View Full Version : Overcoming Dentophobia: The Fear of Dentists

09-29-16, 11:19 AM
Beth Levine

Say the word “dentist” in a crowded room, and like magic, faces turn pale. Any dental reference easily conjures up images of torture, and popular culture reflects this fact. “Happiness is your dentist telling you it won't hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill,” said Johnny Carson. 1 (https://jonbarron.org/doctors-and-drugs/dentophobia-fear-dentists#footnote1_lf4rsbh) It turned out that 3.7 percent of the participants had full-blown dentophobia, which means a paralyzing fear of dentists, compared to only 3.1 percent with acrophobia (fear of heights), or 2.7 percent with a profound fear of spiders.

Read more: https://jonbarron.org/doctors-and-drugs/dentophobia-fear-dentists#