View Full Version : Tylenol's Empathy Killing Properties Confirmed In 2nd Study

04-23-19, 06:35 AM
Sayer Ji
April 21 2019

Two highly concerning clinical studies in four years reveal that Tylenol not only kills pain but human empathy as well, adding soul-deadening properties to its well known list of serious side effects.

When will we learn? Synthetic, patented chemicals have profound unintended, adverse health effects (http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/has-drug-driven-medicine-become-form-human-sacrifice) which take decades to be recognize, long after exposed populations have suffered profoundly.

Read more: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/consumer-alert-tylenols-empathy-killing-properties-confirmed-2nd-study?mc_cid=c597b93267&mc_eid=39e0db83c9

04-23-19, 02:08 PM
I've recently been to a pain management consultation (90 minutes; I now understand more fully what is meant by "specialist"). I never take Tylenol, take a low dose of ibuprofen when I know I have heavy lifting ahead; no other OTCs or NSAIDs. I learned of so many other options... more later, after follow-up.

Afterthought: my PCP had prescribed Tramadol for interim relief. One pill midday made me sick to my stomach and so drowsy that I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. Never did find out whether it alleviated any pain — I was too tired to get back up on my feet!

04-23-19, 09:12 PM
I too had an unfortunate experience with Tramadol some years ago. I took it at night and 14 hours later still felt the effects. The pharmacist checked to see if it was a delayed effect, but it wasn't. Never again!