View Full Version : The Tragedy of 'Mountain Dew Mouth' and the U.S.'s Insane Approach to Dental Care

06-15-17, 09:51 AM
Anna Sanford
June 14, 2017 (https://www.alternet.org/authors/anna-sanford)

Lack of dental care is causing a mouthful of trouble—and it will get worse.

Mountain Dew, the carbonated fluorescent-green soda that Willy the Hillbilly declared “will tickle your innards” in a 1966 commercial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xd8fzk8Rlk), has long been a staple of Appalachia. It was officially developed in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the mid-1900s, but it has ties to the wheat and rye distilled by Irish immigrants who settled in the region as coal miners during the previous century. Today, coal has left Appalachia, as have a host of other industries that brought economic opportunity. Mountain Dew, however, remains culturally significant. Sarah Baird, a writer who grew up in Eastern Kentucky, recently wrote (https://www.eater.com/drinks/2015/5/15/8570043/mountain-dew) about the importance of the drink to her sense of identity, saying, “It’s not just a beverage—it’s a portable sense of home.”

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06-15-17, 10:23 AM
One must be careful in reading. In a mix of many other factors, this gem simply was slipped in there: "people rely on well water, which is unfluoridated" as though this is just one more thing leading to tooth decay, much like a steady diet of Mountain Dew. Logical thinking is in shortage these days.

06-15-17, 10:49 AM
Support! All my children are city dwellers and even after filtering, a faint odor of chlorine clings to their water.

06-16-17, 07:00 PM
Last week, I posted on HH about a permanent beer pipeline in Germany. I sure hope that the people in Kentucky don't run with that idea for their household Mountain Dew. :rolleyes: