Blame for the Rise in Autism Cases?
  23. Medical journal retracts autism paper 12 years on
  24. Fish Oil May Help Autism
  25. Brain clue may explain autism 'hug avoidance'
  26. Extremely premature babies show higher autism risk
  27. Proposed autism diagnosis changes anger "Aspies"
  28. Oxytocin May Help Asperger's Patients
  29. Temple Grandin on TED Talks
  30. Fraud Scandal By Autism Phoney Researcher Rocks Science
  31. More on Autism and Vitamin D
  32. Autism Professor Needs Help
  33. Scientists find autism has complex genetic roots
  34. What If Vitamin D Deficiency Is a Cause of Autism?
  35. Child Autism Epidemic Firmly Linked to Environment
  36. Autism coal link study stalled by government
  37. Jaundice in Newborns Linked to Autism
  38. Autism risk gene may rewire brain, U.S. study finds
  39. Brain scans accurate at spotting autism: U.S. study
  40. Fast Lane to Autism: Living Near Freeways
  41. Dr Richard Deth: Chilling research into vaccine-autism link
  42. Statement from Dr Andrew Wakefield: No Fraud. No Hoax. No profit motive.
  43. BMJ puts knife into Andrew Wakefield, twists it, and then some
  44. Wakefield Has Company
  45. Dr Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ after documents prove innocence
  46. Mitochondrial Dysfunction Linked to Autism
  47. 12-Year-Old Genius Expands Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Thinks He Can Prove It Wr
  48. The Onion Mocks people with Autism
  49. The Autism Wars
  50. Children conceived in winter have a greater risk of autism, study finds
  51. One in 38 kids in South Korea may have autism: study
  52. Autism screening at age one gets mixed reception
  53. Success with Coconut with Asperger's
  54. Study recommends against autism screening
  55. Action alert: DSM V Threatens Autism Families
  56. Autism More Common in Information Technology Rich Areas
  57. Is Autism Related to CFS and Fibromyalgia?
  58. Prenatal vitamins lower autism risk.
  59. Environment as Important as Genes in Autism
  60. New Study Implicates Environmental Factors in Autism
  61. Propranolol Shows Promise in Autism
  62. Vitamin D may both prevent and treat some autism
  63. Administration of Thimerosal to Baby Rats Causes Overflow of Glutamate and Aspartate
  64. New MRC study to look at the role of environmental risks in development of autism
  65. Could Prenatal Ultrasounds Contribute To Cases Of Autism?
  66. Is There an Up Side to Autism?
  67. Gluten Intolerance and Autism: Is There a Connection?
  68. New Definition of Autism Will Exclude Many From Services
  69. Brain Activity Can Detect Autism at 6 Months of Age
  70. The APA Doesn't Own Autism
  71. Effective Treatment for Autism! A New Study Using NAET
  72. New high in U.S. autism rates inspires renewed debate
  73. Gene studies begin to unravel autism puzzle
  74. Study: Autism Linked to Industrial Food, Environment
  75. Top 10 Chemicals Most Likely to Cause Autism and Learning Disabilities
  76. 1 in 88 Children in the U.S. Now Have Autism...Or Is This The "New Math?"
  77. Nutritional Therapy May Be Key To Stopping Autism
  78. NAC May Be An Effective Therapy For Some Features Of Autism
  79. Fish Show Autism-like Gene Expression In Water With Psychoactive Chemicals
  80. An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism
  81. Rare Autism Form May Improve With Diet Change
  82. Tantrum VS Autism Meltdown
  83. Cures To Autism Do Exist
  84. Debunking 7 Common Myths About Autism
  85. Autism Risk Revealed at Birth?
  86. Clues About Autism May Come From The Gut
  87. New Study Signals Wheat-Autism Link
  88. Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten
  89. More Proof That Conventional Medicine Wants Your Money — Not A Cure
  90. Autism Linked To Digestive Problems
  91. Does Asperger’s Syndrome Exist?
  92. Facing Autism in New Brunswick
  93. New insights into autism: Could it be caused at birth by salt in the nerves?
  94. Brain Changes Suggest Autism Starts In The Womb
  95. To Journalists on the Eve of Autism Awareness Month
  96. Autism Nation: America's Chemical Brain Drain
  97. Brain Study Suggests Autism Starts Before Birth
  98. Study links pesticide exposure in pregnancy to autism
  99. How Pot Helped this Autistic, Epileptic Child Go From Blank Stares to Loving Hugs
  100. CDC Autism Whistleblower Admits Vaccine Study Fraud
  101. Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses In Their Brains
  102. Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism
  103. Journal questions validity of autism and vaccine study
  104. Could A Chemical In Broccoli Sprouts Help Treat Autism?
  105. Vaccines and Childhood Illnesses: Beyond Thimerosal. David Ayoub, MD
  106. Seneff: At Today’s Rate, Half Of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic By 2025
  107. Understanding Gender Differences Could Improve Autism And Alzheimer's Treatment
  108. Oxytocin, Social Anxiety, Pyroluria And Autism
  109. How American Food Contributes to Autism
  110. We've Called Autism A Disease For Decades. We Were Wrong.
  111. Autism and Antidepressants
  112. New Study Confirms Mercury Is Linked To Autism
  113. Did Chinese scientists find autism’s missing puzzle piece?
  114. Autism Rates in CA Pre-Schools Jumped up 17% Since Mandatory Vaccine Bill Was Signed
  115. The Severity of Autism Is Associated with Toxic Metal Body Burden and Red Blood Cell
  116. Antidepressants In Pregnancy Tied To Autism
  117. Autism Experts Call For Further Research Into 100-Year-Old Drug
  118. More Autism Than Previously Thought
  119. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and World Mercury Project Issue Report Regarding New Evidence
  120. Studies help explain link between autism, severe infection during pregnancy
  121. Autism rates are up, but is it really on the rise?
  122. International scientists have found autism's cause. What will Americans do?
  123. Three Recent Israeli-Led Breakthrough Discoveries In Autism Research
  124. Meta-Analysis madness in vaccine-autism science
  125. Zinc Deficiency Linked To Autism Epidemic
  126. Prenatal & infant exposure to ambient pesticides & autism spectrum disorder in childr
  128. Vegetable Extract Treats Autism Better Than Drugs
  129. Autism Could Be Caused By Problems In The Gut
  130. Spike In Autism May Be Linked To Preservative In Processed Foods
  131. The autistic children of Donor H898
  132. Science Continues To Suggest A Link Between Autism And The Gut
  133. Gut Bacteria Don't Cause Autism: Kids Microbiome Differences Are Due To Picky Eating