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11-11-11, 10:45 PM
I had been thinking about starting a BlogSpot on a book several of us have been reading called The Mood Cure by Julia Ross, MA so here it is!

I came across the book through a recommendation on FaceBook, and ordered it from the library.
I started reading it, and was astounded at how many problems were linked to lack of neurotransmitters in the brain and how nutrition could correct them. (Ms. Ross has over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, clinic director and pioneer in the field of nutritional psychology.) The Mood Cure sets forth what problems lack of neurotransmitters in the brain cause, how to correct them with nutrition and supplements, and gives a well-thought out experienced protocol to do so. The book is very easy to read and has a wealth of case histories to illustrate how nutritional therapy can help correct moods and problems caused by lack of neurotransmitters.

I took the 4-part Mood Type Questionnaire in the book (based on 15 years of thousands of patient interviews and hundreds of research papers) and flunked! I was low in serotonin, catecholemines, GABA and endorphins. Since I was already on an organic diet high in good brain fats and protein and supplemented with the vitamins and minerals Ms. Ross recommended I just started with the amino acids.

You can take the Mood Type Questionnaire online at:
http://www.moodcure.com/take_the_mood_type_questionnaire.html (http://www.moodcure.com/Questionnaire.html)
6 weeks later.........

11-11-11, 11:00 PM
I noticed improvement within a week, and over the past 6 weeks have seen:

Improved Sleep:
Before the amino acids I would sleep for an hour or two, wake up and toss or turn and then go back to sleep. After starting the aminos, I am sleeping 4 hours at a stretch and waking up much more rested and refreshed. (This is very unusual for someone with CFIDS ( I have been fighting CFIDS for over 20 years) as un-refreshing sleep is a key symptom.)

Improved Mood

Not as sluggish with the time change

Hair 50% Less Grey (hairline and eyebrows)

Skin Changes:
Before starting on the aminos I had rough bumpy skin on my forearms. One day I went to change my shirt and noticed the rough bumps almost gone.

My focus/concentration has improved over 50%. I can now write bills or a report like this in the afternoon, or make a phone call if I need to.

11-11-11, 11:04 PM
My scores were all either 0 or 3 which was under the threshold in each case. Unless I come across the book at a bargain price, it is probably not worth my while getting it at the moment.

11-11-11, 11:06 PM
My scores were all either 0 or 3 which was under the threshold in each case. Unless I come across the book at a bargain price, it is probably not worth my while getting it at the moment.
Yay for you, Aaltrude! Those are good scores!

11-11-11, 11:08 PM
Wait a minute.
Forget the mood- less gray?? (BTW, what is the difference between grey, and grey??? ) I'm uh buyin' da book!
I just came from the hair salon, and my eyes are stinging from the high amounts of ammonia.

11-11-11, 11:13 PM
I have no idea what the aminos did but my grey/gray hair at temples and hairline has decreased by 50% and my "salt and pepper" eyebrows have less "salt".
Sam, you can do the questionnaire for free at the link at the start of the thread — it is really good for pinpointing what your problems might be.

11-11-11, 11:18 PM
I've been on them at least a month, maybe longer. I also flunked big time on all parts of the questionnaire with GABA and serotonin being the worst. I pretty much implemented the same program Reesacat did. Things I have noticed:
1. I sleep!!! For over a year, my sleep had been really messed up. I was sleeping 2 to 3 hours on a good night and sometimes going 2 to 3 days without really falling asleep. Within 2 weeks, I was regularly sleeping 4 to 5 hours at a stretch and sometimes get 6 or 7 hours total sleep. Instead of going to bed between 2 and 3 AM, most nights I'm asleep by 1AM. Like Reesacat, I am beginning to feel like I've actually slept. I'm feeling more like the old me, wake up in the morning, alert and ready to go.

2. I'm calmer. I tend to get angry easily. Usually the anger is warranted but that doesn't mean I need to get angry. Then, I get mean. That is greatly improved. I'm much more able to stay calm and focused and I'm actually beginning to accept that the rest of the world is rarely going to live up to my standards. My feelings get easily hurt...I'm able to laugh at things now and go on. Although I wasn't depressed, I do feel happier.

