View Full Version : Food Allergies Linked with Lack of Vitamin D and Sunshine

07-31-13, 04:19 PM
Written By: Case Adams, Naturopath
July 30th 2013

We already knew sunshine and vitamin D were important to health - given the over 70 diseases now associated with their deficiency. Now research is proving their role in food allergies. Researchers from the University of Melbourne have determined that children who had lower levels of vitamin D are more likely to have multiple food allergies. The researchers tested 5,276 one year-old children. They gave the children skin prick tests to determine their allergies to peanuts, eggs, sesame, cow's milk or shrimp. They also analyzed blood samples from 577 children, of which 344 had food allergies and 74 more sensitized but tolerant. Australian children with parents who were vitamin D deficient were over 11 times more likely to have peanut allergens and nearly four times more likely to have a the allergies when compared to those who had healthy levels of vitamin D.

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