View Full Version : Does the shape of your belly button tell anything about your health?

12-06-20, 11:22 AM
...the fetus’s umbilical cord develops from the placenta. After birth, when the placenta is separated from the baby, the resulting scar tissue is clinically called the umbilicus. Colloquially, it’s called the navel or the belly button.Therefore, your belly button is probably your first scar. Being as our first scar, belly button doesn’t really have any biological uses once it dried (https://www.zmescience.com/other/feature-post/what-is-belly-button-08032018/). However, if a transfusion is necessary for a newborn, the umbilical cord stump is preferred.


Read more: https://youaskweanswer.net/innie-vs-outie-why-people-have-different-belly-button/

12-06-20, 01:03 PM
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