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  1. Vitamin D Fights the Flu and Blindness
  2. Vitamin A&D
  3. Vitamin D may not reduce cancer deaths
  4. Intake of Vitamin D Supplements Decreases Mortality
  5. The 'D'-fensive Vitamin
  6. Reinventing the Vitamin D wheel again!
  7. Low Vitamin D Tied to Depression
  8. Vitamin D protects in breast cancer
  9. Vitamin D and Sun Exposure
  10. How To Get Your Vitamin D in The Winter
  11. Vitamin D for High Blood Pressure
  12. Evidence growing for vitamin D-heart health link
  13. Cognitive impairment linked to low vitamin D levels
  14. Vitamin D deficiency and MS
  15. NZ Sun Too Strong For Vit. D Advice
  16. Vitamin D and Upper Respiratory Infections
  17. Low vitamin D may be a bigger problem than thought
  18. Americans need more Vitamin D: researchers
  19. Meta-analysis concludes vitamin D supplements help prevent fractures
  20. Vitamin D often low in mothers and newborns
  21. Low vitamin D may boost metabolic syndrome risk
  22. Vitamin D may reduce decline in mental agility
  23. New Model Suggests Role Of Low Vitamin D In Cancer Development
  24. Vitamin D boosts brain power in middle-aged men
  25. Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Multiple Sclerosis in Children
  26. Low Vitamin D May Be Root Cause of Cancer
  27. Researchers Say More Aggressive Vitamin D Supplementation Needed In Obese Cancer Pati
  28. Big US study will test vitamin D, fish oil
  29. Widespead And On The Increase - Vitamin D Deficiency
  30. Vitamin D Crisis Unfolds as Americans Live Indoors
  31. Millions of Children In U.S. Found to Be Lacking Vitamin D
  32. Low vitamin D levels linked to metabolic syndrome
  33. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Heart Risk Factors in Kids
  34. Canada Looks at Vitamin D for Swine Flu
  35. The Link between Calcium and Vitamin D
  36. Study identifies vitamin Ds benefits for diabetic heart health
  37. What Is Vitamin D? What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin D?
  38. Vitamin D Helps Improve Survival From Bowel And Skin Cancer
  39. Low vitamin D raises blood pressure in women: study
  40. Vitamin D May Improve Melanoma Survival
  41. Low vitamin D levels again linked to higher death risk
  42. Vitamin D For Swine Flu Prevention Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-s
  43. Vitamin D Good for Breast Cancer Patients
  44. Vitamin D can save half million babies each year: study
  45. Vitamin D3 an under-reported resource in preventing cancers
  46. Vitamin D And H1N1
  47. Vitamin D Improves Insulin Resistance
  48. Vitamin D Deficiency in 20% of American Children
  49. Low Vitamin D Levels Explains Most ESRD Risk In African Americans
  50. Low vitamin D tied to heart, stroke deaths
  51. How to Make Sure Your Kid Isnt Short on Vitamin D
  52. Vitamin D Highlights
  53. Heart and Bone Damage from Low Vitamin D Tied to Declines in Sex Hormones
  54. Most Americans vitamin D deficient
  55. Doctors start to include vitamin D in fight against cancer
  56. What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You About Vitamin D and Diabetes
  57. Heart failure linked to gene variant affecting vitamin D activation
  58. Vitamin D levels associated with survival in lymphoma patients
  59. Video by Dr. Michael Holick on Vit D and Prevention of Chronic Disease
  60. Vitamin D: a bright spot in nutrition research
  61. Vitamin D Helps Fight Depression
  62. Vitamin D and the Flu: More about the Science
  63. Ontario reconsiders funding of popular vitamin D tests
  64. Vitamin D plus calcium may protect everyone from fracture: Study
  65. Vitamin D supplements for asthma patients
  66. Do Statins Cause Vitamin D Deficiency?
  67. Link Between High Vitamin D Levels And Lower Risk Of Colorectal Cancer
  68. Low vitamin D levels associated with greater risk of relapse in childhood-onset multi
  69. Internet generation at risk of rickets: study
  70. Vitamin D Supplements Could Fight Crohn's Disease
  71. Sunbathing ups men's testosterone
  72. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked Directly to Heart Disease
  73. Can Vitamin D Keep You Infection-Free?
  74. High vitamin D levels 'cut chances heart disease and diabetes in older people by almo
  75. Vitamin D Recommended Intake Too Low
  76. Harvard Gives Vitamin D Supplementation the Thumbs Up
  77. Self-Test for D Deficiency
  78. Vitamin D: The Injury-Prevention Vitamin by Nutrition
  79. Vitamin D fights cancer in absence of Vitamin A
  80. Vitamin D Supplementation May Help Protect Against Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in African
  81. Official Recommended Intake for Vitamin D is Too Low
  82. Vitamin D lifts mood during cold weather months
  83. Vitamin D Deficiency Is Why You Get the Flu and Other Infections
  84. Low vitamin D may mean fatter, weaker muscles: Study
  85. Supplement Fact Sheet Shows No Vitamin D Toxicity
  86. Vitamin D Superhero
  87. What lies behind the vitamin D revolution?
  88. Dr. Ben Kim on Vitamin D
  89. Vitamin D Toxicity Fears Unwarranted
  90. Quest Diagnostics and Cardiovascular Disease
  91. Vitamin D May Prevent Seasonal Flu
  92. Quest and LabCorp Study
  93. “Miracle” Supplement Combats Cancer?
