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  1. QRA Testing
  2. Help! Ways to stop short-term anxiety...
  3. Does Coffee causes anxiety disorders?
  4. How Can Someone Cure Gout?
  5. What's the deal with sea salt?
  6. Timing of Nutrients
  7. Unwashed Organic Eggs
  8. How important is organic cotton?
  9. Warning about oat bran for gluten-intolerant
  10. Insomniaaaa
  11. Please help me recall the great anti-virals
  12. Caffeine Makes Some Sleepy?
  13. Gluten, lectins, blood type, help!
  14. Best Air Purifier
  15. My new inexpensive juicer rules.
  16. Fryin' turkeys
  17. FLEAS
  18. Liquid Stevia-I need help in finding a good one
  19. How to raise Vitamin D absorption?
  20. Sleep & insomnia
  21. Talk about post-nasal drip
  22. Chelation and Biomedical...
  23. Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops
  24. dermatitis herpetiformis: help!
  25. Raw Sheep Milk Cheese
  26. Goofy from fluorescent lights... just me?
  27. Need Opinions On Distilled Water
  28. What to eat for lifting?
  29. Toddler has asthma. What to do?
  30. Anyone get heartburn from grains only?
  31. Bladder Infections in Little Girls
  32. Joining the GF club... need some tips on a few things!!
  33. Gluten question
  34. Options for insomnia
  35. Honey
  36. Gary Null as an author?
  37. OK OK I know what WPF says about meat & dairy and all..... BUT
  38. Question on Manuka Honey
  39. Ugh, post-juice nausea...
  40. Qusestion: Why does coconut oil make me sick to my stomach?
  41. Quinoa nutritional question
  42. Candle suggestions?????
  43. Which Multi to take
  44. Neck Back Pain
  45. RNA Drops
  46. Greens and oxalic acid? Help!
  47. Have we already hashed out the whole alkaline/ acid food thing?
  48. Do you feel energized after eating?
  49. What is your thought on Enzyme Therapy?
  50. Vitamin K2
  51. Pain Cream
  52. Car Air Cleaner
  53. Body Gel / Shave Cream
  54. orange oil
  55. What is your thought on Ionic Foot Baths?
  56. My vitamin D has improved yet, I have done nothing different
  57. Searching for PBS Information
  58. Black sea salt with activated charcoal from HI
  59. Suggestions wanted on other alternative health sites
  60. Face Wash
  61. Do you ever do a gallstone flush just for kicks and giggles?
  62. Is cast iron cookware bad for us?
  63. Shingles Vaccination for the over 60s
  64. Questions about flowers
  65. What are your cures/treatments for a cold?
  66. Does any one else have problems with sulfur?
  67. When a person eats food and it goes to the lungs, what causes that?
  68. Dog Behavior Questions
  69. Bloated abdomen
  70. Breast Cancer Screening
  71. Is this the start of arthritis in the hands?
  72. How can i get information properly recorded?
  73. Question about bone broth
  74. Miracle Gro and Mint
  75. Anyone here doing the GAPS diet?
  76. Does anyone know anything about Ionic Toothbrushes?
  77. Prostrate Cancer question for the guys and LabDoc
  78. Is granite bad for you? Is marble preferable?
  79. Fruit before or after meals?
  80. What's the safest material for eyeglass frames?
  81. lead apron on inside wall opposite smart meter for protection?
