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  1. Same old message, different source
  2. Fish Oil after Heart Attacks
  3. Another question
  4. Reduce heart attack risk, blood sugar and more with this grain!
  5. Oral Contraceptives increase Carotid Plaque
  6. They found a way to market Premarin again!!!
  7. Study suggests heart risk from calcium supplements
  8. More Cholesterol Nonsense
  9. Cat Owners Have Fewer Heart Attacks
  10. Heart group urges "hands-only" CPR in emergencies
  11. Vioxx Studies were written by "Ghost Writers"
  12. More Bad News for OCPs
  13. Whip up some more "worried well"
  14. Industry Takes a Sucker-Punch on Cholesterol Drugs
  15. Line Up for Your Polypill
  16. Oxidised LDL and Metabolic Syndrome
  17. Vitamin D Decreases Risk of Heart Disease
  18. Air pollution could endanger heart attack survivors
  19. CoQ10 Depletion Worsens Heart Failure
  20. Music to your ears? Music for your heart, too
  21. Risks seen in opposite-sex heart transplants
  22. Hibiscus reduces Cholesterol
  23. Binge Drinking Causes Atherosclerosis
  24. NSAIDS Harm Heart Patients
  25. CT scan may give patients high radiation dose
  26. Study sheds light on why some plaques turn deadly
  27. Routine aspirin benefits queried
  28. Tomato pill 'beats heart disease'
  29. Ignored cholesterol blamed for heart attacks
  30. Fresh Garlic Better than Dehydrated For Heart
  31. Little Known Type Of Cholesterol -- Oxycholesterol -- May Pose The Greatest Heart Dis
  32. Homocysteine Lowering Cuts Mortality in Early-Onset CAD Patients
  33. Use Vitamin C to Reverse Disease
  34. Omega 3s May Protect Men From Chest Pain
  35. Being Pear Shaped Protects Against Heart Disease
  36. Heart disease "will kill 400,000 Americans in 2010"
  37. Study fails to link saturated fat, heart disease
  38. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked Directly to Heart Disease