  94. Is it or isn't it vitamin D?
  95. Study links rheumatoid arthritis to vitamin D deficiency
  96. Pseudomonas pneumonia and Vitamin D
  97. Vitamin D Status and Body Mass Index
  98. More doctors focus on vitamin D deficiencies
  99. Vitamin D Best Taken With Largest Meal of Day
  100. Vitamin D Newsletter: Q & A, Part 1 & 2
  101. Vitamin D: Healer or Health Hazard?
  102. Vitamin D Prevents Birth Risks, Infections in Pregnant Women
  103. Reality Check: The soy “health food” lie that could hurt you
  104. Low Vitamin D Linked to Deadly Depression Risk
  105. Regaining Balance: Science Says You Need More Vitamin D as You Age
  106. Hopes Dashed That Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk
  107. Insufficient vitamin D tied to severe asthma attacks
  108. Flaws in Vitamin D Study
  109. Vitamin D fights HIV
  110. Why governments are selling Vitamin D short
  111. Low vitamin D levels 'linked to Parkinson's disease'
  112. Vitamin D and Diabetes
  113. Vitamin D Beats C for Immune Health
  114. Biochemist Proposes Worldwide Policy Change to Step Up Daily Vitamin D Intake
  115. Low vitamin D levels tied to pregnancy complication
  116. Vitamin D found to influence over 200 genes, highlighting links to disease
  117. Vitamin D resists colon cancer
  118. Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Metabolic Syndrome
  119. Thousands Of Vitamin D Receptor Sites May Explain Health Benefits
  120. Vitamin D Supplements Fail to Improve Bone Density
  121. Sensible Vitamin D dose recommendations
  122. Lack of vitamin D: More evidence connected to breast, colon cancer
  123. Vitamin D Deficiency Associated With Diabetic Retinopathy
  124. Could vitamin D work better than influenza vaccine?
  125. Vitamin D sales soar as studies link a deficiency to a host of conditions
  126. Leukemia patients with insufficient vitamin D levels face earlier mortality risk
  127. Vitamin D deficiency means higher death risk in Type 2 diabetes patients
  128. Low Vitamin D Linked to Fatal Stroke among Whites
  129. Vitamin D good for asthma patients
  130. Institute of Medicine Report on Vitamin D is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
  131. Low Vitamin D Raises Risk of Hypertension
  132. Obesity May Interfere With Vitamin D Absorption
  133. Vitamin D levels and breast cancer
  134. Low vitamin D increases depression risk by 85 percent
  135. NZ call to make Vitamin D tests affordable for everyone
  136. Vitamin D May Fight Urinary Infections
  137. Vitamin D insufficiency linked to autoimmune lung disease
  138. Study shows vitamin D deficiencies may impact onset of autoimmune lung disease
  139. UNMC Study Links Chronic Hives, Vitamin D Deficiency
  140. ANA-USA To File Health Claim For Vitamin D
  141. Too hot to handle
  142. Vitamin D Absorption Is Diminished in Patients With Crohn's Disease, Researchers Find
  143. Vitamin D deficiency alters lung growth and decreases lung function
  144. Vitamin D combats urinary tract infection
  145. Higher vitamin D levels equal lower risk of multiple sclerosis
  146. ANH-USA to File Health Claim for Vitamin D—and It’s All Thanks to You!
  147. How much vitamin D? Ask your skin...
  148. Breathe easy with D
  149. Vitamin D conspiracy leads straight to Big Pharma
  150. Higher vitamin D intake needed to reduce cancer risk
  151. Vitamin D levels required for cancer prevention
  152. Vitamin D3 Beneficial for HIV-Infected Youth Receiving Tenofovir
  153. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Diabetes In Pregnancy
  154. Pharma may be planning vitamin D analog
  155. Pregnancy and vitamin D
  156. Scientists taking vitamin D in droves
  157. Vitamin D supplementation improves COPD rehab outcome
  158. Losing More Than 15% Body Weight Significantly Boosts Vitamin D Levels in Obese Women
  159. New Studies Suggest Sunlight May Help Ward Off Disease
  160. Endocrine Society Posts New Vitamin D Guidelines
  161. Comprehensive Resource for Vitamin D Studies: Vitamin D Wiki
  162. Magnesium Deficiency Reduces Effectiveness of Vitamin D in the Prevention of Disease
  163. Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk
  164. Controlled vitamin D trial released today
  165. Vitamin D Newsletter
  166. Vitamin D More Effective in Cancer Survival than Expensive Drugs, Says Study
  167. New Study on the Role of Vitamin D in Colon Cancer
  168. Future Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  169. New study concludes the need for vitamin D repletion in systemic lupus erythematosis
  170. Vitamin D, Fortification and Subway
  171. Low vitamin D impairs strength recovery after knee surgery
  172. The Vitamin You're Probably NOT Getting Enough Of
  173. Vitamin D May Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  174. Vitamin D and cancer campaign launched today
