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01-22-13, 12:04 PM
Hi everyone!!!

So glad I found this site! Islander I'm glad I saw your posts on Dr. M's website, I have always enjoyed reading your posts!

I'm 37m and have been following a paleo type diet with raw dairy. All my meats are grass fed/pastured now.

In the last year or so I have successfully rid myself of the following prescriptions.

-anxiety/depression mess after losing my Mom to cancer
-blood pressure meds
-ppi for heartburn daily
-allergy meds
-inhaler for mild asthma due to allergies

All of the above conditions I cured with my diet.

I have to say fermenting my own veggies has made a huge difference!

I had the worst animal allergies ever: wheezing, swollen eyes, hives etc all just being in a house with cats. I can now hang with cats and even touch my face after petting them!

I believe I had a bad leaky gut.

My wife and I had always followed a low fat/high carb diet (big mistake).

As soon as we started eliminating grains all health probs left.

My blood pressure med free is 120/68 I went from 240lbs to 195.

I have always been into weight training, and now I can start to actually see those muscles!

My wife has lost about 30lbs. We both struggled with our weight until we adapted a high fat low carb lifestyle.

I also do peak 8 and my fitness level has never been better.

I am on day 3 of intermittent fasting doing the 16/8. So far do good, I even do weight training and peak 8 in a fasted state. I have never been a big bfast person anyway. I eat from noon to 8pm.

I hope to learn more.

I will say that I really did miss having butter, now I load up on it.


01-22-13, 12:06 PM
Sorry about the choppy post I have so much to say, and its not well organized!

01-22-13, 12:13 PM
Welcome Mark. Very happy to have you here! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

01-22-13, 12:24 PM
Mark, so glad you found us. We're a supportive community and you'll find loads of information here, a wider array than that "other" site (not knocking it, but it's limited)! Congratulations on the terrific progress you & your wife have made toward optimal healthful lifestyles!

01-22-13, 12:52 PM
Thx for the welcome mellow and islander I can't tell you how much better my wife and I feel after making these dietary changes.

Wish I knew this long ago, would have made things much easier.

It's sad we have to sift through the bs to get to the truth about health.

01-22-13, 02:04 PM
Welcome to Hawkes Health Mark. There is lots of very useful information here. I'm so glad to hear you have been able to turn health issues around for the better.

01-22-13, 02:21 PM
Welcome Mark! It is such a pleasure to have you as a member of the forum! I also adapted the Paleo (Dr. Terry Wahl's protocol for autoimmune diseases) and have had such an improvement in my CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrom) symptoms. Amazing what real food can do! I am so glad you and your wife are feeling better.

01-22-13, 07:06 PM
Welcome to the forum, Sundiego! I do find it interesting that you are able to do weight training while fasting. I never have found success with weight training without eating at least something, although my husband seems to be quite OK with this method. So here we are again, all so different to each other! Congratulations on your health success!

01-22-13, 11:19 PM
Welcome Sundiego. So glad to have you on board. Looks like you'll fit right in.

01-23-13, 06:57 AM
Hi there Sundiego, welcome to HH!

01-23-13, 10:08 AM
Sundiego- Good for you! :) I wish I could tolerate ferments.. alas..
Did you ever have a Coke habit? Sugar? Just wondering if you felt that it was sugar or grains that hurt you more contributing to your diagnoses.

01-24-13, 12:10 AM
Way to go Sundiego, keep on keeping on! Welcome to the HH forum.

01-24-13, 04:16 PM
Thx for the warm welcome!!

Maurya. I can lift completely fasted, (about 15 hrs) although I prefer to have a small amount of whey protein beforehand. Only about 120 calories or so worth. I have read that this helps prevent muscle breakdown while fasting.

Samurai- some of my ferments I have not liked.....but most are great, I love making my own pickles, and Kefir from raw milk. I was not a huge sugar person, as I tried my best to avoid it, but had on occasion. But the breads (whole grain :/), and pastas were rampant.

I grew up in a household that ate tons of carbs(refined), and had plenty of processed foods available, including a lot of Diet sodas... And the margarine and trans fats were consumed instead of butter.

My Mom was 7 year breast cancer survivor, and did chemo etc........ BUT she got pancreatic cancer and passed a few years back. Not sure if related or not. She was 64

My Dad died of a heart attack at 58.

My wife and I even make our own household cleaners, and got rid of the microwave too. These are just some of the changes we made.

Hope to contribute to the site if I can!

Thx Mark

01-24-13, 06:12 PM
Hey Reesacat Im not familiar with CFIDS, but very glad to hear the paleo approach is working for you. A good friend of mine has lupus, she is only 32, has had multiple heart attacks, and a kidney transplant.

I recently sent her info on the GAPS diet. I keep teaching her about "our gut microbes", and how important they are for good health.

She does love my fermented veggies, but she cannot tolerate too much sodium due to the kidney issues.

01-24-13, 06:34 PM
Welcome, Sundiego. It's great how you and your wife have improved your health and lives so greatly! I'm very happy for you, and happy you're here at HH.

Mr. Wizard
01-24-13, 09:33 PM
Welcome Mark. Thanks for your personal testimony!! We look forward to learning more from your experience.

Jane Chitty
02-09-13, 05:01 AM
Wonderful, Sundiego, that you and your wife have made such a change in your lives for the better. Keep up the good work. With your avatar, do you perhaps live in San Diego!

02-10-13, 10:57 AM
I do discover it exciting that you are able to do body building while going on a fast. I never have discovered achievements with body building without consuming at least something, although my spouse seems to be quite OK with this technique. So here we are again, all so different to each other! Best wishes on your wellness success!

I am still fasting and it's really working out for me. I weight train after 1 scoop of whey so not completely fasted.

I learned about weight training and fasting here www.leangains.com

02-10-13, 10:58 AM
Wonderful, Sundiego, that you and your wife have made such a change in your lives for the better. Keep up the good work. With your avatar, do you perhaps live in San Diego!

Hi Jane yes my wife and I live in SD. Thanks for the kind words!