View Full Version : Fungus Chemistry May Mimic Opiods With Fewer Side Effects

10-16-19, 01:43 AM
October 15 2019

The worldwide search for an opioid alternative has made a leap forward – with a scientific discovery in an Australian fungus indicating effective pain relief, fewer side-effects and the potential for a safer less addictive drug, helping address the opioid epidemic of deaths by overdose.

Journal/conference: PNAS
Organisation/s: The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland

Funder: This work was supported by Program Grant APP1072113 from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. Patent application corresponding to Australian patent application 201890144 The University of Sydney and The University of Queensland has been filed concerning this peptide.

Read more: https://www.scimex.org/newsfeed/fungus-chemistry-may-mimic-opioids-with-fewer-side-effects

10-16-19, 06:59 AM
Well that's encouraging. The concept of ‘handedness’ was new to me.

Mr. Wizard
10-16-19, 08:56 PM
An opioid alternative from Australian fungus is remarkable. Many medical products result from fungus, like penicillin (mold), cyclosporine (prevents organ rejection), and lovastatin (cholesterol lowering) etc.