  175. Vitamin D reduces risk of breast cancer
  176. Why You Need More Vitamin D. A Lot More.
  177. Genes and inheritance: from the Vitamin D newsletter
  178. The relation between Vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia syndrome in women.
  179. Why should you keep your vitamin D level around 50 ng/ml?
  180. The Benefits of Boosting Your Vitamin D Intake
  181. Latest case-studies on vitamin D toxicity
  182. Association between hypomelanotic skin disorders and autism
  183. Seniors should have at least 4,000 IU of vitamin D: A workshop
  184. New study finds high prevalence of osteopenia in infants
  185. Oral steroid use can result in vitamin D deficiency
  186. Vitamin D Council announces free clinic to treat children with autism
  187. Canadian women invited to join global Vitamin D study to help prevent breast cancer
  188. Clinical trial finds vitamin D increases telomerase activity
  189. Increasing Vitamin D Levels Could Reduce Global Mortality Rates
  190. Vitamin D May Help Clear Deadly Amyloid Beta Plaques from the Brain
  191. Prescription vitamin D (D2) less effective than over-the-counter vitamin D (D3
  192. Vitamin D Defeats Depression Naturally, Without Nasty Side Effects
  193. Headlines Scream “Danger”! What’s the Truth about This Week’s Vitamin D Study?
  194. Researcher considers dosage for vitamin D
  195. Low vitamin D linked to heart disease, death
  196. Even Low Dose Vitamin D Slashes Flu Risk by Nearly Half
  197. High dose vitamin D supplementation suggested for obese adolescents
  198. The difference between a prophet and a madman (vitamin D & influenza)
  199. Meta-analysis associates reduced vitamin D levels with greater risk of dying
  200. Low vitamin D levels associated with greater risk of sudden cardiac death
  201. Higher vitamin D levels correlated with less depression
  202. Response to CRP and vitamin D association finding
  203. Vitamin D rejuvenates aging eyes in laboratory study
  204. Call for vitamin D infant death probe By Andrew Hosken Today programme, Radio 4
  205. New Standard for Vitamin D Test promises more accurate resuts
  206. Vitamin D Too High?
  207. Vitamin D and fertility in men and women
  208. Are Your Vitamin D Supplements Giving You Enough Nutrients?
  209. New study: Vitamin D levels of the Maasai and Hadzabe of Africa
  210. Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase Stroke Risk
  211. SIDS and Vitamin D: What's the Link?
  212. Vitamin D levels linked to allergies and eczema in children
  213. Low vitamin D Levels in Pregnancy Linked to Language Problems in Children
  214. Efficacy of Vitamin D2 vs D3
  215. Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times
  216. Vitamin D and Cancer - Nine Facts "they" Won't Tell You
  217. How Vitamin D Stops Macular Degeneration And Alzheimer's
  218. Infant heart failure and vitamin D supplementation
  219. Bio-Tech 50,000 IU D3 now available for prescription
  220. Vitamin D shrinks fibroid tumors in rats
  221. New study: vitamin D eases menstrual cramps
  222. Vitamin D may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's
  223. Body Weight and Vitamin D Blood Levels
  224. Understanding Vitamin D Analogue Studies
  225. Can Vitamin D Slow Macular Degeneration and Alzheimer's?
  226. Vitamin D Shown To Modulate Immunity In Psoriasis
  227. Oral vitamin D boosts intranasal steroid in rhinitis
  228. The cost of vitamin D blood tests
  229. Vitamin D - have you been tested yet?
  230. Optimal Levels Of Vitamin D During Pregnancy
  231. Top Vitamin D Papers of 2011
  232. A step in the right direction: Vitamin D and prostate cancer
  233. First-Ever Systematic Review Shows The Effectiveness of Different Types of Vitamin D
  234. UVA and UVB exposure: Increase risk of melanoma?
  235. Getting Ahead of the Vitamin D Revolution Curve
  236. Vitamin D plus calcium tied to longer life
  237. Panel says vitamin D, calcium won’t prevent fractures
  238. Vitamin D3 may represent a potentially useful antiviral compound
  239. Mainstream Medicine Takes Another Big step Backwards On Vitamin D
  240. Sun exposure reduces pancreatic cancer risk by nearly 50 percent
  241. Newly Approved Tests on Vitamin D Are At Least 40 Percent Inaccurate
  242. Vitamin D Therapy Instructions For Colds and Flu and Bacterial Infections
  243. High-dose vitamin D prevents fractures in elderly
  244. My One Hour FREE Vitamin D Lecture to Clear Up All Your Confusion
  245. Vitamin D revealed to be miracle anti-cancer ‘drug’
  246. Minimizing Your Use of Medicines (Aspirin vs. Vitamin D Toxicity)
  247. Low Vitamin D Levels Common In Critically Ill Children
  248. Vitamin D3 Boosts Effectiveness of Curcumin for Brain Health
  249. Why is Vitamin D So Important to Thyroid Patients?
  250. Trying to Avoid a Cold? Skip the Vitamin D Supplements