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02-24-13, 02:41 PM
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Advertisers would have you believe that each dryer sheet or bottle of fabric softener you purchase will lead to such pleasant experiences as frolicking through a field of flowers with a cuddly teddy bear, or falling blissfully backwards onto a soft (and surprisingly springy) pile of blankets. If only the dreamworld of advertising did not conflict with the sober realities of ordinary life. Sigh.

Consumers have been so conditioned to think only about the soft, cozy, smell-good side of softer laundry, that many don’t realize that those soft, good smelling commercial fabric softeners also contain toxic chemicals that can have a serious impact on their health.

Read the rest here (http://www.doterraeveryday.com/laundry-essentials-diy-natural-alternative-to-fabric-softener-and-dryer-sheets/).

02-24-13, 02:46 PM
I've not used any kind of fabric softener in years and years. We get by all right.

However, it is very dry where we live. Our clothes tend to get stat-icy (and pick up a lot of cat fur). I tried the small blue balls with nobs on them. They didn't seem to make much difference. When i saw this, however, i thought i'd give it a try. It makes sense to me that the wool might help with static.

Wool isn't cheap, but i found a large skein for about $8. It made two balls. I soaked them and put them in the dryer yesterday, so i don't know yet how well they will work.

The website above is by someone who sells doTerra essential oils, but i'm going to give this a try without any essential oil. We don't use much fragrance in our house even essential oil. (If i really want a good smell, i put some orange peel, a cinnamon stick, and a couple of cloves in some water to boil.)

02-24-13, 02:51 PM
That is so fascinating -- let us know how it works?

02-24-13, 04:29 PM
I have used the aluminum foil trick for static. It works pretty well. the only time I use fabric softener is on my polyester blanket. I use Seventh generation unscented. Next time I go to Hobby Lobby I'm going to find some wool yarn and try this.

02-25-13, 06:12 AM
The only use I have for fabric softener is when I wash my woolen sweaters. They do need something to put back the 'spring' in them. But that's only about two or three times a year.

There are also some good tips here:


02-25-13, 02:44 PM
Using soap nuts as your laundry detergent leaves your clothes soft as if you had also used a fabric conditioner.

02-25-13, 04:00 PM
I do use soap nuts. I've used them since long before we moved to BB, so well over 5 years now. My MIL has commented on how soft our towels are. I do use baking soda and borax in our wash as well. I used to use vinegar, but my wash doesn't warn me when to add it, and adding it to the wash with baking soda is a bit counter productive.

I don't need a fabric softener, per se, but something to help with the static. I'll give the wool balls a try, and keep the aluminum in mind, too.

The wool is well felted. I didn't put them in pantyhose but in very thin socks i had - and still intend to wear. I also did not tie a knot the way the tutorial shows. They went thru the dryer twice like this, then i removed them from the sock. They still were a bit damp, so it is going to take a while for them to dry. Hopefully that will felt them even more.

02-25-13, 04:33 PM
I also use soap nuts and normally don't use fabric softener.
I have a few outfits that have some synthetic fibers and in the winter I do need a bit of fabric softener to help with static cling. I usually use an unscented one from BioKleen or Seventh Generation.