  39. CoQ10 for Heart Failure
  40. Cooling Inflammation for Healthier Arteries
  41. Ancel KMeys, the Lipid Hypothesis and Cholesterol
  42. Margarine increases CHD, butter lowers it
  43. Added sugar increases heart risks: study
  44. Protect your heart from the damage of stress
  45. Coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis
  46. Opening Up Clogged Arteries with Oral EDTA Chelation
  47. Why stents for heart disease are unnecessary
  48. Saturated fat and cardiovascular disease: no correlation
  49. Bystander CPR -- no breaths necessary, studies say
  50. Will Capsaicin Save Your Life One Day?
  51. Can a Statin Neutralize the Cardiovascular Risk of Unhealthy Dietary Choices?
  52. Chocolate Can Lessen Risk Of Heart Failure
  53. Moderate Alcohol Use Helps Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death: Study
  54. Study hints multivitamins aid women's heart health
  55. Carotid stent has higher stroke risk than surgery
  56. NSAIDS: Which Ones Hurt The Heart
  57. Higher magnesium levels linked with lower risk of sudden cardiac death
  58. Tricyclic Antidepressants Increase Cardiovascular Risk
  59. Carbohydrate Restriction Fastest Way To Reduce Triglycerides
  60. Cayenne Pepper - Stop a heart attack fast
  61. Top 15 Nutrients to Protect Your Heart
  62. Smog Contributes to Dangerous Heart Rhythm Disorders
  63. How a Heart Attack Changed My Diet
  64. ALL NSAIDS Have Cardiovascular Risks
  65. Avoid Your First Heart Attack!
  66. The five most powerful heart disease prevention strategies
  67. A nurse's heart attack experience
  68. Proof That These Foods Could Protect Against Heart Disease
  69. A Naturally Healthy Heart: Decoding CRP
  70. The Growth of Cardiovascular Disease
  71. The Threat to Your Heart That’s Hiding in the Produce Aisle
  72. The connection between heart attacks and cold weatherBy Dr. Gabe Mirkin on 02/16/2011
  73. The formula for aortic valve disease?
  74. Coffee Cuts Stroke Risk In Women
  75. "Apples" No Different Than "Pears" in Terms of CV Risk
  76. Risk of Sudden Death In Women Falls With Alcohol
  77. Cardiac Arrhythmias May Be Caused by Nutritional Deficiencies
  78. Doctors rush to heart procedure before proven drugs
  79. Sugary Drinks Increase Cardiovascular Risk
  80. Five surprising signs of an unhealthy heart
  81. Doctors overuse heart treatment, despite guidelines
  82. Herbal Treatment More Effective Than Prescription Medications
  83. Homocysteine Important CV Risk Factor
  84. Low Vitamin D Linked to Atherosclerosis
  85. Heart test standards all over the map
  86. Government Guidelines Lead to Heart Disease
  87. Bad Science Used To Push Cholesterol-Reducing Drugs
  88. Olive Oil Better Than Medication for Heart Disease
  89. Preventing & reversing heart disease
  90. Stem Cells Improve Heart Failure
  91. Sugary Drinks Damage Heart Even if You're Thin
  92. Virtually Eliminate Your Risk Of Sudden Death From A Heart Attack
  93. Cardiologist proves shovelling can kill
  94. Niacin and Cholesterol
  95. Environment and Diet Leave Their Prints on the Heart
  96. Sweet solution for heart health
  97. Salt Doesn't Cause Heart Disease
  98. Nutrients Reverse Heart Failure
  99. Protect Your Heart and Intimacy With Natural Nitric Oxide
  100. Ignored risk factors
  101. Blood donation improves heart health
  102. Antidepressants Cause Your Arteries to Thicken 400% More Than Aging
  103. Learn Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR
  104. How to Interpret Advanced Cholesterol Tests
  105. High Fructose Consumption Linked to Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Adolescents
  106. To Prevent Heart Disease, Rely on Natural Medicine
  107. Herbs to reduce triglycerdes
  108. Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase Stroke Risk
  109. 5 Cholesterol Lowering Secrets Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know
