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  1. NY Times: Report Assails F.D.A. Oversight of Clinical Trials
  2. Senators who protect Big Pharma received millions from drug companies
  3. Pharmaceutical research costs a myth
  4. Unfavorable drug studies don't get into print: report
  5. U.S. psychiatrists to end drug company seminars
  6. Medical journal says Pope distorting condom facts
  7. Did you know your genes are patented?
  8. Medtronic paid doctor accused of false study: report
  9. How Monsanto Kills the News - Video
  10. U.S. states say Wyeth failed to pay rebates
  11. FACT CHECK: Distortions rife in health care debate
  12. Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch Exposed in Court Cases
  13. FDA sued over antioxidant health claim 'censorship'
  14. Pfizer whistleblower's ordeal reaps big rewards
  15. Using forensics to reveal medical ghostwriting
  16. Froot Loops, 41% Sugar, Called "Smart Choice"
  17. Tylenol Recalls Child and Infant Liquids
  18. Merck Paying More Than 3,100 Death Claims in Vioxx Settlement
  19. This Is Going to Hurt: What Your Doctor Doesn't Say Can Cost You
  20. Dog flu: the next needless panic?
  21. No Free Lunch for Doctors, Brought to You By Jersey’s AG
  22. Stop Appointment Of Biotech & Pesticide Insider
  23. Nutritional Research Censored
  24. US Taxpayers Fund Censorship
  25. Rights group argues against human gene patent
  26. Flu Numbers are Largely Fictitious
  27. FDA rules out bisphosphonate, thigh fracture link
  28. WHO admits shortcomings in handling flu pandemic
  29. Copiers save data
  30. Negative research often spun to look good: study
  31. Dr. Mercola on circumcision
  32. Reports accuse WHO of exaggerating H1N1 threat, possible ties to drug makers
  33. Blue Cross reaps surpluses while rates rise: report
  34. Surgeons fail to disclose big payments to journals
  35. Insurance Companies Abandon Sick Children And Lie About It
  36. Patenting Life
  37. Drug companies pay 17,000 U.S. doctors, report finds
  38. Drug companies influence prescribing, study finds
  39. Psychiatrists Receive Most From Big Pharm
  40. Glaxo Gets 750 Million Dollar Fine
  41. Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
  42. U.S. doctors still too cozy with drug industry: survey
  43. Ahh, How the Mighty are Falling
  44. Docs on Pharma Payroll Have Blemished Records, Limited Credentials
  45. Insurance company profits up 41 percent
  46. Errors kill 15,000 aged patients a month: study
  47. US scientists significantly more likely to publish fake research
  48. Journal experts prefer 'splashy' findings
  49. Report Details Drug Company’s Close Ties With Disgraced Doctor
  50. The USDA Says, "Shut Up and Eat Your Pesticides?"
  51. Merck markets disinformation and censorship
  52. New Affordable Care Act rules shed light on high health insurance rate hikes
  53. ACS: Running WITH the Money and AWAY From the Cure
  54. EPA Cited for Ineffective Regulation of Antimicrobials
  55. Third world country drug trials: acceptable?
  56. "Sleep Regulations" For Surgeons
  57. Leak reveals possibly unethical Pfizer behavior
  58. The Other Welfare: psychoactive drugs and SSI benefits
  59. Has Your Doctor Received Drug Company Money?
  60. GSK faces Q4 profit wipe-out on $3 billion legal hit
  61. U.S. sues Boston Scientific over heart devices
  62. The great Motrin caper
  63. U.S. charges 111 in largest Medicare fraud crackdown
  64. Doctor Gets Court Order to Confine Pregnant Woman Against Her Will
  65. How "Modern Medicine" Killed My Brother, by Russell Blaylock
  66. Influential research misses financial conflicts
  67. Health Care Cost Control Fail: Makena
  68. Is FDA Handing Out Gag Orders to Journalists Now?
  69. Doctors fail to report incompetent colleagues
  70. Study looks at ties between firms, heart experts
  71. Doctors’ Conflicting Interests Can Cost Money & Lives, & Hinder Medical Discoveries
  72. Another reason why I don't donate to most national charities
  73. Dangers of the Medical Industrial Complex
  74. FTC Seeks to Halt 10 Operators of Fake News Sites from Making Deceptive Claims About
  75. Obscene Drug Mark Ups
  76. Special report: Big Pharma's global guinea pigs
  77. Physician HEEL Thyself: Bullying in the Workplace
  78. Public Citizen: Key data left out of Alzheimer's study
  79. San Francisco woman injects 8-year-old daughter with botox
  80. Big Pharma Paying Off Docs to Push Drugs
  81. KFC does it again: buy a diabetes drink to fight diabetes
  82. How Drug Companies Corrupt Medical Journals
  83. Doctors on Drugs?!
  84. Senators probe Medtronic and surgeons: report
  85. H1N1 'false pandemic' biggest pharma-fraud of century?
  86. Questionable ethics in drug trials in a university
  87. Gabapentin Trial Marketing Ploy
  88. Surgeons in Medtronic trials omitted results: report
  89. Deep Pockets of Big Pharma Driving Drug Data
  90. Big pharma and illiteracy in India
  91. 150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs
  92. FDA finds U.S. drug research firm faked documents
  93. Is Your Doctor Sleep Drunk?
  94. Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption
  95. Academics ‘guest authoring’ ghostwritten studies should be charged with fraud
  96. Man Denied Medicaid For Breast Cancer Because......
  97. Stop US Child beauty pageants in australia
  98. Report questions "offshoring" in U.S. heart studies
  99. FDA finds drug research firm faked samples, documents
  100. How Big Pharma's "fake" data could make you sick
  101. Hidden facts about prescription drugs and why they don't work
  102. Children Drugged in Fertility Study
  103. U.S. government draws fire for pulling doctor data
  104. FDA “Negotiating” to Get More Money from Big Pharma—Again!
  105. Reducing drug industry influence at the FDA
  106. Seeing RED over PINK: The Dark Side of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  107. How Big Pharm Buys Guidelines