3. All the fish oil and vitamin A and D etc were doing nothing for my dry, very bumpy skin. The bumps are almost gone. Wish my hair was losing the gray like Reesacat, lol.

4. I have written more articles in the past month than in the past 6 months. I can sit at the computer and comprehend what I'm reading and put things together in a cohesive article.

5. I was able to walk away from a literal addiction to a Facebook game and haven't looked back.

6. On another thread Katee mentioned that while she didn't have more energy, she was better able to use the energy she did have. I have to echo that.

7. I have a neurotic dog. To make a long story short, I started using 5-HTP on him and, he is calming down. I was at the point of trying to find him another home because he was more than I could handle and has caused me to fall a few times. He has some very strange behaviors too and is dog aggressive. He weighs a whopping 8lbs but will attack a 100lb dog. If things keep up like this, he can stay :)

11-11-11, 11:42 PM
I've been on them at least a month, maybe longer.:)
What have you been on at least a month?

11-11-11, 11:44 PM
I scored low on all of them, what the heck??? Do I have a low level problem with everything??
I have a bad Coca-Cola addiction that I cannot seem to walk from, no how bad it makes me feel- what the heck is that???
I have about 12 ounces a day. It's like heroin to me. What does that come from??? I have been drinking Coke since I was 3. What do I do?? I have to get my teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months, and I cannot seem to kick this habit. I am critical of those that use tobacco, anxiolytics, or booze. Hell, I am no better!

11-12-11, 12:41 AM
Get the book Sam -- using amino acids you can kick the Coke addiction.
The aminos will make lots of good happy brain chemicals so you won't crave the Coke.
Mellow and I also were low on everything.
I think my low amimos were from years of leaky gut malabsorption (a lot of that was undiagnosed gluten sensitivity).

11-12-11, 09:37 AM
I'm borderline on most of these but especially #2 (the cats) and #4 (the endorphins). Remember when I went skydiving? The endorphins from that carried over into the whole day following that adventure — what a great mood elevator! Gotta get to work on that one pronto! Woo-hoo! What a great book!

11-12-11, 11:02 AM
What have you been on at least a month?

The amino acids recommended in the book.

11-12-11, 01:29 PM
Can anyone comment on the Braggs' product, Liquid Aminos? Is it merely a seasoning, like soy sauce, or is there some therapeutic value there?

11-12-11, 01:46 PM
Can anyone comment on the Braggs' product, Liquid Aminos? Is it merely a seasoning, like soy sauce, or is there some therapeutic value there?

It does have 16 amino acids in it; however in the amounts you would use, there would be no therapeutic benefit. 310mg protein per 1/2 tsp...that's not much.

11-12-11, 01:57 PM
Another bit of good news....
My semi-feral outdoor cat Toby got a nasty flea infection in the middle of January last winter.
I used the diatomaceous earth Mellow and Katee told me about inside the heated Cat Palace and the fleas were gone. But he still had some hot spots, so an OTC homeopathic remedy was clearing that up....but then he started losing hair on his flanks. We had some other feral cats coming around marking territory and I noticed Toby was increasingly nervous and agitated.
When I read in The Mood Cure about giving tryptophan to African parrots to stop them from plucking out their feathers, I thought maybe Toby was having some sort of nutritional deficit since the other true feral cat, Callie, had never had the fleas or hot spots. (She has only had one vaccination which I had to give her when we live-trapped her to get her neutered and hunts regularly.) Toby showed up as a stray but had been someone's pet and probably had been vaccinated. He was vaccinated while my husband was alive, but I stopped with vaccines for the cats after he passed away.
I started giving Toby freeze-dried chicken as a treat 3 times a day and a week later his hair was growing back in on his flanks. 2 weeks later it started getting thick, and his behavior was calmer. 3 weeks later getting his coat is still filling in and now his fur has that lovely sheen on the tips that healthy cats have.

11-12-11, 02:00 PM
I had Braggs' Liquid Aminos. I just wasn't that comfortable with it. I used it in water as a form of plant food, instead of consuming it.

11-12-11, 03:24 PM
I was a bit stubborn about getting The Mood Cure. I carried a psych diagnosis for so long, i didn't want to revisit that. Most of those issues cleared when i cleaned up my diet, but the underlying issues - Chronic Fatigue and insomnia - remained.

