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12-14-12, 08:47 PM
Just wanted to share with you my experience of the past couple of weeks...

I went to the dentist about a month ago with TMJ pain I thought was likely referring from my lower wisdom teeth. Turned out it wasn't (just my neck out again) but I did need a grand total of 8 fillings, totally $2000. Hadn't been to the dentist in about 6 years, oops.

Anyway, this surprised me as I have always had good teeth - until I went to England, ate junk food for a year, and had my first couple of fillings. Since then, my left side has apparently filled up with holes and the right is virtually ok. I was aware of this and have done half-hearted things like coconut oil pulling and so on over the years, but nothing major.

Anyway, a few years ago I also discovered that, as suspected, I had ridiculously high levels of mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium, and arsenic, and have been doing gentle detox over the years since to get rid of them, along with taking lots of minerals and so on. I'm convinced, personally, that these high levels of toxins likely contributed to my poor oral health, as they interfere with the uptake and absorption of various other key minerals, including magnesium, zinc, boron, and calcium.

Nearly two years ago I also stopped eating meat completely, and went borderline vegan (still eat the odd bit of cheese or butter, but that's it). No grains either really, I more or less just eat nuts, seeds, fruit, legumes, and veges. I was told over and over that it's a 'bad diet', that 'vegetarians get sick', and that my 'teeth will fall out' by not having any animal products. Conversely, I feel healthier than I ever have before on this diet, and felt horrendous when I was doing the Weston A Price thing!! I figured that all those animals get their minerals from the plants they eat, so why not bypass them and the cruelty involved and just eat the plants myself. :rolleyes:

So fastforward to a few days ago when I was getting some fillings put in. The dentist says to me...

"All of this decay is actually really old, historic stuff. Probably been there for years now, none of it's new or recent at all, and your teeth have been healing themselves. The decay has been reversing, and getting better, and I can see where your teeth have remineralised - a year ago these probably would have needed root canals but you've reversed it to the point that it's just minor work needed, but I do still think it's a good idea to get them sorted to make sure the dentine is secure and isn't leaking anymore.

But if you keep eating what you're eating and doing what you're doing, I don't think you'll have any more issues like this for a very long time, if ever - your teeth are actually in great shape and you're obviously doing things right, keep it up and congratulations".

So there we have it!

Teeth CAN heal themselves, they CAN remineralise, and decay CAN reverse - and you DON'T need to be wolfing down fermented cod liver oil and butter oil and animal liver for it to happen, either!

The only things I supplement with, other than lots of wholefood antixidants and things like spirulina, acai, berries, chlorella, barleygrass, etc, are Vitamin D3 and Cell Food (which is a mineral concentrate product). I drink water kefir every day, and have lots of vitamin K rich greens, and mineral-dense nuts....


Just thought I'd share some inspiration for y'all. :)

12-14-12, 10:43 PM
WTG Dizzy! That is absolutely fantastic.

12-14-12, 11:35 PM
Great news of diet working to restore health, as it should. Thanks for sharing.

12-14-12, 11:55 PM
So happy for you and great news about your diet restoring your teeth! WTG!

12-30-12, 01:56 PM
Fantastic Dizzy! Unfortunately I am a child of the Tetracycline generation - had bad sinus problems from the age of about five. Think I have a filling in each and every tooth in my head - but at least they are still there !

12-30-12, 03:13 PM
I think a good diet is responsible for my peridontis going away. I used to oil pul too, and maybe I should rethink taking it up again. Bad diet got me there in the first place.

04-21-13, 12:42 PM
Just wanted to share with you my experience of the past couple of weeks...

Thanks for sharing your experience.

04-21-13, 06:52 PM
Dizzy, the first part of your comment caught my attention. Most people think TMJ originates in the jaw, but often it doesn't. I have a long history of tight, spasmy musculature, for whatever unknown reason. I can always tell when my scalene and trap muscles (neck and shoulders) are tight because I get TMJ and my teeth don't fit together right.

A good trick for loosening TMJ-tight muscles is to use a wine cork. Place it upright between the front teeth and hold it there for a minute or two. If the jaw is unusually tight and the cork won't fit, you can trim a fraction of an inch off the end of the cork, but it should fit between the teeth snugly enough to gradually stretch and relax the muscles. Have a paper towel handy because you will probably drool.

05-08-13, 09:53 AM
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