  108. Many U.S. surgeries on elderly may be unwanted: study
  109. Death by Medicine
  110. Evidence Based Medicine "Non-existent"
  111. Mega-bucks Flow From Drug Companies to Doctors
  112. Are Surgeries Really Being Wasted on Seniors?
  113. Why You Must Fear Modern Medicine
  114. Million-dollar payments to surgeons raise questions
  115. Beware of "Board Certified" Doctors
  116. Dutch psychologist admits he made up research data
  117. GlaxoSmithKline settles U.S. drug rows for $3 billion
  118. Doctors, Researchers and Medical Experts Routinely Paid Off By Pharmaceutical Compani
  119. Senate Demands Details On Lipitor Preferential Prescribing Deal
  120. Walgreen, others sue Pfizer over depression drug
  121. Medtronic settles U.S. probe over doctor kickbacks
  122. New Underhanded Tactics from Pharma—Is It Greed, or an Act of Desperation?
  123. GlaxoSmithKline Fined Over Irregularities in Pediatric Vaccine Trials Read more: ht
  124. Merck Paid Doctors at Least $18,810,495.52
  125. Red wine-heart research slammed with fraud charges
  126. Food As the Enemy: Medical Insanity Says Avoid Foods in Favor of Drugs
  127. Patients May Die When Doctors Moonlight as Big Pharma's "Key Opinion Leaders"
  128. British Medical Journal Reveals That Academics Admit Data Falsification
  129. Confessions of a Frustrated Pharmacist
  130. J&J Hid Risperdal Studies to Boost Drug Sales, Lawyer Says
  131. Honesty a "Sometimes" Policy with Physicians
  132. FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail
  133. Placebo washout: Another outrageous medical coverup
  134. Alcoholic Surgeons Abound
  135. Bariartric surgery for diabetics
  136. Big Pharma Gets 77,500% Return On Lobbying Investment
  137. Johnson & Johnson, subsidiary fined $1.1B in Arkansas suit over Risperdal
  138. Nobody Should Volunteer for Clinical Trials As Long As Research Data Is Secret
  139. Merck ordered to pay $321 million in criminal Vioxx probe
  140. Researchers Hid, Ignored Bad Results in Massive Drug Trial Corruption
  141. Harvard Medical School To Be Tried for Alzheimer’s Research Fraud
  142. Health Department Fails To Declare 85% Of Gifts
  143. Failure to Account for Clinical Trial Drop Outs Results in Skewed Results
  144. J&J close to settling with DOJ over marketing: WSJ
  145. Glaxo Agrees to Pay $3 Billion in Fraud Settlement
  146. Fraud: Major Drug Company Exposed
  147. Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out Abt Intimidation, Retaliation, Marginalizing of Safety
