View Full Version : Ugly teeth problems: Need opinions about invisalign braces

04-24-20, 09:21 AM
Hey There,

I am an 18-year-old girl from Guelph. I have crowded teeth in the lower teeth row and one of the middle front teeth is crossed over the other. You can understand how much embarrassment will I be feeling when I talk or smile with others! I hesitate to go to parties and interacting with others. Because it is draining my confidence level. I want straight, aligned and beautiful teeth. When I searched online for a painless solution to this problem, I came to know about Invisalign braces (https://www.guelphfamilydentistry.ca/invisalign-treatment). Had anyone used Invisalign braces? Was it painful? Did you get the expected results? Am I making the right choice to correct my teeth appearance? Please share your experiences and opinions.

04-24-20, 11:40 AM
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