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06-04-10, 12:26 PM
By Dr. Al Sears (http://www.healthiertalk.com/users/dr-al-sears) on 06/03/2010

Did you hear the one about the mutant potato that almost took over Europe?
The United Kingdom (UK) had this big idea to create a new kind of potato. It would be resistant to all insects. It would grow so well, it would feed all of Europe.
The plans were to genetically modify the DNA of the potato so it would release a lectin. A lectin is a natural insecticide found in foods like beans, seeds, and grains.
Turns out, the potato caused serious organ damage when it was fed to animals. They found pre-cancerous growths in their digestive tracts. It destroyed their immune systems. They soon became sick and weak. And they had smaller brains, livers, and testicles.

Then there was a huge cover-up. It took an act of Parliament to bring it out into the open. Since then, Europeans have banned genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from any product used for human consumption.(1)
If this potato had been created in the U.S., you could be eating it in the French fries you get at McDonald’s.
Unlike the UK, our government has taken the stance that GMOs are safe.
Mega-giant seed corporations like Monsanto want to prevent any bad news about GMOs getting out to the public. They require anyone who buys genetically modified seeds to sign what they call a “technology stewardship agreement.” What does that mean? It prohibits the buyer from doing any research on the seed.(2)

In other words, no one who has access to these “Franken-foods” is allowed to find out if they’re safe.
But evidence of the dangers is leaking out from Europe, Russia, and many other countries around the world.
Here are just some of their findings:[3,4,5,6,7,8,9]
Allergies increased. When GMO soy was introduced, allergies jumped by 50%. Allergen proteins were 7 times higher. Some were unique only to GMO soy.
It wreaked havoc on digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes plummeted, and GMOs caused lesions in the digestive tract.
Proteins that control stress response and energy creation in cells changed. This resulted in faster aging of cells.
It caused reproductive problems. Sperm cells had trouble developing, and embryos showed altered genes. Offspring were smaller, and many more died.Now, here’s the second part of our problem in the U.S. Food manufacturers don’t have to tell you when products have GMOs.
About 75 percent of American farms grow GMOs. Almost 90% of the soy… more than 60% of the corn… 75% of the canola, and 50% of the Hawaiian papaya crops.
So, what can you do?
First, I recommend you avoid all non-organic soy, corn, and canola products.
Next, eliminate commercial beef and poultry from your diet. They are raised on GMO corn, soy, and grains.
And, if you eat out, eat at restaurants that cook from scratch. Avoid suspect GMO foods like corn chips, tortillas, soy sauce, and sweet corn. If they use oil to cook, ask them to use a non-GMO oil such as olive, sunflower, or safflower.

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