However, i went to the website Reesacat posted. I found that while the depression has cleared, many of her questions were not about depression directly but evidently related. (For me these would be dislike of dark weather, lacking confidence and being self-critical, somewhat of a perfectionist and control freak, shy, hating hot weather, insomnia, TMJ issues, sometimes apathetic, low energy and motivation, difficulty focusing, easily chilled and cold feet/hands, SUGAR cravings.)

I got the book and have been working thru it slowly. I hit the first two tests solidly. Also the fourth one ("too sensitive").

Because i have had a history of sensitivity to many different substances, it didn't seem wise to try to do all the recommendations at once.

The first one i tried, 5-HTP, was not good for me at all. It was like i was on crack, or something. My brain would not turn off. My sleep was restless and interrupted. During the day i felt like my mind was going 500 MPH. I wasn't even rational. I have been working on a number of different projects - mostly hand knit or sewn or tatting. When i was on 5-HTP i was making plans to complete 5 or 6 items a day and to do another project for Christmas, and make several different food items, too. I felt as tho i could actually be several different people to get all this done. I kept trying to slow myself down ("You only have one pair of hands, Katee!") but it was not working.

What was by far the worst, when i would wake at night and be unable to return to sleep, my thoughts were very dark and dangerous. I have some history of self-abuse from years ago. I learned in time that rather than act on these thoughts, i would "freeze" my body and allow my mind/imagination free rein to abuse me. The slightest perceived imperfection on my own part would bring about horrific imagined abuse - beating myself with a baseball bat, or throwing myself repeatedly against a wall - i could go on. My life has been much better and those thought have been far from me for several years now. I was very upset to find myself there again while on the 5-HTP. However, it did let me know that those thought patterns were not entirely personal flaws on my part but brain chemistry.

I tried taking the 5-HTP at earlier times in the day, to no avail. I gave it up after several tries.

I moved on to tryptophan and low doses of melatonin. These seemed to work well for me, at least at first. I slept thru the night well, and woke more rested than i have in a long time. Before the aminos, i was often waking in the AM feeling much as i did as a child. I remember when i was very small, age 3 or 4, at the end of a day when i had played long and hard, feeling limp and weak and just wanting to be carried by an adult. I had been WAKING feeling that exact same way for a long time. Another big issue, beyond feeling utterly exhausted on waking, was that my eyes would ache horribly upon waking.

I've never been a "morning person" and still don't feel ready to spring out of bed ready to tackle the day, but my eyes have not been aching and i don't wake with that feeling of utter weariness.

The last week or so i seem to be having some of the issues i had with 5-HTP, but not as severely. My sleep has become restless and interrupted. It is my understanding that tryptophan is used by the body to make 5-HTP. Also that people don't need to be on these amino acid supplements for life, just until their bodies heal. I am thinking that i don't need the tryptophan any longer.

The next one i added was tyrosine. My God, i love that one! I don't know that i felt it making much difference, until i forgot to take it for a couple of days. I posted this elsewhere, i did feel that i was better able to utilize the energy i have. Before the tyrosine, when my energy was used up, i was utterly weak, limp, and i felt "boneless." I was a puddle of goo or slime in a chair, almost unable to hold my head up. I even felt in-human - like something without personality or identity. With the tyrosine, at the end of a day i may be very weary, but i still feel like a person. I still can function at some level. When i forgot to take the tyrosine for a couple of days (due to lack of planning on my part) at the end of the second day i once again was limp and "boneless," tho it was not as extreme as before tyrosine. It seems to help with my concentration, too.

Oh, i tried Gaba for a while, but it doesn't seem to do much for me.

I am now looking at adding SAM-e to the mix and L-phenylalanine to see if they can help.

I moved thru this book slowly, mostly focusing on the first 3-4 chapters. I then somehow misplaced the book, so i was just giving the aminos a try. I ordered several used copies of this book online so that i can share it with others.

I'm now reading the chapters on foods. She isn't saying much that effects me. I already eat this way the majority of the time. However, what does surprise me is how much i agree with what she is saying. There are a lot of books/websites out there where i might agree with 80 or 90 percent of what they advocate, but then they seem to go a bit off track. Even Dr. Davis (http://www.trackyourplaque.com/blog/), much as i admire what he says, tends to say things with which i disagree (mostly on fat, i think, and that he will suggest Splenda as a sweetener). I have not yet found anything in The Mood Cure with which i disagree.