  110. Saturated fat prevents coronary artery disease? An American paradox
  111. Garlic Oil Provides The Best Triglyceride Lowering Effects
  112. Job Stress and Women's Hearts
  113. Early Parental Stroke Linked to Brain Changes in Offspring
  114. Pills as good as stents for some patients: study
  115. Diagonal earlobe creases and fatal cardiovascular disease
  116. World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease
  117. Medical mavericks and heart disease (anti- lipid hyothesis)
  118. Dark Chocolate Drops Your Heart Disease Risk by 57%
  119. Mouth Bacteria Causes Heart Attack
  120. The Obsessed Culture of Lowering Cholesterol May Actually Be Causing Cancer
  121. A Vaccine to Prevent Heart Attacks? Or a New Frankendrug?
  122. 10 Top Heart Attack Symptoms You Might Ignore
  123. Overweight? Here Is How To Avoid Heart Disease (Cranberries)
  124. Best Time to Take Magnesium to Prevent Heart Attacks
  125. You Don't Have To Die Of A Heart Attack
  126. 'Good' Cholestrol Doctrine May Be Flawed
  127. Can Pomegranate Keep You From Going Under The Knife?
  128. Bypassing Surgery: Can Leafy Greens Repair Your Arteries?
  129. Stem Cells Cause Heart Disease
  130. Relationship Between Cholesterol And Cardiovascular Disease Not Clear-Cut
  131. Lycopene Supplement Stops Carotid Artery Disease
  132. Do You Have the Challenge of This Common Condition and How Can You Improve It?
  133. Improve Heart Failure By At Least 22% In Just Three Months
  134. Acid Reflux or Heart Attack?
  135. Study Confirms Cardioprotective Effect of Chia Seeds
  136. Blocking Sunlight Stops Critical Proteins Which Prevent Heart Attacks
  137. Household Chemical Linked to Heart Disease
  138. Beta Blocker Use May Not Prevent Heart Attack, Death And Stroke
  139. Laughter Works Better Than Pharmaceuticals To Increase Good Cholesterol
  140. Groundbreaking Federal Study Proves Chelation Therapy Helps Cardiac Patients
  141. 2 Major Causes of Chest Pain That Are Not From Your Heart
  142. Strategies for a Healthy Heart
  143. Heart Disease is a Sugar Disease (connects with diabetes as well)
  144. Chemical Reaction Keeps Stroke-Damaged Brain from Repairing Itself
  145. Not “Heart Smart” to “Go Red”
  146. The great cholesterol myth
  147. 11 Ways to Keep Your Blood Pressure "Just Right"
  148. Can CoQ10 Stop Heart Failure?
  149. Are You Ignoring These Heart Health Saviors?
  150. Garlic Supplement Slows Cardiovascular Disease Progression
  151. Eggs V. Cigarettes In Atherosclerosis
  152. The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up: Statin Nation (Full Movie)
  153. Balding and Heart Attack Risk
  154. Cranberry Juice To Keep Your Arteries Healthy, Drop Blood Pressure, etc.
  155. High Street pill slashes deaths from heart failure
  156. Sugar overload can damage heart, research shows
  157. Researchers Discover Flaxseed Regresses Cardiovascular Plaque in Animals
  158. Does The Mediterranean Diet Really Slow Heart Disease?
  159. Statins May Hamper Workout Results
  160. Scientific Papers Prove That those With High "Bad" LDL Cholesterol Live Longest
  161. Tea Protects the Heart
  162. How Radiation Treatment Can Turn Breast Cancer Into Heart Disease
  163. Another Cardiologist Speaks Out On The Myth of Bad Saturated Fat
  164. Professor Urges ABC To Pull Catalyst Episode On Cholesterol Drugs,
  165. Daily Aspirin 'Risky'
  166. Patients Swamp GPs In Heart Pill Confusion
  167. How Much CoQ10 Do You Need To Treat Heart Failure?
  168. Niacin Beats Statins
  169. Does Dietary Saturated Fat Increase Blood Cholesterol?
  170. Signs Of 'Sudden' Cardiac Death May Come Weeks Before:Study
  171. Prevent and Reverse Atherosclerosis
  172. A Lifelong Fight Against Trans Fats
  173. Apple-A-Day Call For Over-50s
  174. Review Of Daily Aspirin Dosage Highlights Concerns About Side Effects
  175. Why You Should Stop Letting Your Doctor Scare You About Cholesterol
  176. New Method Slashes Heart Attack Damage
  177. How To Overcome The Damage Belly Fat Does To Your Arteries
  178. Are cardiologists refusing to follow new cholesterol recommendations?
  179. Study Proves You Can Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke By 26% Without Aspirin Or Other Drugs
  180. Why Olive Oil Is Nature's Chemical Treasure For Treating Heart Disease
  181. Scientists at Johns Hopkins Come Closer to Eliminating Heart Disease
  182. The End Of Non-Steriodal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)?
  183. Blood clot prevention: a new way has been discovered
  184. The Surest Way To Avoid A Heart Attack
  185. CT scans provide evidence of atherosclerosis in wide range of ancient populations
  186. Reduce Your Risk Of Dying From A Blood Clot By 48%
  187. The Pauling-Rath Protocol
  188. If You Have Had A Heart Attack Don't Exercise Too Much
  189. You Never Have To Suffer From Heart Disease
  190. How Cold Weather Affects Your Heart (and What to Do About It)
  191. Why Winter Heart Attacks Are More Common No Matter the Weather (and What You Can Do)
  192. Can Avoiding The Sun Cause A Heart Attack?
  193. Pass This In-Home Test And You Probably Won't Have A Stroke Or Suffer From Dementia
  194. It's TimeTo Rethink The Low-Fat-Diet Prescription For Heart Disease
  195. Worried About Clogged Arteries? Drink This.
  196. You Don't Have To Die Of Heart Failure— One Simple Mineral (Iron) Can Reduce Your Ris
  197. The Best Chelation Therapy For Treating Heart Disease And Hardening Of The Arteries
  198. The Truth About Ancel Keys: We’ve All Got It Wrong
  199. 9 Out Of !0 Women Don't Know These Stroke Symptoms - Do You?
