View Full Version : Conventional farmers won't eat their own food

05-09-11, 09:14 PM
I don't usually re-publish from naturalnews.com, but this video is worth a look. Brad is speaking to us from HomeSweetFarm.com.


05-09-11, 09:51 PM
This video reminded of a man I worked with in Louisiana. He was a big, burly, salt-of-the earth kind of man who was working as a printer at the time. He told me he never ate chicken (in a state where they eat all sorts of critters). I honestly had never head of a man who didn't eat chicken and asked him why. He told me he used to work in a chicken processing plant and it was the most disgusting place and that the birds were filthy. It really disturbed him. I told him he'd probably feel the same way about other meats if he worked in any other commercial meat processing plant.

Jane Chitty
05-10-11, 04:49 AM
Yes I had already viewed this on NaturalNews and put it on Facebook and Twitter because I was quite impressed. The guy came across as very genuine to me. Needs to go on mainstream!

Jane Chitty
05-10-11, 04:53 AM
When my son was doing his chartered accountant articles here in SA and in his early 20s, he had to go an do an audit at Rainbow Chickens which is the big battery chicken chain but probably still fairly humane compared to the US. He was so disgusted about the conditions that the birds lived in that he insisted on free range chickens and eggs from that day on. And that was before I knew better.

05-10-11, 09:11 AM
Really, all it takes is an inside look at these operations to turn one into a vegetarian. Which is probably why at least two states, already posted here, have introduced legislation criminalizing the taking of pictures or videos of CAFOs — even from a public roadway. I hope someone challenges these laws once they are passed!