  148. Texas Scientists Quit Cancer Program
  149. British Medical Journal moves to flush out secret trial data
  150. Evidence-Based' Medicine: A Coin's Flip Worth of Certainty
  151. Prestigious Science Journals Rapidly Declining In Influence
  152. Joint Multi-Level Global Initiative Uses Coca-Cola Model To Deliver Drugs
  153. 'Sugar Is Safe'! Says The Sugar Industry
  154. Medtronic Helped Write, Edit Positive 'Infuse' Spine Studies
  155. Why Do People Follow Medical Authorities?
  156. FDA: Drug Companies Faked Thousands of Drug Documents
  157. Zoloft—A woman’s lawsuit accuses drugmaker of consumer fraud and other offenses
  158. The Case of the Missing Data
  159. FDA Gives Sole Herbal Product Rights to Big Pharma
  160. Food, drink industries undermine health policy, study finds
  161. Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us
  162. FDA Approved New Drug Despite Ongoing Investigation of Lab Misconduct
  163. American Cancer Society: The World's Wealthiest "Nonprofit" Institution
  164. Pharmaceutical Drug Marketing to Our Children: Bordering on Criminal
  165. Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits
  166. Johnson & Johnson Pays $2.2B For Illegally Promoting Drug That Put Patients At Risk
  167. Pharma Links with Gov't to Shut Down Natural Birth Ctrs Cutting Into Hospital Profits
  168. GSK to stop paying doctors in major marketing overhaul
  169. $1,000 Pill For Hepatitis C Spurs Debate Over Drug Prices
  170. Denmark's Novo Nordisk sued in U.S. over generic Prandin
  171. Hospital Chain Said to Scheme to Inflate Bills
  172. How some physicians are re-examining their dealings with drug detailers
  173. Did Dr. Rowen Really Do This?
  174. UK doctors paid $64 million by drug companies in 2013
  175. Veterans Affairs purged thousands of medical tests to 'game' its backlog stats
  176. A New Era Of Medical Blackmail
  177. University of Minnesota Blasted for Deadly Clinical Trial
  178. John Hopkins Sued Over STD Study In Guatemala
  179. Group of Doctors Calls on Columbia Univ. to oust Dr. Oz
  180. What the Attack on Dr. Oz Is Really All About
  181. Cancer doctor was really just 'a monster'
  182. Just How Many Conventional Doctors Are In The Pocket Of Big Pharma?
  183. American Medical Association recommends ban of drug ads to consumers
  184. How Government Killed the Medical Profession
  185. Bayer AG: Corporate Crimes
  186. Shocking Report from Medical Insiders
  188. Britain gives scientist go-ahead to genetically modify human embryos
  189. Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies
  190. In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human
  191. EpiPen Price Rise Sparks Concern for Allergy Sufferers
  192. Insulin price spike leaves diabetes patients in crisis
  193. Aetna, Obamacare and health insurers’ 10 dirty secrets
  194. Here's a Reality Check on Mark Zuckerberg's $3B Plan to End Disease
  195. This Acne Treatment Now Costs Almost $10,000
  196. My interview with former CBS star reporter: fake news
  197. Astounding Number of Medical Procedures Have No Benefit, Even Harm - JAMA Study
  198. Where did drug prices start rising? Posh dinners, ‘girls night out,’ probe alleges
  199. Shrinks For Sale: Psychiatry's Conflicted Alliance
  200. Retractions And Errors Driving Loss Of Faith In The Peer Review Process
