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  1. Rebecca Riley
  2. Infant cough/cold medicines recalled
  3. Toys contain Date Rape Drug AQUADOTS
  4. Honey for coughs in young children
  5. Experts change advice on kids' allergies
  6. Study warns of chemicals in baby items
  7. Study sheds light on parental instinct
  8. Nexium approved for kids
  9. Study: Spanking can bring problems later
  10. Vit D Supplements Can Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes
  11. Breastfed babies not iron-deficient at 6 months
  12. Report says 90,000 U.S. infants maltreated a year
  13. Warning on medication mix-ups for kids
  14. BPA - Safe or Not?
  15. One Boob or Two?
  16. Canada Bans BPA in Baby Bottles
  17. New Baby Care Range which is certified organic
  18. Using a Fan Might Prevent SIDS
  19. Don't use cold drugs in kids under 4: manufacturers
  20. Pediatricians say double vitamin D dose
  21. U.S. lags other rich nations in infant mortality
  22. Safety of Kids Cough and Cold Medicines Questioned
  23. Melamine in Baby Formula
  24. Colic
  25. Review of Miessence Baby Range Products
  26. Bilingual Children Stutter More
  27. Spray Probiotics Help Ear Infections
  28. Docs report uptick in kidney stones among kids
  29. Child abuse spikes as U.S. economy founders
  30. Newborns Have Eleven Times More BPA in Their Systems than Adults
  31. Colic May Be Caused by Gut Bacteria
  32. Toxic Sand For Sandboxes
  33. EPA Reviews Perchlorate's Risk to Children
  34. Watch for kidney stones in kids with abdominal pain
  35. Some Toys Still Lead Contaminated
  36. Safety Isn't Guaranteed in Toyland
  37. Heinz Baby Cereal Recalled
  38. Soy Infant Formula: Buyer Beware
  39. Concern With Chemical in Leading Baby Shampoo
  40. Toxic Toys From India
  41. Keeping Kids Too Clean: More Harm Than Good
  42. Starting spoonfeeding later may trim obesity risk
  43. Experts urge screening for obesity in kids
  44. Bipolar in Diapers
  45. Recall Of Wal Mart Disney Jewelry
  46. Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns
  47. Should Hot Dogs Carry Warning Label for Kids?
  48. Food-allergic kids should carry two 'epi' doses
  49. Cleanliness Leads to Rise in Allergies, Asthma
  50. Chocolate formula made just for tots
  51. Lice shouldn't keep kids at home: report
  52. Female Infants Growing Breasts
  53. Breastfeeding guidelines
  54. Medical Power Over the Innocent
  55. Reflux in Babies Overdiagnosed
  56. Toxic Toys 'R' Us Coalition
  57. Breastfeeding in Mongolia
  58. Paracetamol linked to Asthma in Kids
  59. U.S. cautious on breast milk sharing as trend grows
  60. Liquid Dosing Directions/Devices Inconsistent
  61. Drop Side Cribs Banned
  62. Alternative Medicine Linked to Adverse Events in Children
  63. Babies may gain extra weight on standard formula
  64. Woman still breast feeds son, 6, says it's 'perfectly natural'
  65. Protect Your Child From Toxic Toys
  66. Starting solid foods earlier linked to obesity risk
  67. Breast-feeding supplies deductible, IRS rules
  68. E. Coli Found On Shopping Cart Handles
  69. Crying Babies B12 Deficient
  70. Low-fat dairy doesn't help kids drop pounds: study
  71. Toxic Kids: Nourishing Our Children
  72. Developmental disabilities inching up in U.S. kids
  73. Longer Maternity Leave Raises Breast-Feeding Rates
  74. Parents targeted in fight against childhood obesity
  75. Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of SIDS
  76. Probiotics help children with constipation, colds and belly aches
  77. Delay Breastfeeding To "Improve" Vaccination
  78. How "Good Parenting" Is Destroying Your Kid's Health
  79. Free formula samples at hospitals raise concern
  80. SpongeBob May Be Too Speedy For Preschool Brains
  81. Antibiotics overprescribed for children: study
  82. Obese Child Removed From His Home
  83. Daycare providers say kids are too inactive
  84. Infant Formula For Disaster
  85. Mind-Altering Psych Drugs for a 7-Year-Old
  86. Expose Babies to Pets to Avoid Allergies
  87. CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost 'efficacy' of vaccines
  88. Expose Babies to Pets to Avoid Allergies
  89. Formaldehyde Use Prompts Boycott of Johnson's Baby Shampoo
  90. SIDS and Vitamin D: What's the Link?
  91. Probiotic Effects Last 4 Years in Infants
  92. Worrisome Arsenic Levels Found in Baby Formula
  93. Do Ipads in The Classroom Boost Test Scores?
  94. Chemicals As "Nutrients" In "USDA Organic" Infant Formula
  95. Ear Infections: A Natural Approach
  96. Feeding Babies On Demand Contributes To Higher IQ
  97. The Difference Between Two "Normals"
  98. Many little kids lack outdoor time with parents
  99. Hospitals pressured to end free baby formula
  100. Children at risk as "button" battery use grows: study