It is also exciting to me to know that there are folks out there treating mental health issues with food and supplements. I was on psychotrophic meds for years and years and they did nothing to help me. When i changed my diet, most of the problems evaporated. I have been saying for a while now that i think diet should be first line of defense in mental health treatment, and meds should be withheld as an absolute last resort (tho i do recognize that some folks will require meds).

I am not "healed" or "well." I'm not sure this will even be possible for me.

This past week i worked an employee health fair with my office. I normally only work 3-4 hours a week, across 2 days. I feel blessed to be able to do this much. The health fair was 4 hours of work, 5 hours total (set up), all at once. It made it very, very clear to me that i am still disabled, and the possibility of doing even "part time" work of 4-5 hours a day is not something i can do. I met with the doc that afternoon and told him, that as much as i deeply desire to do work, i can't do more than 2 hours of a health fair in a day. He is accepting of this, for now, anyway.

I'm not complaining. I feel very fortunate to be able to do all that i do. And i'm so very thankful that Reesacat shared this book with us and that it is helping me to improve my functioning and use of energy, even if i am not being "fixed" or ""healed" entirely.

11-12-11, 04:10 PM
Wow. I love to hear "case histories" like this. It's helpful to know that not everything works for everyone. Thanks for sharing all that detail with us, Katee.

11-12-11, 04:26 PM
P.S. An overdue THANK YOU to Reesacat for discovering (and sharing!) such a remarkable resource!

11-12-11, 06:26 PM
You are all most welcome, but it was CHEESESLAVE on FB talking about meeting Ms. Ross and what amino acids were doing for her that led me to the book.

Katee, thank you for the detailed history. Dang, girl — you are sensitive!
Ms Ross is very clear in the book about what to take and what to do and to stop if you get side effects (she lists a lot of them) and where to go from there.
I like that she is very upfront saying this works for 80% or more but not everyone is helped. And if this doesn't help she lists resources and what to do.
I think this very honest realistic approach comes from working with clients for the past 30 years — there is always something that will work for 99 people and the 100th will have a problem. Even food!

11-13-11, 01:04 AM
Katee, I remembered a case history (Chapter 3, page 46 of The Mood Cure about a lady who had thyroiditis, was very sensitive to supplements and did not tolerate the 5-HTP and tryptophan. Thyroiditis does happen with CFIDS — Dr. Cheney told me I had De Quervain's thyroiditis and I have run into other patients with CFIDS who had or had bouts of thyroiditis.

11-13-11, 01:08 AM
Katee, if you start on SAM-e, try a very low dose first. Julia Ross recommends 800-1600mg, which is very high. I took 200mg a day, and got very anxious and panicky so stopped it altogether (I have talked about this on SAM-e thread (other supplements, I think). It seems to be a fairly common reaction. BTW, this is the first time I have ever noticed any real effect of anything I have taken - like Islander, I never norice any difference. so I am not particularly sensitive.

You can't buy less than 200mg, and Dr Ray Sahelian says to cut one in half to see how you react to it first.

11-13-11, 10:38 AM
Now that I'm awake, I want to add a few more things about what I've found most helpful.
1. I am having much less chest pain the last few weeks. It used to be nearly daily, sometimes horrid, sometimes an annoyance, sometimes lasting a few seconds, sometimes hours. I have been dealing with the for a few years. One doc says nothing is wrong (VA) but the civilian cardiologist feels it is cardiac and ischemic in origin. It is especially bad on days I have to use a lot of Atrovent (for asthma). For the last few weeks, I've had almost none, even when using the nebulizer. I attribute this to taurine. When I noticed the change, I started researching the amino acids and discovered taurine is protective against ischemia (lack of oxygen to heart muscle) and heart failure.
2. The upper abdominal swelling and occasional foot/leg swelling have virtually disappeared. This may be taurine or digestive enzymes or both but it is such a relief to eat and not experience hours and hours of not being able to stand clothing around my waist.
3. L-tyrosine (I think) was causing increased palpitations so I cut down on that and they went away.
4. After the first 2 weeks, I found that 5-HTP in the afternoon really dragged me down and made me feel almost drugged. I now only take it at bedtime and as I said above, I'm sleeping really well most night.
5. I just feel more alive :)

11-13-11, 12:50 PM
Mellow, thank you for sharing your experiences.