  201. Find Out If Your Doctor Takes Drug Company Money
  202. California Senate votes to limit gifts to doctors from pharma companies
  203. Big Pharma Billionaire CEO Arrested For Bribing Doctors To Prescribe Opioids
  204. Goldman Sachs asks: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?'
  205. The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine?—?Killing for Profit
  206. Quackbusters And The Shock Troops Of Medical McCarthyism
  207. Are Cochrane Reviews Truly "Independent and Transparent"?
  208. It Was Supposed to Be an Unbiased Study of Drinking. They Wanted to Call It ‘Cheers.’
  209. Purdue Pharma used deceptive sales tactic for OxyContin after settlement...
  210. The Corruption Of Evidence-Based Medicine - Killing For Profit
  211. Mind Tactics On Doctors Are Tripling Opiod Prescription Prescribing
  212. The Family That Built an Empire of Pain
  213. Independent Researchers Have Shares In Drug Companies They're Testing
  214. Job Barriers Hit Some New Mexico Medical Marijuana Patients
  215. Ex-pharma CEO pleads guilty to kickbacks to doctors for opioid prescriptions
  216. Ketamine-like Drug Product Fails trial, Is One Step Closer to FDA Approval
  217. Death Of A Whistleblower And Cochrane's Moral Collapse
  218. "Smart" pills are here and we need to consider the risks
  219. Big Pharma Gives Big Money to Legislators
  220. Conversations Between Coca Cola And The CDC
  221. Dollars for Docs
  222. 2 Chinese Babies With Edited Genes May Face Higher Risk Of Premature Death
  223. Exposé: billion-dollar back surgery scam, doctor kickbacks, fake hardware
  224. The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine?—?Killing for Profit
  225. Scientists declare nearly 400 medical practices 'ineffective'
  227. Leaked drug exec emails encouraged opioid abuse: people would eat them ‘like Doritos’
  228. Amazon Admits It Sold Fake Supplements
  229. Judge orders Johnson & Johnson to pay Oklahoma $572 million for fueling opioid crisis
  230. Quote from Robert Reich
  231. Medical Journals Bought And Paid For
  232. Scammers May Be Using DNA Testing to Defraud Medicare, Steal Identities
  233. Purdue Pharma, Accused Of Fueling Opioid Crisis, Files For Chapter 11
  234. Judge Protects Merck Pharmaceutical Company
  235. Audio Shows Hospital Kept Vegetative Patient on Life Support to Boost Survival Rates
  236. Fertility fraud is not a crime in Colorado, but it could be soon
  237. Study: Almost half of new cancer patients lose their entire life savings
  238. FTC Charges Prevagen with Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims
  239. How the FDA Manipulates the Media
  240. Gov. Northam to appear at Wesley Hadsell murder trial
  241. FDA warns Purell to stop making 'unproven' claims that sanitizer can eliminate Ebola
  242. Amtrak inspector: Acupuncturist bilked railroad health insurance for millions
  243. Dr Peter Gřtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime
  244. The Biggest Fraud in History is Happening Right Before Our Eyes
  245. Who Is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020)
  246. 'Outrageous': Global Anger @ Trump Admin Buying up COVID-19 Drug Supply
  247. The Illusion Of Evidence Based Medicine
  248. Nursing Homes Are Suing the Friends and Family of Residents to Collect Debts