  101. Advantages of Breastfeeding: Formula Contains Aluminum!
  102. 5 Reasons To Let Your Kids Play In The Dirt
  103. Want A Healthy Baby? Buy A Dog
  104. New York urges new mothers to breastfeed babies
  105. Best Diaper Changing Technique for Newborns to Reduce Colic
  106. Gel balls new threat to toddlers, doctors say
  107. Parents Advised Against Giving Echinacea To Children
  108. Background TV a threat to U.S. kids, researchers say
  109. “Organic” Baby Food May Soon Contain Who-Knows-What
  110. How Gluten Impacts Children
  111. Shocking Scans Show The Real Impact of Love on a Child's Brain
  112. Children and Crocs – Hurtful or Helpful?
  113. Slideshow: 12 Common Childhood Rashes
  114. A Fever Is A Good Thing, Don't Suppress It
  115. Leading Charity Says Baby Formula Should Have Cigarette-Style Health Warnings
  116. 93 Percent of Mothers Are Introducing Solid Foods Too Early
  117. A disease called ‘childhood’
  118. Is Formula Ever 'Better' Than Breastfeeding?
  119. Medical and Parental Malpractice
  120. Allergy Protection Via Pacifiers
  121. Fever in Children: When to Worry, What to Do Part 1 in our 3-part series
  122. 11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew
  123. How to Bring Fever Down—and When You Might Want To Part 2
  124. 4 Mistakes People Make When Using a Thermometer — Part 3
  125. 6 Common Causes of a High Fever — Part 4
  126. State Threatens To Seize Infant Fed Goat’s Milk Instead of Approved GMO Soy Formula
  127. Fresh, Unprocessed Baby Foods Tied to Less Allergy
  128. Lead Exposure Leads to School Suspensions
  129. Toddlers On 3 Different Psychiatric Meds
  130. Parenting can be humbling! (treating head lice safely)
  131. Are noise machines hazardous to infants' hearing?
  132. How To Establish A Healthy Gut In Your Primal Baby
  133. How Parents Can Reduce Their Children's Risk Of Obesity By 75%
  134. Childhood trauma may leave its mark in blood vessels
  135. Why Are Hospitals Aggressively Pushing Formula on Newborns?
  136. How to Set Your Newborn Up For Lifelong Health (Part One)
  137. How to Set Your Newborn Up For Lifelong Health (Part Two)
  138. How to Set Your Newborn Up For Lifelong Health – A Toxin-Free Nursery (Part Three)
  139. How to Set Your Newborn Up For Lifelong Health (Part Four) – Safe Baby Products
  140. Free Time for Kids is Essential
  141. 10 Signs Your Child Has a Food Sensitivity and What to Do About It
  142. Similac Advance Infant Formula to Be Offered G.M.O.-Free
  143. NZ's Synlait inks U.S. deal to supply grass-fed milk formula
  144. Greens warn: German breast milk unsafe after Glyphosate findings
  145. No More Mixed Messages: Mexico Bans Free Formula Samples
  146. Playtime At The Pool May Boost Youngsters' Bodies And Brains
  147. Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldehyde
  148. These Maternity Ward Beds Are Being Hailed As A ‘Game Changer’
  149. Limiting infants to almond milk can result in scurvy
  150. Why is Nearsightedness in Kids Increasing?
  151. If You Want To Accelerate Brain Development In Children, Teach Them Music
  152. Antibiotics Linked To Lung Disease In Newborns?
  153. Giving babies anti-reflux drugs can increase their chances of breaking bones later on
  154. Vision impairment among U.S. preschoolers is a growing problem
  155. Probiotic Bacteria Could Protect Newborns From Deadly Infection
  156. What Modern Baby Poop Can Tell Us About Human Health
  157. Screen Dependency Disorder: The Effects of Screen Time Addiction
  158. Jaundice in newborns could be an evolutionary safeguard against death from sepsis
  159. Anesthesia harmful to kids? Will it affect the growth of a child?
  160. Schoolchildren Suffering Memory Problems From Using Their Cell Phones
  161. Wireless patches can comfortably monitor sick babies health
  162. Skin-to-skin fad blamed for deaths of babies
  163. Ritalin Changes Children's Brain Structure
  164. Dirt is Good: Why Children Need More Exposure To Germs
  165. Children's Gluten Intake During Infancy..Linked To Risk Of Developing Type 1 Diabetes
  166. Studies Link Air Pollution To Mental Health Issues In Children
  167. Major Journal Warns Calling Breastfeeding Natural Will Discourage Vaccine And Formula
  168. New Mexico lawmaker wants to spend $1M to set up a breast milk bank
  169. Early Exposure To Infections Doesn't Protect Against Allergies
  170. Can Biotech Startups Make Breast Milk Without The Breasts?
  171. Early Introduction Of Gluten May Prevent Celiac Disease In Children, Study Finds
  172. Fluoride Is Toxic to Developing Brains, New Studies Find
  173. Time To Make Nature Studies A Compulsory School Subject - Before It's Too Late
  174. Beneficial Bacteria Can Be Restored To C-Section Babies At Birth