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01-24-16, 10:53 AM
Cynthia Fox
Thu, 04/30/2015

There is a strong and possibly irreversible link between Alzheimer’s disease and many commonly used medications for insomnia, allergies, and depression, according to a large recent JAMA Internal Medicine study.

Three years of taking either daily Benadryl, Advil PM, Tylenol PM, or Motrin PM, for example, is associated with about a ten percentage point increase in the probability of experiencing dementia or Alzheimer's compared to no use. This risk association is "significant," Malaz Boustani, M.D., M.P.H., told Drug Discovery & Development.

Boustani, director of the Aging Brain Care Program at Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, Indiana, was not involved in the study. But he has done smaller scale work making similar findings. This was the largest study ever, and utilized the most rigorous standards ever, he said. “Methodologically, this is the best you can get; it doesn’t get better than this. This has established a significant link between anticholinergic drugs and Alzheimer’s." Very few other phenomena have been found to possess such a strong potential link. “It’s rare,” he said.

Read more: http://www.dddmag.com/articles/2015/04/strong-link-found-between-dementia-common-anticholinergic-drugs

01-24-16, 11:03 AM
Here is link to another article, a completely drug related viewpoint. This is not being recommended, but just is being added for some amplifying information.


As for what to do about it, common sense might indicate that Co Q 10, or N Acetyl Cysteine, or perhaps Alpha GPC might be helpful to a person who is trying to recover from the effects of these drugs. I just am guessing about this.

01-24-16, 11:22 AM
Thanks, Maurya, that's helpful. When I find them, I post related stories in the thread too.

05-03-16, 09:34 AM
I found the same story in the current issue of my weekly news magazine, The Week. A big effort is being made to get the word out; it's all over the Web, but here are two more sources to round out the story: