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05-27-13, 08:04 PM
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I’ve gotten several requests for my natural lip balm, lipstick, and Chapstick recipes, and while I’ve been making these for years, I finally got around to actually measuring the ingredients so I could tell you the recipe (I usually just made it by eyeballing the amounts).

Surprisingly, lipstick can be a source of harmful chemicals and since it is used on the skin (lips) and near the mouth, these chemicals can be easily absorbed. These homemade variations let you create a personalized lipstick color that is chemical free and inexpensive to make.

If you aren’t a fan of colored lip sticks, you can make this recipe without any added color options to achieve a basic natural lip chap.

Read the recipe here: http://wellnessmama.com/5830/homemade-natural-lipstick-recipe/

05-28-13, 04:44 AM
I guess you could also pour it into a small jar and use a lipbrush. Trickier to carry around though.