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12-18-09, 11:49 PM
As you may already know, the ME/CFSCommunity video taped Dr Nancy Klimas’ lecture & slide presentation: “XMRV CFS/ME & You”.

It is a compelling and comprehensive review of the disease, the XMRV virus discussed in detail and what lies ahead for us. Even the most knowledgeable in attendance gained new insights into their illness and the prospect of a new road to recovery. A particularly interesting Q&A session follows the formal presentation.

There were initial problems in putting the entire series on line but those problems have been overcome and the complete series, including segments 5 and 12, are now online in our Video section.

When you visit the ME-CFSCommunity to view the Klimas videos, we hope you will also take a moment to stop by the ME-CFS Pocket Money Research Fund and make a donation. Dr Klimas and her world renown team of research scientists need our assistance more than ever to accelerate progress in identifying other biomarkers and treatments.

Lastly, for those who reside in the United States, a notable pioneer in our cause suffered serious injury in an auto accident in addition to his long affliction with ME/CFS. He is soon to be released from a recovery facility and is looking to share living expenses with someone. He is currently in Florida but will consider moving to any other part of the country. Should you be interested in learning more, please email me at dmoricoli@cfsknowledgecenter.com.

Daniel Moricoli


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12-18-09, 11:50 PM
I've watched the first 6 segments. They are short and very easy to understand. She is a good speaker. I've enjoyed what I've heard and of course, had a few "Oh Wow" moments. Just want to say thanks to Reesacat for sending it to me. She in the middle of a bad storm so I'm posting this for her :)