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ozy ness
10-04-07, 11:46 AM
The ingredients found in your everyday Body Care products can be harmful to health.

Next time you pick up any of your shower gels, soaps etc take a look at the ingredient list - if you cant eat it do not put it on your skin :mad:

There are lots of "natural and organic" products popping up on the market now as the big companies realise that consumers are becoming more aware. But BEWARE lots of companies can use these terms to hide the fact that the ingredients are chemically manufactured or that they are derived from natural products but are actually harmful to health eg potatoes are natural and healthy, vodka is derived from potatoes and is not good for your body :( .

The only guarantee of a true organic product is third party certification.

MiEssence is the worlds first range of Body Care products that are certified to food standards so are literally edible. One look at the ingredients of these products and you can see that they are what they say they are, and even better the ingredients are beneficial for the body. Ingredients can help with all types of skin problems eg eczema, psoriasis etc.....

IMAGINE The pleasure of using personal care products where every single ingredient is beneficial to your health...every ingredient safe & even edible, each doing something great for your skin & hair - right down to the preservatives and antioxidants.

Products that truly are the best they could be, without the hype...So full of natural goodness that the ingredients list reads like something delicious, you can actually feel their energy and vitality feeding your skin.

Products of superior quality with active ingredients, unaltered by heat and
synthetic emulsifiers…Cold formulated, where the precious, beneficial oils are never exposed to damaging heat using a system of emulsifying and preserving products without synthetic chemicals.

A guarantee of organic integrity...With no unsubstantiated claims, hype, or questions about authenticity and integrity. Products with the stamp of approval of an internationally recognised independent third-party - guaranteeing that
the product is certified organic.

Products that utilise only certified organic cold-pressed and unrefined oils and therapeutic grade herb and flower extracts...Freshly pressed from certified organic fruit, nuts & seeds, retaining all the vitamins, minerals and other bioactive nutrients.

MiEssence ITS ALL GOOD!!!

We need to let people around us know that these other "chemical laden" products are causing harm. That the harm is not immediate but slowly accumulates in the body building up continuously!!!

:) :p

10-04-07, 06:28 PM
Ozy, I believe you, really I do! I just don't use those products! Don't use sunscreen, lotions, make-up, just don't feel the need. I am blessed with great skin. The soap I use is "seconds" supplied by my girlfriends down the road who make their own with all natural ingredients. The only chemical product is use is shampoo, and when the bottle I have is used up, I'll replace it with real poo. No shabby substitutes for me!

10-04-07, 06:47 PM
I've recently started making Kombucha Tea and the more I've learned about it, the more I realize that it can replace everything except maybe toothpaste. It's some pretty amazing stuff. Well, maybe not makeup either, but I don't use that anyway.

10-05-07, 01:31 AM
The only chemical product is use is shampoo, and when the bottle I have is used up, I'll replace it with real poo. No shabby substitutes for me!

You're really going to use poo to wash your hair, Islander? LOL

Is this what i think it is? :eek:

ozy ness
10-05-07, 09:25 AM
Hi Islander, that is great that you have wonderful skin, you are blessed......unfortunately I abused mine in my younger days and have never used any type of skin care until recently. I used natural soap and water, and being an outside girl (out horseriding most of the time) it got a little dry and worn out looking. I also discovered that pollution gets onto our skin and into our pores so started using the skin care range - its a miracle ;) (lol, only joking) but it is quite amazing how soft and healthy my skin is now, my wrinkles are nearly disappeared and I am very happy, in fact I can imagine not using it now......

I also am not big on sunscreen but do really need to wear it here in Australia in summer, plus out horse riding I tend to get a lot of windburn...the sun is so HOT here in summer - being the driest state in the driest land on earth!!!!

I haven't really worn make up since I discovered about the chemicals in them (over 10 years ago).....but every now and then something comes up and I might want to put on a bit of mascara, touch of lippy and some powder....I just could not bring myself to put that other stuff on my skin so it feels wonderful for special occasions to be able to "dress up" and put a bit of colour on knowing it is certified organic and wont harm me in the long run......all other times I am totally natural, probably the only girl at work who doesnt wear makeup!!

But that being said its all the millions of people out there in the world who we have to educate and help.....I have found that most people are totally unaware and have no clue as to what they put on their bodies everyday....they are the ones we need to spread the word too. I am totally convinced that along with the other usual suspects, our personal care products are to blame for the increase in disease and sickness.

10-05-07, 11:34 AM
You're really going to use poo to wash your hair, Islander? LOL

Is this what i think it is? :eek:

Just taking off with some word play. "Sham" = phony, right? So, sham-poo vs. real poo...get it?

Oh, nevahmine....It was infantile.

10-05-07, 11:42 AM
It was funny! I didn't get the 'sham' until you explained it! I just got the 'poo'!