  200. Classical Music Could Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease, Study Suggests
  201. Hilary Clinton Prescribed A Dangerous Blood -Thinner
  202. Warning Signs For Cardiac Arrest That Most People Ignore
  203. Stop calcified arteries with this overlooked vitamin
  204. How To Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit
  205. Is Heart Disease From A Sulfur Deficiency?
  206. The Frightening New Risk in Heart Surgery
  207. Garlic Prevents Artery Calcification And Infection
  208. One Month Before A Heart Attack Your Body Will Warn You With These 8 Signs
  209. 9 Foods To Cut Your Risk Of A Deadly Stroke
  210. It's Not Fatty Food, Our Arteries Stiffen When Our Gut Health Is Poor
  211. Warning Signs Of A Stroke
  212. Doctors Miss Most Cases Of Heart Failure
  213. 'No evidence' high levels of cholesterol causes heart disease, claim 17 physicians
  214. New breakthrough treatments for heart failure offer hope for millions
  215. Mediterranean Diet and Stroke Protection
  216. Fatty Cheese And Yoghurt Protects Against Heart Disease
  217. Blue Light Can Reverse Early Signs Of Heart Disease
  218. Pomegranates Help Stroke Recovery
  219. Bypassing Surgery: Can Leafy Greens Repair Your Arteries?
  220. Curry Spice Boosts Exercise Performance In Mice With Heart Failure
  221. Lack Of Sleep Causes Artery Disease
  222. The Deadly Price Of Denial : From Statins To Low Carb
  223. Coenzyme Q10 Reduces Death In Heart Failure patients
  224. ANH Science Check - Low Fat Debunked
  225. Resting Heart Rate Above 75? It Could Be An indicator Of Early Death
  226. Most High Risk Patients Not Helped By Statins
  227. No, An Egg A Day Doesn't Increase Stroke Risk
  228. 6 Unusual Foods That Improve Your Heart Health
  229. Dairy Protects Against Heart Disease - Unless You're A Woman
  230. International Study Confirms LDL Cholesterol Doesn't Predict Heart Disease Risk
  231. Sitting At Home Increases Heart Risk (But Sitting In The Office Doesn't)
  232. Heart Rhythm Drugs Increase Risk Of Dangerous Falls
  233. Eating Nuts Linked With Lower Risk Of Fatal Heart Attack And Stroke
  234. Exercise May Help People With Cardiovascular Disease The Most
  235. Heart Attack Risk Higher In Those Who Sleep Too Little Or Too Much
  236. Daytime Napping 1-2 Times A Week May Benefit Heart Health
  237. Vitamin E Found To Prevent Muscle Damage After Heart Attack
  238. One Avocado A Day Helps Lower 'Bad' Cholesterol For Heart Healthy Benefits
  239. Dietary Cholesterol Good For Your Heart Unless Oxidized
  240. The Activity That's Bad For Your Heart
  241. Study: Those With Higher LDL Cholesterol Levels Live Longest
  242. How Good Bacteria Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease
  243. Doubt Cast On Wisdom Of Targeting 'Bad' Cholesterol To Curb Heart Disease Risk
  244. New Analysis Links Omega-3 To Cardioprotection And Improved Heart Health
  245. 7 Drinks for Lowering Blood Pressure
  246. Study Finds Fish Oil May Not Help Your Heart
  247. Does Body Fat Protect Females From Heart Disease?
  248. Cocoa May Protect Male's Hearts From The Effects Of Mental Stress
  249. No Link Between Milk And Increased Cholesterol - Study Of 2 million People
  250. Nutrition And Heart Health: The Latest Review