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08-24-16, 06:10 AM
August 22 2016

It isn’t just people who are affected by the Standard American Diet (SAD). It’s plants as well. And when we eat these non-nutritious plants—or the animals that are fed on them—it is our health that suffers.
Just as the Standard American Diet helps destroy the beneficial bacteria and fungi on which our bodies depend for proper functioning, what we are doing to plants is destroying the soil microbiome on which they depend.
All living things—animal or plant—live in synergy with friendly microorganisms and cannot live without them. In the case of humans, the microorganisms are both inside us and surround us in a cloud on our skin. For plants, the microorganisms are in the soil. In either case, we kill them off with antibiotics or, in the case of plants, with fertilizers and poisons.

Read more: http://www.anh-usa.org/sadder-than-you-think/

08-24-16, 07:31 AM
A good explanation — another reason why today's produce (including the corn and soy that show up in virtually all processed foods) are so much lower in nutrition than their predecessors of a few generations ago.