  82. Anyone have a good gluten-free breakfast casserole recipe?
  83. Polyethylene Glycol Laxatives and pain solutions
  84. Dairy Intolerance
  85. How to interview a doctor
  86. China Study
  87. Alternative treatments for Parkinson's?
  88. Alzheimers
  89. Fingernails / Health
  90. supplement sources
  91. Can My Doctor Get Into Big Legal Trouble by Offering Natural Health Treatments?
  92. Nutritionists/Naturopathic types
  93. Gaussmeters
  94. Does anyone here know anything about Lichen sclerosus please?
  95. Tell me about leeches
  96. Green Tea Gum
  97. Nutrition Fruits.
  98. Healing Cipro induced foot injury
  99. Root Canals / Cavitations
  100. Herpes Simplex on the Eye
  101. Help for Emphysema
  102. SAM-e
  103. Foot doc or pain doc
  104. Talk about low potassium
  105. Cetyl Myristoleate - any info on this?
  106. Re-usable glass bottles
  107. Allergic or Chemical reaction?
  108. Question About Garlic Grown in US
  109. Nattokinase usage
  110. Smoking cessation
  111. Need Source for Organic Olive Leaves
  112. Has anyone ever tried this for skin tags?
  113. Difference between nattokinase and lumbrokinase
  114. Gaining Weight
  115. Health newsletters
  116. What happened to S. Jobs?
  117. Myomed
  118. Exercise
  119. Chiropractic care experiences
  120. Has anyone tried Juice Plus supplements?
  121. Ever hear of egg white for burns?
  122. Beef Cheeks
  123. Farmer Seeks Research on Dry Aged Beef
  124. iPads replacing school books
  125. On washing veggies before fermenting
  126. Not exactly a health question...
  127. A1c level and mortality
  128. Any infertility tips?
  129. Back And Neck Pain
  130. Kratom
  131. Any input on Paleo type diet?
  132. Free Range Fed GMO feed or Organic, not Free Range (poultry)?
  133. Questions on DR TIM O’SHEA's cancer article
  134. Bates Method-Improving Eyesight
  135. Microwave Oven
  136. Plz help with pediatric psoriasis
  137. CDC claim of 36,000 annual deaths from flu is inaccurate. Looking for documentation
  138. Tell me about Ecklonia Cava
  139. Gluten and Inflammation
  140. Has anyone taken this? Please advise.
  141. heel spur
  142. Supplement testing
  143. Non-toxic Treatment For Wrinkles?
  144. Which is best Fish Oil/Krill oil
  145. Rice Bran Oil
  146. Have you tried Royal Jelly?
  147. Major hair problems, need help!
  148. Vegetarian diet question
  149. Bone broth question
  150. Dry Skin Brushing
  151. AroMed Vaporizer
  152. Why does my fermented cabbage have a chemical-like smell?
  153. Complex cancer question
  154. Question from someone on my Healing Natural Oils facebook page with my response
  155. How do you deal with cockroaches?
  156. Question About Egg Substitutes
  157. Vitamin D question, complicated
  158. tight contracted leg muscles, what causes it?
  159. Offer me your favorite non-goitrogenic ferments
  160. Need Advice for Yard that is nothing but dirt and weeds
  161. Recommend a book to own
  162. Need data on costs to advertise on websites
  163. Gift coupon
  164. Iodine in instant coffee?
  165. Help me detox from mercury, arsenic, lead!
  166. Auto immune disease cause
  167. Natural Living Guides and Helpful Health Sites
  168. Eyes open after head bump due to fainting--a clue to something?
  169. Does Coffee Store Better In The Feezer?
  170. Which Are The Best Probiotics?
  171. Odd rash, please suggest relief!
  172. I am looking for better snoring solutions
  173. Organic Infant Formula
  174. Career Change Challange
  175. Blood pressure check
  176. Colon Cancer Screening
  177. Bunion regulator/splint experience?
  178. Tapeworms! Need advice!
  179. About curcumin supplements
  180. The perils of having an organic backyard.
  181. Do I have fibromyalgia??
  182. Helpful addition to foot soak?
  183. Please enlighten me on chia seeds!
  184. A Cry for Help from One New Mother
  185. A question about natural bug repellents
  186. Health resources on limied income
  187. How would you treat lymphoma?
  188. Cellulitis - swollen foot for four months
  189. End Stage Arthritis in Shoulder
  190. Vitamin D overdose question
  191. Plasma donation
  192. Does anyone else have issues with Canola?
  193. Non-Teflon, Non-aluminum rice cooker?
  194. How to Treat a Frozen Shoulder?
  195. Recommendations for a quality scale?
  196. Refrigerate Soaked Almonds?
  197. Help for Finger Clubbing
  198. Is Green Polka Dot Box a good option?
  199. A question about pets, neighbors and how to get along
  200. Are there any "natural" treatments or cures for Dengue Fever?
  201. Does someone have the recipe for chocolate covered coconut?
  202. To my newly acquired medical research community - a quest about nerve conductivity.
  203. Nutrition for Arthritis
  204. Medicine/herb compatability
  205. I Have Tinnitus, Help!
  206. Questions regarding 89 year old Mom
  207. What is a pure, effective eye support supplement?
  208. Is it dangerous to pull an abscessed tooth?
  209. Need info to convince friend
  210. Virbac CET Toothpaste for Dogs- Safe?
  211. Skin Patches
  212. Detoxing: am I doin' it wrong?
  213. Serrapeptase vs. nattokinase
  214. how I can keep my health fit by eating fruits?
  215. Dietary cholesterol vs. serum cholesterol
  216. Help with lower abdominal pain
  217. Extreme fatigue
  218. Bugs in my squash blossoms.
  219. I'm overweight, been exercising but I would like to lose weight faster?
  220. Wanted: information on IDSA and Lyme disease
  221. I soaked my nuts and I'm disappointed!
  222. Cheese: Pasteurized organic, or raw, non-organic?
  223. Collapsed Lung
  224. Sweat
  225. Nebulizing Glutithione or Vitamin D for Asthma?
  226. Info on Tarceva
  227. Is Graviola effective?
  228. Coconut Aminos
  229. Question on sprouting...
  230. Need a solution for short term memory loss problem
  231. Pilonidal Cyst
  232. Have you tried Jaggery?
  233. Can I Take Probiotics With Antibiotics?
  234. Buteyko
  235. Cat eats vitamin D caps. What could go wrong?
  236. What causes fingernails to split?
  237. Thyroid Nodules
  238. how to add a video from youtube
  239. Please give opinions on doc recommended tests
  240. How do you react to a food allergy or intolerance?
  241. Mandoline advice, please
  242. Pet vaccine question
  243. Extensive vascular calcification in right coronary artery
  244. Recommended Health Sources?
  245. Oral Surgery
  246. How does Touching Receipts Harm my Health?
  247. Need opinions
  248. Best essential oils for bronchitis?
  249. wife is allergic to cleaning products
  250. Are Yeti cups safe?