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11-29-10, 03:48 PM
My younger daughter reminded me that she had this as a child, was on an antihistamine, still is, thinks her daughter may have the same problem. I just googled it and found this to be instructive:

What about dairy products producing excess mucous, which the article does not mention?

Any thoughts would be helpful. I'm pleased that she phoned me today asking for advice, not about this but about why Tillie is so often sick. She seemed to listen and absorb what I offered...so I'd like to help with this too, as she thinks they may be related.

P.S. Family member asks for advice. Progress!

11-29-10, 04:40 PM
Okay, this is GOOD news! Family asking for health advice! Yeh!

Is Little Tillie having non-stop ear infections, colds, running nose, darker circles under her little eyes? Lots of phlem in her throat? Perhaps even a rattle-y chest? Does she have tummy aches? Loose stools?

She may very well have a dairy allergy or dairy sensitivity! Is she still on a bottle and does your daughter put her to bed with a bottle?

Read this...http://www.foodallergysolutions.com/food-allergy-news0309.html

It may be that there is something in her environment, too, that she is having trouble with.
Like wheat...

THE two worst culprits for lowering the immune system and causing childhood chronic ear infections, sinusitis, colds and flu's, fatigue, nocturnal waking, gastrointestinal issues (whether mild or severe)...


Understanding food sensitivities and true allergies:


11-29-10, 05:50 PM
No, Tillie just turned 2 and has been weaned for a bit. No bottle at bed. She eats what Nancy claims is a healthy diet, "lots of fruit and yogurt," but I also know she gets the occasional donut, pizza and other processed food, though probably not a lot. They live in Brooklyn and buy organic when they can, farmers mkt. every Saturday. Dark circles? She's mixed-race, dark-skinned, so hard to say. Not sure about all the other symptoms, just know she's OFTEN sick and recently was treated for pneumonia. The reason for Nancy's call was initially to ask for my recommendations to address these frequent illnesses...which I gave her.

Thanks so much for the links! Will explore them and pass on what's pertinent!

11-29-10, 06:09 PM
My thoughts same as Emma's. The fact you are moderate gluten sensitive means probably your daughter is also and pass on genes to Tillie.

My sinuses cleared up 50% going gluten free, rest going dairy free.

Please tell your daughter how impressed I am with all she does to keep Tillie healthy, and the fact Tillie is still getting sick would point to a low-grade food sensitivity which is very difficult to pick up unless you eliminate all wheat and dairy for 3-4 weeks.

11-29-10, 06:32 PM
Glad you will take a look at some of these links. I wish I had this information available to me when my son was a toddler! I was hungry for knowledge, and just wanted him to grow up healthy and strong!(as every mother does!!)

Yes, Islander, I did know that Little Tillie is of mixed race, but you can still see darkening around the eyes as one of the symptoms. Usually an indicator that the little poppet is chronically not sleeping well, and perhaps even waking up several times a night.

Do they also have pets by any chance?

Some of the things my son was so sensitive to was shampoo, bath and laundry products. As you now, even the sensitive care products have crap in them, even if they claim to be hypoallergenic. I had to pull WAY back, and do an Elimination diary. Both dietary and with external contacts...

He also was very sensitive to soy based formula's, so my little Goat Boy (as I affectionately called him), drank goat's milk and bathed with mild goat's milk soap. We used natural, mild laundry soap, and no fabric softener.

By the way, you also mentioned a while back that your daughter was trying out new things to try to tame Little Tillie's naturally curly locks...and I wondered...maybe this might be what may be causing the problem?

Good to be thinking in all directions I say...

11-29-10, 07:02 PM
Emma's right about the personal care stuff-they have dumped a ton of new chemicals/fragrances in the last few years. Poor babies!

11-29-10, 08:46 PM
As far as I know, dairy increasing mucous is a myth. I would agree wheat (any gluten) should be eliminated and only organic (preferably raw...but won't recommend she go that far) dairy be used if any. I would definitely recommend dairy free for a few months, just don't substitute soy milk/yogurt.

My grandson has extreme reactions to corn but he is not "allergic" to it. If he gets corn, his behavior immediately becomes out of control, but he will also catch any bug that happens to be be floating around. Whether it is corn itself, the fungicides/pesticides used on it or what, he definitely has some kind of sensitivity to it.

An elimination diet may be warranted. I don't agree with all the recommendations here (for example...millet which is highly goitrogenic) but this gives a good idea of an elimination diet and how to do it.

I'd also recommend her looking into GAPS. Although often touted as treatment for autism (which is why it was developed) I've seen many kids and adults in the group dramatically increase their immune system. Here is an overview:

Your daughter asking for advice is definitely progress and says a lot for you both!

11-29-10, 08:57 PM
As far as I know, dairy increasing mucous is a myth.

I can say from personal experience that it is not a myth.

11-30-10, 12:17 AM
I have to say that for me too, and for quite a few people I know who are dairy sensitive or have true dairy allergies, it has caused them a lot of sinus and mucous-y problems.:)

And oddly, it seems like those who are dairy sensitive or dairy intolerant or who have true dairy allergies, the whole wheat (gluten) thing is also a problem...

As I said, we did an Elimination Diary, both dietary and for external contacts. One thing at a time....

Something to look into, for sure!;)

11-30-10, 05:56 PM
I should have put when there is no allergy/sensitivity. Any allergy or sensitivity can definitely increase mucous. I went dairy free for 7 months in hopes of helping both asthma and sinus but it had absolutely no effect. I'm lactose intolerant but not sensitive to casein itself. I would happily go dairy free if it would help :( I do know dairy free helps a LOT of people.