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07-21-12, 08:34 PM
Got this on Facebook (thanks Aaltrude) but there is no source listed.

3 Tbs (45cc) coconut oil (melted or very soft)
3 Tbs (45cc) baking soda
25 drops peppermint oil
1 packet stevia (probably about 5 drops of extract)
2 tsp (10cc) vegetable glycerine

Mix ingredients to make a paste and store in glass jar.

I've read glycerine can prevent tooth remineralization so I would leave it out

07-21-12, 10:24 PM
The glycerine is probably used to give it the correct consistency. It may be possible to do the same thing with olive oil or avocado oil. I would try only making a small amount first though, adding the oil slowly to find out how much is required, to find out if this works. Also, I personally would use liquid stevia as I don't tolerate the powder. This would also have to be added bit by bit to find out how many drops are needed.

07-22-12, 04:35 PM
I've been using plain calcium carbonate powder with success.

08-13-12, 07:58 PM
I have finally received the peppermint oil and have all the ingredients to make this toothpaste except the glycerine which I don't want to use. As I mentioned above, the glycerine is probably only to give it the correct consistency and an oil such as olive or avocado may also do this. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a glycerine replacement?

08-13-12, 09:56 PM
I tried a lot of different ways of making toothpaste and was never pleased with the outcome. Particularly with the mint flavoring things didn't come out well.

What i have moved to is making a tooth powder. I mix roughly 60% of xylitol with 40% baking soda. I wet my brush, dip it in the powder and use that. But i missed the flavoring. What i ended up doing was buying some Miessence (mint flavored) toothpaste. It is a bit too much baking soda for me. I wet the brush, add a tiny bit of the toothpaste, and then dip it in the powder. I'm pleased with the result.

Xylitol can be difficult for most people (including me) to digest, but i've no problem with this tooth powder. I also use xylitol gum.

08-14-12, 01:23 AM
I plan to use stevia. I am not keen on having xylitol in the house when it is very toxic to dogs.

08-14-12, 01:03 PM
@Aaltrude: I made it without the glycerine. Right now, with the coconut oil liquid, it's a pretty nice consistency. In the winter will probably have to scrape it onto toothbrush, lol. I used stevia and I also added cinnamon just because I love the taste of it.

08-14-12, 02:51 PM
Mellow, do you think the cinnamon might darken your teeth?

I just sprinkle baking soda in my palm, wet it, and dip my toothbrush in it. Been doing it for years. Low-tech!

08-14-12, 05:12 PM
Mellow, do you think the cinnamon might darken your teeth?

Never thought about that...hmm. So of course, I had to look it up. Thankfully, apparently it won't. I've tried the straight baking soda and I just can't get used to the taste. I've only been using this concoction a few days but I really like it.

08-14-12, 06:17 PM
I tried making a small batch last night to test it out using avocado oil instead of glycerine. This appears to work OK. It does not lather up but then a lather is not necessary to clean teeth. I added enough avocado oil to hopefully keep it from solidifying in colder weather. After making this batch, it obviously will be possible to play around with the amount of peppermint oil and stevia to achieve a final product that suits you.

03-27-13, 03:39 PM
Hi All-

Do you think that it would be okay to add Thieves essential oil to this instead of peppermint? I love peppermint (believe it or not I drink it in water all the time) but Thieves has added anti microbial/viral properties to add to the coconut oil.

03-27-13, 04:37 PM
Years ago I had a very cool and competent dentist tell me his "secret". Mix baking soda and salt 50/50. Pour a little of this mixture into your hand and add enough ionic silver to make a paste (he cautioned me if you have any mercury fillings use 3% peroxide instead of silver). Using this method keeps your teeth white and clean feeling. It also kills gingivitis germs and tightens the gums.

03-27-13, 04:46 PM
Assuming that Theives essential oil is safe to use in toothpaste - why not use it as well as peppermint essential oil. There is no reason why you should use only one. I have tried it with both clove and peppermint essential oil. These two make a good combination.

03-27-13, 06:30 PM
I looked at my bottle of Thieves and it gave instructions for taking it internally, so it would be safe diluted for toothpaste.

03-27-13, 06:56 PM
I don't really like sweetened toothpaste but I tolerate it since all commercial toothpastes contain some type of sweetener. I would much prefer plain old baking soda, but I have a dental implant and I'm afraid the baking soda would be abrasive enough to scratch it. Meanwhile, Vita-Myrrh isn't a bad second choice.