View Full Version : Overweight? Didn't You Know There's a Vaccine For That Too?

07-10-12, 05:20 PM
Dave Mihalovic
July 9, 2012

A new crop of bogus vaccines are [sic] claiming to promote weight loss. A new study, published in BioMed Central’s open access journal, Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, promoted the claimed benefits of two vaccines which chemically and artificially inhibit the action of natural hormones. One of the the primary aims of the biotech industry is to create a vaccine for every common ailment known to man. The pseudo-scientists at Vaccine Inc have already offered a universal flu vacine [sic] for what they feel is an uninformed and lazy public who are [sic] no longer interested in receiving the seasonal jab year after year. Why not dip into wider markets like obesity? Most of the developed world has obese populations--"can you imagine the potential for vaccines?" says the pharmaceutical executive.

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