View Full Version : Pittsburgh Scientists Working On Non-Addictive Pain Medication

02-05-20, 07:10 AM
WPXI News Staff
February 4 2020

In a matter of years, a non-addictive pharmaceutical could be on the market, and the company developing the medication is right here in Pittsburgh. Knopp Biosciences (https://knoppbio.com/) is working on the medication that could mean those who suffer from chronic pain may never have to fear addiction as a side effect of pain relief.

“There are different sort of switches in the body that continue to turn on and off with your sensation of pain,” Knopp CEO Mike Bozik said.

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Mr. Wizard
02-05-20, 04:04 PM
Opioids, for most people, become addictive based on how long you take them. An acute injury requiring a few opioids over a couple of days is not likely to become addicitive. So, when scientists say they're producing a non-addictive pain medication, they don't really know. If one takes this non-addictive pain medication long enough, it is likely to become addictive. I use boswellia & curcumin capsules regularly for joint pain. I've been taking them long enough to know that I can't successfully manage pain without them. I'm addicted. They're not drugs, but I need them regularly to manage pain. When something alters your nerve cells (endocrine system) well enough to reduce pain signals and you rely on it everyday to manage pain, well...I would call that an addiction.

02-05-20, 09:42 PM
I dunno. I associate the word addiction with a craving that must be satisfied or suffer through acute withdrawal.

02-06-20, 01:22 AM
Islander, I agree - tobacco addiction is an example. Mr Wiz, can you tell us which capsules you take? I'm willing to try any natural alternative for lower back pain. I will post about a new treatment on another thread.

Mr. Wizard
02-06-20, 11:34 AM
Julieanne, I take fast acting, sustained-release capsules that contain curcumin, boswellia, ginger and piperine. The key for me is the balance or proportions of each ingredient to each other. I've tried several but get best pain management with these. Please check your inbox for a link to the product. Warning: they are pricey, but worth it....to me.

06-16-20, 04:55 AM
It's great that nowadays it's possible to do such researches. It will help a lot of people in the future