Isn't it interesting how we all react so differently? I think it must be a result of genetics, life experience (you've had so many vaccines, but i've had tons of meds) and food choices, and probably a multitude of other things as well. The wonderful thing about treating with supplements rather than drugs is that supplements seem to be able to be tailored to fit the individual much better. And supplements help heal rather than just treat/cover up symptoms.

Thank you for the caution, Julieanne. I did have 800 mg of SAM-e yesterday, and seemed to do okay, but i think i'll cut back a bit today. I may give a try of a couple of days of 200 mg and see how i do.

I slept much better last night without tryptophan. I had 2 mg of melatonin instead. I've been very careful with melatonin (starting with just 1/4 mg) because both my mother and sister had strong reactions to it.

I have to admit that part of me liked the feeling that i could accomplish so much (even if it was delusional) when on 5-HTP, but the down side of that one far outweighed any positive. I admit that i do tend to be "addicted" to certain things - reading, being on the computer, knitting - but not things that make me feel out of control like drugs or certain supplements.

It was interesting, Reesacat, to hear you learned about this book from CHEESESLAVE. I followed her blog for over two years, but haven't been there much recently. It might be that i have some form of thyroiditis, but thus far i've not been able to get any doctor to pay any attention to signs of problems with thyroid.

11-13-11, 03:00 PM
I agree with Katee on trying to get thyroiditis diagnosed. Sometimes when I suspect I have a problem and it isn't able to be diagnosed (or ignored) with conventional methods, keeping information like what Ms. Ross talks about in mind helps me figure out where I might have a problem and keep an eye out for alternative methods to manage it.
I found it interesting that Ms. Ross talked about tonsillectomies being a suspected problem for thyroid disorders — surgery in the same area as the thyroid triggered problems later on.
I never made that connection before.

11-13-11, 03:07 PM
Good point about the SAM-e, Julieanne. I have seen the same doses as Ms. Ross recommends (800-1600 mg)
in The Mood Cure on other health websites; and agree with you and Dr. Sahalein a lower dose could avoid problems.
It is good to start low and go slow — especially if you are sensitive.

11-17-11, 03:20 AM
I meant to write this earlier and got delayed.

The doc i work with, a chiropractor, does muscle testing (kinesiology) to test for various different ailments. In the past i have found it to be quite accurate (verified by blood test). I'd been wanting him to do a follow up for some weeks now, but it takes some time and neither of us have had it lately.

Today we made time. I've been getting such uneven results with the amino acids and have had some insomnia and agitation with them, i wanted him to test me with the supplements. I suspected that the SAM-e and the phenylalanine were the problem. I thought thyroid might be involved as my body has been having trouble with temperature regulation. He did a full round of testing.

He said i tested positive for soy and brown rice - neither of which i've had in a long time. (His first question was, "What have you been cheating on?" to which i responded, bewildered, "I haven't been cheating!") He suspects that because of the weight loss, my body is showing positive for soy and brown rice that i ate in the past and the problem was stored in body fat.

He said, also, that my thyroid is abysmally sluggish and he thinks it is borderline immune system, that my body might be attacking my thyroid gland (thyroiditis, as Reesacat said). He feels that taking all the amino acids and other supplements are stressing my system and i need to stop those, at least for now, and let my body heal. He is recommending Standard Process Thytrophin PMG (http://www.standardprocess.com/display/StandardProcessCatalog.spi?ID=152) (which is NOT vegetarian) and Lact-Enz (http://www.standardprocess.com/display/StandardProcessCatalog.spi?ID=93).

My only balk at this was that the tyrosine seems to be helping me so much that i didn't want to stop that, and when tested, i can tolerate it, tho he seemed hesitant on it.

So for now, i'm backing off on the Mood Cure recommendations. I plan to be at home for the next 2 weeks and i'll be taking a hefty dose of Thytrophin and a much smaller dose of the Lact-Enz. I'll probably have him re-test me in 3-4 weeks to see how i am doing and if i can tolerate the additional amino acids at that time. No other doctor seems to recognize the thyroid issue, tho it seems very apparent to me. I figure i'll give this a trial to see how i do.

