View Full Version : How Wrong Sleeping Position Causes Pain

06-21-11, 03:22 PM
By Dr. Mark Wiley on 06/21/2011

We all know why sleep is good for you. It relaxes the body, calms the nervous system, regulates breathing and induces the relaxation response. It allows the body some down time to repair itself.

The power of restorative rest and sleep is strong and wide reaching. In fact, symptoms of diseases like fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue and the flu are decreased while we sleep. But did you know that improper sleep can be a cause of pain and suffering? Poor sleeping posture is the reason for this.

06-21-11, 08:07 PM
Great ideas, but for me, the best sleeping position is one that will allow me actually to fall asleep. All other considerations pale by comparison. Sorry, but that is the way I feel about all of these experts who like to raise my cortisol just at the time I am supposed to relax.