View Full Version : Forward Head Posture, a Common Factor in Fibromyalgia Syndrome

02-18-13, 03:09 PM
Thank you Teresa for the link!

Dr. Brad Shook
December 1, 2009

Have you seen, or do you know someone with forward head posture? You know, when you look at someone from the side and their head is sticking out in front of their shoulders. Did you know this type of posture is one of the most common perpetuating factors of fibromyalgia?1,3,4 This type of posture is measurable on x-ray, and clearly visable when looking at someones posture from the side. If your external auditory meataus (EAM) or ear hole, is not over the center of the shoulder when looking at your posture from the side, you have forward head posture (FHP).

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I found this really fascinating.

Mr. Wizard
02-18-13, 09:47 PM
I will never be able to walk pass a mirror ever again without checking to see if my head is sticking out in front of my shoulders!! Great article.