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  29. Blood Type Diet
  30. A Vegan No More
  31. The Blood Type Diet: A Primal Perspective
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  36. hCG diet?
  37. The Paleo Diet
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  39. HCG Diet and Thyroid Patients
  40. Pistachios: the skinny nut
  41. Coconut, MilK Powder.
  42. 10 Protein Packed Plants
  43. 10 Things Not To Say To A Dieter
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  46. Grain and the Brain
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  48. 15 Superfoods For a Slimmer Body: Their Health Advisories and Facts on Weight Loss
  49. Carrie Sisson (wife of Primal Blueprint author Mark) Pescetarian Paleo
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  51. Take the Primal Body Primal Mind 30-Day Challenge
  52. The Plan
  53. Which diet is best? Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, WAPF, Low-Carb...?
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  55. Vegetarianism Can Reduce Your Risk of Death Over 30% And Add 9 Years To Your Life
  56. Do Vegans and Vegetarians Need To Consume EPA and DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids?
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  59. The Blood Type Diet
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  61. 10 Myths Within The Low-Carb Community
  62. Jane Says: Detox Diets Are Bogus
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  70. Eat, Fast And Live Longer
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  77. The Dietary Guidelines Are Not About What You Should Or Shouldn't Eat
  78. Environmentalist Say What The Feds Won't About How To Eat
  79. Ketogenic Diet Treats Schizophrenia: Aids Bipolar Depression & Weight Loss Say Scient
  80. Problems with 2015-20 U.S. Dietary Guidelines
  81. Live Long Die Young
  82. Mediterranean Diet Is Better For Your Heart Than Taking Statins
  83. Japanese Study Reveals Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Will Make You Smarter
  84. Gluten-Free Diet Not Fail-Safe
  85. Neanderthal Dental Plaque Shows What a Paleo Diet Really Looks Like
  86. Dietary Fat: How much?
  87. Saturated Fat Does Not Clog Arteries
  88. The Secret To A Long and Healthy Life? Eat Less
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  91. Giving your baby solid food early won't help them sleep better
  92. Why The Low Carb Warnings Aren't Right
  93. Healthy Eating Guidelines Shaped By Food Industry Lobby, Claims Nutritionist
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  98. Why Big Pharma and Big Food Want You to Think Eggs are Bad, And Why They Are Not
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  106. How A Vegan Diet Could Affect Your Intelligence
  107. How High Protein Diets May Increase Heart Attack Risk
  108. Study: Swedish Nutrition Students Are Consuming Fewer Carbs and More Fat
  109. Lets All Stop Holding Out for Science to Find the Perfect Diet
  110. Mediterranian Diet Promotes Gut Bacteria Linked To 'Healthy Aging' In Older People
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  116. Alternate Day Fasting: Benefits and How To Do This
  117. Scientific Review Of Keto Diets Falls Short For Accuracy
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  119. Medical Myths: Vegetarian And Vegan Diets
  120. Calorie intake is 70% more efficient that exercise..
  121. Vegan Diets Raise Concerns For Iodine Deficiency
  122. Eating A Mediterranean Diet May Reduce The Effects Of Stress
  123. Meat-Free Diets Linked To Greater Risk Of Breaking Bones
  124. Blood Type Not Associated With The Effects Of Plant-Based Diet
  125. Mediterranean-Style Diet Linked To Better Thinking Skills In Later Life
  126. Vegan Diet Affects Bone Health, Shows study
  127. Insider's Nutrition Reporters Both Swear By The 80/20 Rule For Dieting
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  130. Time Restricted Eating Adds No Benefit To Calorie Restricted Diets