Thyroid seems to be a pretty good diagnosis based on his testing, the insomnia, my body temperature regulation, some digestive issues and possibly even my lips not wanting to heal. It also would explain why i've had such a hard time losing weight for the past many years, and even why i have to fight for every pound i lose on the hCG protocol (and that recently my body seems to not want to maintain that loss when i stop the hCG drops).

I'm not trying to hijack this thread, just reporting a follow up from the doctor. He seems to think i need to heal the thyroid before stressing my body with other things.

11-17-11, 07:55 AM
Katee, I really think you might be on to something with the thyroid, but don't forget how intimately thyroid and adrenals are tied together (and also iron). I truly hope the supplements help you a lot. I know that I've had my thyroid and adrenals well regulated for a few years now and maybe that's why I was able to jump into some of this without too many major problems. Keep us posted. You're not going to find an actual thyroid supplement with hormone that's vegetarian. There are things out there that may help to heal the thyroid but supplements providing hormone are going to be animal. I'm sure you know this but in case others reading this don't :)

11-17-11, 10:46 AM
Katee, you didn't hijack the thread. I started this to share experience as we all have such different needs. Your experience echos what Ms. Ross said over and over again — if you are having trouble with the aminos/supplements or not getting results check for thyroid problems. Your experience was actually a form of a diagnosis for thyroid problems confirmed by your chiropractor.
I am so glad you took the time to share, and we can have this in the blog in case someone else is having problems also.

I have been able to restart chiro treatment just a month ago and my chiro uses muscle testing and started me on the Standard Process supplements which I am doing very well on, even with a couple of them not being totally gluten-free.
I hope that they help you.
My chiro was so excited about The Mood Cure I gave her my copy so I don't have it here for reference, but I think the L-Tyrosine supports thyroid function so maybe that is why it was the one thing you really felt better on.

11-17-11, 11:37 AM
Hi, thanks for the support.

Mellow, i did have him check the adrenals as i have tested positive for that in the past as well as problems with parotid and other glands, too. In fact, sometimes one will be much worse than the others, so we "chase" the problem.

He said the adrenals were showing some stress, but felt that at this time (with my thyroid screaming - no it is gasping) that healing the thyroid but not giving my body too much stress with too many supplements is the priority. We will reassess when i return in early December.

I also recognize that a vegetarian protocol won't work here, and i'm jumping thru some mental gymnastics to come to terms with that, but i do accept that this supplement is what i need for now.

I also have to say that i've now even more of a huge appreciation for the hCG stuff. It was hard for me that i was losing so slowly (and quick to regain some when the drops were stopped). But if thyroid was the problem all along, i still lost weight with the hCG. That is nearly impossible. In fact, i think the hCG is a damn near miracle for me to lose safely while so thyroid-compromised. And it is nice to know that regaining 4 pounds is probably not a character flaw! :)

Reesacat, i'm so glad you have a good chiro.

I ordered about 4 extra copies of The Mood Cure (used they aren't too expensive) so i could share them with folks. I almost think everyone should read it, however, as per our collective experiences with a number of folks not interested in natural cures, i've been ignored by several when i was excited about this. I had to bite my tongue yesterday when a lady in my knit group was going on & on about how she had been "cold turkey" off of Zoloft for 4 weeks and was so excited to get back to it even tho it has caused her to develop osteoporosis. I asked if i'd mentioned the book and how you could treat this naturally without the drugs. She gave me a blank stare and said, "Yes, you mentioned it." Sigh.

I think, regarding my search for a doctor, that i will simply try to find a conventional med doc i can tolerate ("work with" is probably too tall an order). A conventional med doc won't even acknowledge that i have thyroid problems based on their lab work. The conventional med docs are also completely stymied that i am not having menopausal symptoms even tho it appears that i am probably starting menopause. The conventional doc can document for disability. I'll have the doc i work with do the recommendation for supplements, etc. The truth is, at this point i'm a bit scared to try to introduce an alternative doc into things. I've seen several now and their suggestions have not worked for me (or even been close). But if i'm not able to do their protocol, i'm afraid they will list me as "non-compliant" on treatment and really mess up my disability.

