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01-27-13, 02:00 PM
by Lisa Pausmann
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Death or injury is a real threat when someone with little outdoor experience becomes homeless in the dead of winter. Hundreds of people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) will be homeless this year and many turn to camping for shelter. This guide is for those with moderate to severe MCS and little outdoor experience. It focuses on teaching the skills needed to survive safely until either housing improves or the weather warms in spring.

I have been living year-round in a tent since January 13, 2002, when I became severely ill from MCS and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). With my illnesses, safe and affordable housing is rare. Steep medicals costs make it nearly impossible to find.

Read more: http://planetthrive.com/2010/11/mcs-survivalist-guide-part-1/

01-27-13, 02:01 PM
An unfortunate part about this guide is that there are many who will be unable to read it due to their severe sensitivities that make it impossible for them to use a computer.