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08-19-12, 06:26 AM
Michelle Schoffro
August 17th

New research in the European Journal of Nutrition shows that eating a diet high in legumes like lentils and chickpeas can help blast excess body fat. The humble beans are rich in protein and high in fiber, both of which help stabilize blood sugar levels. Avoiding blood sugar rollercoaster spikes and drops ensures your body stops storing extra pounds, particularly around the waistline.
Research showed that the bean-based diet also helped reduce inflammation in the body. (Watch for my blog 14 Foods that Fight Inflammation and Pain next week).
Lentils are also an excellent source of folate which helps to prevent birth defects, regulates blood pressure and reduce the risk of anemia.
In another recent study, participants reported greater dietary satisfaction and ate fewer processed foods when chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) were included in their diet. Chickpeas are also a good source of folate and the minerals molybdenum and manganese.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/beans-help-banish-belly-fat.html#ixzz23zDXYrpO

08-19-12, 10:04 AM
Julieanne, I absolutely love all pulses. My favorite carbs! In fact, I have watched my A1C go down with the addition of more pulses.

08-19-12, 11:12 AM
Wow, never heard the term pulse before except in regards to heart rate. I almost made minestrone soup last night. Now it is surely next up on the menu list.

08-19-12, 03:42 PM
Add to this that legumes are also said to help maintain a healthy blood pressure and studies have shown they contribute to a modest decrease in cholesterol levels. Regular consumption has been associated with an approx 20% decreased risk of heart disease.

08-19-12, 11:55 PM
I love black-eye peas, green peas, and black beans.

08-20-12, 09:54 AM
Well, I don't do well with carbs but one of the local farmers had pink eye peas (purple hull) and I decided to be brave and try them. I ended up buying a bushel, lol. Took 2 days but got them all cooked and in the freezer. Going to do carbs like the peas or a sweet potato just once or twice a week and see how I do. Glad to know I will get some benefit from them. Just one caveat: Although soy is a legume and marketed as a food, it's really really bad for you :)

08-20-12, 10:00 AM
I began thinking about the pulses I consume and realize it's more than I thought. Hummus...felafel...lentils...green beans...soup beans...blackeyed peas...and of course, yellow eye or Jacob's Cattle or soldier beans for Boston Baked beans!

08-21-12, 10:46 AM
I add chick peas or haricot beans to stews to eak out the meat. It turns one meat meal into two at very little expense. And I just love hummus - eat it with a spoon!

08-21-12, 04:59 PM
And I just love hummus
Ditto, especially with loads of garlic. I make huge batches and freeze in small portions.