11-17-11, 04:27 PM
I wanted to put this in a separate thread so I could find it again, but it seems to belong here, so here goes.

I saw my doc today, the 90-day interval for diabetics as well as a 90-day thyroid check. Some of you may remember that this (now not so) new doc of mine was very open to experimenting with Armour Thyroid, and we began with a 60-mg. dose. A month later, test, upped it to 90 mg. A month later, test, raised to 120. A month later, tests escalated, back to 90 for 90 days. Today, tests a bit low, but since they don't make anything between 90 and 120, I'm now on a 90 + a 15. My body temp has been low & I'm always cold, so I knew we had been too low. Hope to get it right this time. He is never authoritarian — we discuss and decide as a team.

More about Fritz Sitterly. He knew I was on the HCG diet, commended me on the high D3 and the total weight loss, and the low A1c. At 5.4, he was surprised that I wanted to test again in 90 days. I explained about what Mellow posted the other day about 4.5 being equivalent to 86-88 BG and that I wouldn't be in safe territory until I was there. OK, fine (though he seemed mildly surprised that I knew that...not sure he did). But I'm not done. He said that the bodybuilding mags were starting to promote HCG as a way to build lean muscle and lose fat, and that Wal-mart was now selling it...so it's evidently gone mainstream. (Speaking of bodybuilding, this guy has not just the mind but the face and the body, hot hot hot. If I were just 30 years younger....)

But here's the shocker: I'm reading a book about paleoanthropology, and I and mentioned something about polymorphism in mitochondrial DNA and in the Y chromosome lineages, and that somehow led to biophotons or bioluminosity, and I asked if he has ever heard of Bruce Lipton, and...yes, HE STUDIED WITH LIPTON! He went on to describe him as this wildly out-there guy, brilliant, a genius but a sort of eccentric, a "Rainman." But remarkable as his work was, it was all thoroughly grounded in science.

:: has the vapors ::

So I dunno how the f**k this guy ended up in central Maine but he's one of a kind, a keeper. I SO wish that people like Katee and Mellow, who have had such poor luck with their available selection of medical men, could strike pure gold like this. I tell you, I live in a charmed land.

OK, I have to add a note about the WONDERFUL customer service experiences I had in Wal-mart today (3 in a row), and then when I complimented the clerk in Rite-Aid about the service there, we had quite a long chat (there was no one behind me in line for the register) about the return of good customer service.

I chose to live here even before I knew how good it was going to get. Sorry guys, y'all just need to relocate!

11-17-11, 04:32 PM
Envy, envy, envy! All right, I think that I will be able to make it in about a two day drive, with all our worldly belongings, so we'll see you then, OK?

11-17-11, 04:41 PM
OMG -- he studied with BRUCE LIPTON???!!!!
::::having vapors::::Girlfriend, you are Blessed! Packing up the kittehs -- Maurya keep an eye out in the rear-view for Miss Grace!

11-17-11, 04:42 PM
Envy, envy, envy! All right, I think that I will be able to make it in about a two day drive, with all our worldly belongings, so we'll see you then, OK?

Rooms 2 & 3 are open, though Room 2 will be booked for a day or two at Thanksgiving. ;-)

11-17-11, 07:39 PM
Packing up the yappers!!! That is so AMAZING Islander!!! You just don't know what I'd give to see a doc like that. Dr. L is right up there on the awesome list, he's one of the original defectors from insurance, but you have to pay out of pocket so he's out! Is there such a thing as an all electric apartment up there that's not near anyone burning wood? LOL

11-17-11, 09:48 PM
Oh, there are very likely all-electric apartments, and I know clusters that are subsidized or Section 8 housing, but many many people heat with wood in winter. Thing is, on an average day, smoke rises. You prolly need to visit. If you like, I'll make some phone calls about apartments that meet your needs.

11-17-11, 09:52 PM
Thing is, on an average day, smoke rises. You prolly need to visit. If you like, I'll make some phone calls about apartments that meet your needs.

It's tempting but too far from family :) Also, smoke may rise but when people run their fireplaces here I have to wear a mask. I wouldn't qualify for Sec 8. Come visit though...I would love to sometime :)