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04-25-14, 10:33 AM
Linda Watson
March/April 2014

A writer shares her wildly affordable cooking plans for eating organic on a budget, inspired by a national challenge to eat on a food-stamp budget.

I began my experiment in thrifty, delicious eating when the philosophy of food ran smack into the politics of food in the summer of 2007. On the philosophical side, Michael Pollan linked the supermarket’s middle aisles to the obesity epidemic, citing research that showed “the rules of the food game in America are organized in such a way that if you are eating on a budget, the most rational economic strategy is to eat badly—and get fat.” On the political side, several politicians took the “Food-Stamp Challenge,” living on the average national food-stamp allowance of a dollar a meal. I was irritated by Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan’s slap-dash approach, with his aides throwing 2-ounce bags of coffee into his cart and the Congressman skipping meals. When airport security seized his stash of peanut butter and jelly, he was looking at 36 hours with nothing but cornmeal. He wound up cheating with Dunkin’ Donuts, peanuts and a pork chop, blogging “It is nearly impossible to make [do] on this amount of money.”

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04-25-14, 03:13 PM
That was very good — I can't do the beans and grains but I do do a lot of what she recommends. Real food ROCKS!

Mr. Wizard
04-25-14, 05:44 PM
Her mention of "pinto beans" took me back to my childhood because my grandfather loved pinto beans. Boy, if only I knew then what I know now about food, I would have hugged my mom and grandma after each and every meal.

04-25-14, 10:29 PM
They set out to prove a point, but what people forget is that food stamps were meant to be helpful, to bridge the gap, not to be the entire food budget. That was never the intention. However, when a small disposable income has to cover laundry supplies, diapers, personal hygiene items, clothing and shoes for growing children, gas for the car, not forgetting all the monthly bills... then it's true that sometimes food stamps do have to stretch to cover the entire budget.