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06-20-11, 03:23 PM
From Non-GMO Month guest blogger Dr. Group, author of the Global Healing Center
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Genetically Modified Foods are crop plants (fruits, vegetables and grains) that have been altered using molecular biology techniques that intentionally enhance certain properties of the plant that are seen as beneficial for the plants proliferation and growth. This includes things like resistance to toxic herbicides, or bettering the crop’s ability to resist rotting during transportation or producing internal pesticides within the plant itself. Geneticists achieve this by isolating genes from one plant and injecting them into new plants.

The Debate
Every day, more research comes out showing the supposed safety of GM technology. This research is often heavily-funded by the very creators and benefactors of GM foods and technologies. In parallel, research emerges showing the apparent dangers of genetically modified foods, although there is little clinical research funded for how these plants may be affecting humans.

It can be very frustrating for you, the consumer, to know what to believe. But I believe that there is an inherent collective knowledge that we share – an instinctive feeling that we are messing with Nature, and that the health consequences could be perilous.

Why You Want to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods
Recent studies have shown that genetically modifying plants (an unnatural process that works against the natural ebb and flow of genetic movement) may be detrimental to human health. Studies are now showing the harmful effects of genetically-modified plants on animals in testing. For example, an early study on GMO crops showed that corn pollen was adversely affecting monarch butterfly caterpillars, causing higher mortality rates in the butterflies that had eaten the GM pollen.

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