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07-02-09, 10:03 AM
Better products meet their claims and are free of ingredients that could harm our health or the environment. Labels might claim that a product is �gentle� or �natural,� but with no required safety testing, companies that make personal care products can use almost any chemical they want, regardless of risks. So, always read product labels � especially the ingredient list - before you buy.

How to read a label
Every personal care product on the market must list the ingredients on the label. Label reading can be confusing - here are some tips to help you wade through the chemical names. You can approach ingredient lists in 3 parts:

Start at the end where preservatives are listed. Try to avoid:

Words ending in �paraben�
DMDM hydantoin
Imidsazolidinyl urea
Triethanolamine (or �TEA�)

Next, check the beginning of the ingredients list. Here you�ll find the soap, surfactant, or lubricant that has been added to make the product work. Try to avoid ingredients that start with �PEG� or have an �-eth� in the middle (e.g., sodium laureth sulfate).
Finally, read the middle ingredients. Here you�ll look for some common � but not essential - additives that may bring excess hazard: fragrance and dyes. On the label look for �FRAGRANCE,� �FD&C,� or �D&C.�

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07-06-09, 12:50 AM
I had a great example of this today. Was in a health shop and saw they had a big stand of 'natural' makeup. So I picked up a few bottles, none had ingredients listed, and eventually found a little booklet with them. Flipped through, and thought 'Oh, this looks ok, but where's the actual powder component in the powders? Where's the colour pigments and the preservatives and such like?'. Then I realised it was 'Active Ingredients', as opposed to real ingredients, and couldn't find any real ingredients anywhere.

So I asked the lady behind the counter who dug out a product info sheet that had come with it all, and I looked through at the real ingredients. Sure enough, my suspicions at them not being forthright in the stuff on the stand was confirmed - talc, talc, and more talc; squalene (awesome, given the link to Gulf War Syndrome and its use as a vaccine adjuvant), and masses of noxious other chemical ingredients and fillers, etc etc. Really awful stuff. I pointed it out and the woman seemed pretty shocked - but really, how hard it is to read a label?! And how many people with allergies to certain things will have bought that not realising it was a full ingredients list?!

It was 'Coleur Caramel', for the record.