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November 14, 2012

You might want to make your own soap because you want to avoid some of the common chemical ingredients in store-bought soap, or because it saves money, or just for the fun of mixing your own scents and molding them into decorative shapes. Making soap from scratch isn’t a simple process, and you will need to be careful with the lye – make sure you understand what the dangers are and how to avoid them before you start.

Or you can make things much simpler and “rebatch” your own soap, using another soap (like Ivory, which already has the lye) as a base. You can also make a smallish batch of soap right in your blender, following the instructions here or here. You can also make liquid soap in a blender.

Whatever method you choose, here’s where it gets fun: the recipes. You can get very creative with the ingredients. Anything you want to use for scent is fine, but you can also put in ingredients like milk and honey or coffee grinds (great for exfoliation).

Read how: http://snappyliving.com/homemade-soap-recipes/