View Full Version : tell me—what is meant by GMO?

04-23-10, 03:09 PM
i never dared post in this section but please help me understand what is genetically modified food?

04-23-10, 03:32 PM
According to the Institute for Responsible Technology:

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are the result of laboratory processes which artificially insert foreign genes into the DNA of food crops or animals. Those genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. Although banned by food manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere, the FDA does not require any safety evaluations. Most Americans say they would not eat GMOs if labeled, but the U.S. does not require labeling. GMOs are not safe, but have been in the food supply since 1996 and are now present in the vast majority of processed foods in the US.

You might check out this site for more info:

Or use Google for an introduction to the concept. Monsanto is the biggest purveyor of GM seed, followed by Syngenta, and there are a dozen or more other biotech companies. Millions of people are convinced that Monsanto's activities are not only illegal but a threat to the planet as well...all in the name of $$$.