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04-16-15, 09:29 PM
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GMO Testing for Non-GMO Project Verification

What you need to know about testing requirements

For brand owners, manufacturers, growers, and others seeking to earn the Non-GMO Project (NGP) Verified seal for food products, GMO testing may be required. Testing helps determine a product’s compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard, a consensus-based document detailing requirements for product verification.

The following are nine essential points regarding the NGP testing requirements for food products.

Keep reading: http://www.genetic-id.com/Press-and-Media/Industry-Articles/Testing-for-Non-GMO-Project-verification

Mr. Wizard
04-17-15, 08:52 PM
Beech-Nut's baby food recall this week provided an opportunity for the company to boast about all of the steps it takes to ensure high-quality baby food, including its efforts to obtain "non-GMO certification" from the Non-GMO Project.

04-18-15, 09:07 AM
Well that's certainly encouraging. What it signifies to me is that the food industry giants are listening to an increasingly well-informed public because they know that's where their dollars come from.

Mr. Wizard
04-18-15, 07:22 PM
I continue to read about more and more companies applying for the non-GMO certification. Since most companies operate across state lines, this may soften the blow somewhat when a state fails to pass GMO labeling legislation.