View Full Version : Zinc: The Missing Link?

01-21-21, 11:35 AM
ANH International
January 20 2021

Zinc may be just the 24th most abundant element on our planet, but we're entirely codependent on it for our physiological function. Among its many roles, including in wound healing, facilitating the production of antioxidants (e.g. superoxide dismutase or SOD) that mop up free radicals and liver function, one if its most important is to support many different aspects of the immune system.
It turns out, many of us are now deficient in zinc, with deficiency having more serious consequences for our immune system, the older we get.
Over the last few months we've learned that those who are deficient in zinc are at much higher risk (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S120197122030730X) of developing severe covid-19 disease.

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