View Full Version : Doctors Prescribe Opiods Even To Small Children

08-26-19, 12:25 AM
Bryan Hubbard
August 22 2019

Doctors are prescribing opioids—the powerful and highly addictive painkillers—to small children. Around 60 per cent of children who have their tonsils removed are being given the drug, a new study has discovered. The children are being given an average of 48 doses of opioids after a tonsillectomy, say researchers at the University of Michigan, who reviewed case records of 15,793 children who had the operation in a private clinic.

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08-26-19, 08:35 AM
Nonsensical, wasteful, dangerous. There is no need of it. I had my tonsils out at the age of four or five and I don't recall being given anything other than ice cream to soothe my sore throat.

Mr. Wizard
08-26-19, 03:44 PM
Giving children opiods after a tonsillectomy can be increasingly dangerous if the child has some form of sleep apnea. The doc would not give my brother an opiod after minor surgery on his shoulder because he suffers from sleep apnea. The concern was the opiod taken over several days could trigger a collapse of his airway during sleep and/or lengthen the time when he was not breathing properly. I would suspect the same would be true for a child with any type of sleep apnea syndrom, especially the type called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome or (OSAS), where the child has extra tissue in the back of the throat that can close from time to time while sleeping. I would like to think a doc would check to see if a child suffers from apnea before prescribing an opiod...but it would not surprise me if no such inquiry was made.