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11-16-13, 01:23 PM
NOVEMBER 14, 2013

Keeping your mouth clean is more important than not offending the people nearby with bad breath and gross teeth. When it comes to mouth health, it can be vital in how well you can function. If the SHTF and you’re struggling to survive, it would make it much more difficult to do so if you had a toothache. But what if you don’t have any toothpaste or toothbrushes? Not a problem. You can practice good dental hygiene without the need of the modern conveniences of a plastic toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. As you can see here, get the right stick and you can have your teeth clean in no time. People have been doing it this way for many years.

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11-16-13, 01:57 PM
That is really cool — I had heard of them before but didn't know how to make one and use one.

11-16-13, 04:46 PM
In a pinch, you can clean your teeth reasonably well with your forefinger. Also, you don't really need toothpaste. Baking soda will work just fine--or plain water if that's all there is. (I've actually cleaned my teeth with a clean, dampened wash cloth.) I like to use a portable Waterpik, but if I'm not at home, vigorously swishing with water for 30 seconds or so works quite well.

If I had to choose between dental floss and a toothbrush, I would choose the floss since there are so many other ways to clean the exposed surfaces of the teeth. When I was a young child, my parents used thin rubber bands for floss, either because commercial floss wasn't readily available or because they didn't see a need to spend the money. It wasn't as good as real floss but it worked.